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Who we are

Every customer is an individual. At Shopping Behaviour Xplained, our specialist understanding of shopper behaviour will empower your business to create positive, more engaging shopper experiences.

Our expertise in consumer insights will identify the needs of your shopper, helping them to make the right choices for their lifestyle.

Meet the team

Phillip Adcock - MMRS
Managing Director
Phillip Adcock - MMRS
Phillip Adcock - MMRS Managing Director

Phillip is a leading authority in shopper behaviour. With more than 30 years of human behavioural research, he has developed a unique ability to identify what it is that makes people tick, both psychologically and physiologically.

Phillip has developed his skills by combining the teaching of experts on numerous aspects of neuroscience, psychology and emotion within his professional role of helping leading brands and retailers better understand how to communicate with their shoppers.

Kay Adcock
Financial Director
Kay Adcock
Kay Adcock Financial Director

Kay is Financial Director and Secretary of SBXL. She has worked for the company for 10 years and is married to Phillip, Managing Director. Kay controls the company’s purse strings and handles the book keeping on a day to day basis. Kay was previously employed in Financial Services authorising mortgage loans. Kay and Phillip have been together over 25 years and have one daughter called Amy.

Andy Bromley
Andy Bromley
Andy Bromley Director

Andy is an expert within the field of shopper research, and has worked for some of the industry’s global pioneers including ID Magasin, TNS and Kantar Retail before joining us here at SBXL. Over the span of his 20 year career, Andy has helped to develop methodologies such as eye-tracking and virtual reality into shopper research tools, and has conducted research into pretty much every channel, category (and market) imaginable. He has worked alongside some of the world’s biggest brands, helping them to put the shopper at the heart of their business by delivering truly actionable shopper insight.

Ian Wright
Account Manager
Ian Wright
Ian Wright Account Manager

Ian is a seasoned Account Handler with a long background in Above and Below the Line advertising agencies and POP design agencies before finding his ideal client-facing role in the field of behavioural research with SBXL some 12 years ago. He is happy managing small to large and complex projects involving multi-country assignments in any category or any channel. Outside his day to day tasks and to widen his knowledge he is currently working specifically on body language recognition and NLP qualifications.

Anne-Marie Brown
Office Manager
Anne-Marie Brown
Anne-Marie Brown Office Manager

Anne-Marie has been working in Market Research for the past 13 years, initially working for Renault and Nissan from 2003 and was recruited by SBXL in 2009.

Over the last 7 years, Anne-Marie has been involved in a number of roles within the company.  These include working in our Xtraview face mapping department, aiding the filming crew on site, to watching the shoppers back whilst collecting the data and interviewing shoppers in store.

In spring 2016 Anne-Marie was promoted to Office Manager where she adds her logistical expertise and knowledge of the business to her other research duties.

Gary Haime - BSc MSc
Data Manager
Gary Haime - BSc MSc
Gary Haime - BSc MSc Data Manager

Gary combines several years of working in a variety of sectors with over 17 years in Market Research, joining SBXL in 2005 to develop a diverse, bespoke software suite. Gary has developed unique software, including Filming, Interview, Eye Tracking, Facial Coding, and NLP analysis, as well as Emotional exploration programs.

Gary also oversees and works with the Fieldwork technicians to help provide him with a full understanding of each project, supervises the Footage analysis, as well as providing all the Data support for the Insights team.

Adam Cooper - BA
Camera Man & Data Collector
Adam Cooper - BA
Adam Cooper - BA Camera Man & Data Collector

Since joining SBXL in 2011, Adam has branched into multiple roles within the company. From getting out into the field and Installing our state of the art cameras that film hundreds of shoppers, to working in the office and painstakingly watching each and every one of those hundreds of shoppers back, populating a data sheet as he goes. With his degree in Multimedia, Adam also handles the generating of video clips & Montages that are presented to our clients, bringing life into our presentations.

Will Morgan - BSc MSc
Insights Manager
Will Morgan - BSc MSc
Will Morgan - BSc MSc Insights Manager

Over the years Will has picked up a trolley-load of knowledge and insight about how and why shoppers & consumers behave as they do, bringing together theories from consumer psychology, as well as a few of his own. He’s helped change shopper’s minds across multiple categories including: soft drinks, food to go, confectionery, chilled desserts, baby, and tinned food. All of these within supermarkets, convenience stores, online, and other retail environments.

Will is responsible for both producing and delivering SBXL’s shopper insights, as well as managing the Insights team.

Scott Willey - BSc MSc
Insights Executive
Scott Willey - BSc MSc
Scott Willey - BSc MSc Insights Executive

With a Master’s degree in consumer psychology, Scott has a wealth of knowledge about human behaviour. Scott codes and analyses data as part of our Insights team, providing shopper insights supported by academic theory, ready for presentation to our clients. Scott also uses his knowledge and experience of psychology to write our questionnaires and interview scripts, ensuring we get the best answers from our questions.

Where we have worked

15% incremental sales increase

Our research findings were transferred across retail chains and channels.

£56 million opportunity

Shopping Behaviour Xplained’s insights resulted in a 30% uplift in the number of shoppers buying sandwiches.

62% of leading UK FMCG brands have worked with Shopping Behaviour Xplained.

Shopping Behaviour Xplained will empower your business and help you create positive, more engaging shopper experiences.