How To Use Walmart Discount Card Online? – An Ultimate Explanation

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
How To Use Walmart Discount Card Online

Walmart is one of the largest retailers in the United States and worldwide. The company offers a wide variety of products at low prices, making it a popular destination for budget-minded shoppers. One way to save even more money on your purchases at Walmart is to use a Walmart discount card. In this article, we will help you answer the query, “how to use Walmart associate discount card online?”. Let’s get started.

Frequently Asked Questions About Using Walmart Discount Card Online

What Are Walmart Discount Card Discounts And Benefits?

Employees at Walmart can get a discount card that gives them 10% off fresh food plus other items. It offers employees who have access cards savings on phone services, travel services, and leisure opportunities. There is an extra perk of lifetime membership discounts for those who have worked for Walmart for at least 20 years.

When Will You Receive A Walmart Discount Card? 

On your 91st day of working, you’ll get a Walmart Associate Discount Card. The company’s discount center allows you use to save money both online and in-store using this card.

How Can I Utilize My Walmart Discount Card In-Store?  

Simply register the card with a Walmart online account to receive a discount on your purchases. You can utilize the card at any register in the store.

In addition, Walmart employees can save 10% on electronics purchased from our shop if they are in good condition and not marked down.

Is The Walmart Discount Card Required To Be Activated?

To receive an employee discount, you must first register your Walmart card. Let’s start by logging into your account and entering your Walmart Identification Number (WIN). Then you must enter the number of the personal discount card. As a consequence, the discount will be automatically linked to your account.

How Do I Use My Walmart Discount Card Online

Walmart Discount Card

You can follow these steps to utilize the online Walmart Associate Discount:

  • Step 1: You have to visit the website of Walmart.  
  • Step 2: Look for the ‘Associate’ section in the search field.  
  • Step 3: Input the Associate ID number. 
  • Step 4: Click Continue.

After completing the procedures above, you will be able to log into your personal Associate profile, where you will receive savings on any orders placed during the session.

Is It Possible For Family Members To Utilize The Walmart Discount Card?  

Employees of Walmart can give their discount cards to their legal spouses. If you’ve previously married, you can request a discount for your wife or husband using your online profile.

If you are a parent, your gift voucher can also be used by your children. To be deemed an acceptable dependent, your son or daughter must be 22 years old & enrolled in college, or 19 years old or younger & unmarried.

What Is A Walmart Associate Discount Center?  

The Walmart Associate Discount Center serves as a one-stop shop for Walmart employees looking to save money on items. This online gateway has everything you want at an inexpensive price, from travel and phone plans to exercise equipment and even the latest video gaming console.

Employees of Walmart can use the Associate Discount Center at various brands that provide Walmart offers. They are not the same as the associate discount card, which is only redeemable at Walmart shops and available to Walmart staff.

Where Can I Use My Walmart Discount Card?

Walmart employees can use their cards at any Walmart shop in the United States, any Walmart retailer in Puerto Rico, or

Is it Possible for Me to Use My Walmart Discount Card If I Quit?

No. Your manager will delete your information from the system as soon as you leave. Your card will be rejected if you are not registered with the system.

In some cases, your employer may spend a long time deleting your details from the system. At that time, you can still use your card for other employee discounts.

What Is The Process For Getting A Walmart Long-Term Service Voucher?

The Long Term Service Discount Card entitles you to access savings at Walmart locations for the rest of your life. An employee must have 20 years of continuous service to be entitled to this card.

You may be qualified for a Long-Term Service Discount Card if you’re 55 years old or older and have been a Walmart worker for at least 15 years.

What Is the Process For Changing or Replacing My Discount Card?

You must notify your personnel management if the discount card is stolen or lost. This information should also be updated on the Associate Discount site.

Or, you can contact Benefits Customer Service on this number: (800) 421-1362 to inform them that your card is missing, stolen, or damaged.


We believe that you have already got the answer. The Walmart discount card can be useful in many ways, but it’s important to understand how the card works before you try and use your savings. The above information will be useful for you to take full advantage of Walmart Discount. If you wonder any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are willing to support you at all times.

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