Where Can You Use A Walmart Gift Card? – How Do You Buy Them?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Where Can You Use A Walmart Gift Card

With more than 4,700 retail stores across the United States, Walmart has become the ideal place to shop. Besides, the company also launches different promotional vouchers for customers to apply for personal or business purposes.

Besides, it can also provide more information about the types of vouchers and where they are sold. Keep watching!

Where Can You Use A Walmart Gift Card In 2022?

Starting in 2022, customers will only apply the Walmart tokens in its network. It means that other retailers which belong to the other firms in the US will not accept this voucher. You can refer to some acceptable below places for customers to use them:

  • Walmart
  • Walmart.com

Besides Walmart

  • Sam’s Club stores in the US or Puerto Rico
  • Samsclub.com
  • Murphy USA Fuel Station, etc.

This article provides more details about using these certificates and how you can buy or get them. Stay on reading for more information!

Can In-Store And Online Accept This Company’s Voucher As A Payment Method?

With regular Walmart gift cards, you can apply them to buy anything in the store, including firearms, cigarettes, alcohol, etc.

This retail chain also releases many types for special occasions: Birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day, Graduation, Wedding, Babyshower, etc. The buyers can consume each type to pay for a specified number of goods, with different prices and expiry dates.

For example, customers can only apply a kind of Thanksgiving to purchase turkeys at Walmart stores and during holidays.

In addition, this company also sells Specialty tokens from third parties such as restaurants, theaters, other retailers, etc. At that time, you must follow the third party’s policy.

Can This Retail Chain’s Gift Card Be Convertible To Cash?

Like others, Walmart will not be refunded for any reason unless required by law. In addition, you cannot consume them to buy another type of them, even Visa ones.

Can Amazon Accept A Walmart Gift Card For Payment?

Walmart Gift Cards

In the retail market, especially in the US, this company and Amazon are competitors. Therefore, you absolutely cannot use its promotional vouchers at Amazon and vice versa. And, of course, shoppers cannot even spend Sam’s Club ones at this competitive company.

Understandably, both discourage their beloved customers from shopping at their rival companies.

Can The Company’s Associate Companies Allow Using Its Gift Card?

Of course, yes. Customers may consume the gift certificates at any company-owned organization in the United States or Puerto Rico. These include Walmart Marketplace, Walmart Neighborhood Market, Sam’s Club, and selected Murphy USA Fuel Stations.

How Should You Use Walmart Gift Cards?

When shopping, the cashiers scan the card at the final payment step. When paying online or at self-pay stores, you have to enter the card’s code, including 16 numbers and 4 PIN codes.

Besides, you can split the payment by this card and apply another payment method for the remaining amount. This method is often used when the certificate is only used to pay for regulated items or insufficient balance. Therefore, you should check your balance before making a transaction.

Where Can You Buy These Promotional Vouchers?

You can find them at any retail chain’s stores or on Walmart.com. Unlike these two official channels, Walmart vouchers will not be sold anywhere, including promotional activities outside the company.

Customers can choose between plastic cards or eGift Cards. The company also offers a variety of cards such as:

  • Walmart: for special occasions like Christmas, Birthday, Wedding, Thanksgiving, Happy New Year, etc.
  • Specialty: belong to third parties like Brinker International, SUBWAY, iTunes, Visa, etc.


Walmart customers can consume the card at its retail stores, including Sam’s Club or Murphy USA Fuel Stations, in the US and Puerto Rico.

Customers can use this promotional voucher to purchase any item unless specific item rules. Making a transaction is also easy as you can use it solely or combine it with another form of payment.

It would be best to remember to only buy them at the official stores or website: Walmart.com.

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