Does Home Depot Copy, Make Keys – 2024 Key Copy Price

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 27, 2023
Does Home Depot Copy, Make Keys - 2022 Key Copy Price

If you’ve ever been in the place of misplacing your keys or feeling hopeless outside your own roof, you know the crucial role of a spare pair. 

So, if there is the world’s biggest home improvement brand – Home Depot, nearby, you might be curious, does home depot make key copies?

Continue reading to get the answer, and learn all about Home Depot duplicating key service, key price, and location suggestions.

Does Home Depot Make Keys?

Yes, as of the latest 2024 information, Home Depot offers in-store key-making by utilizing the key-cutting tech equipment and their experienced employees. 

Besides, they also provide the Minute Key service, in which customers can do the key duplication with their hands, serving their own needs. 

Home Depot Key Duplication Service Introduction

Key Copy Summary

The act of replicating a key relying on an already-existing key is known as key copying. 

Home Depot or other similar brands own a cutting/key duplicator key machine to cut or copy the key. The machine frequently operates by using the customer’s original key and utilizing the key as a prototype. When the technician starts using the device to trace the key teeth, other parts of the key-copy machine will grind similar teeth in the key blank. 

If customers have a wide variety of keys and locks that are ancient or they lost the original key, they might need to consult a professional locksmith. In such circumstances, it could be more saving to replace the change the brand-new key and brand-new lock system.

Home Depot’s Making Key Service

Home Depot features key copy business in several locations across the shop. It copies almost every key type, from office doors to houses, office keys, and cars, except for those keys symbolized “don’t duplicate” signs, transponder chips, and special keys (like a safe key or electronic locks key). 

The American giants’ retail corporation collaborates with major companies (key brands) in this field, including Kwikset, Yale, Schlage, MiLock,  & other well-known brands of locks. If customer keys are not from these aboved manufacturers, a key blank can still be utilized. Client’s copy key requests can be fulfilled as long as they have available key shapes.

All Home Depot sites that provide key duplication services require customers to bring the primal (original) key to the hardware department. The expert will check to see whether the key can be copied or not. Based on the original specs of the key, the lock expert will use a machine to create the key blank and the copy key. 

If you are a customer buying a key blank from the brand, the key copy service is free.

More interestingly, even if they can not provide the service because of some rules or limitations from your key, valuable information will be shared with you to solve your requirement. 

The cashier will often direct you to a support desk if they cannot replicate the key for any reason after observing the key you bring along. They are familiar with all key types and frequently have the names of nearby private hardware specialist shops or locksmiths that can duplicate modern and antique keys.

Home Depot Make, Copy Key Process

Home Depot Make, Copy Key Process

If you go for in-store service, you must come to Home Depot and meet with their technician. You must bring the key you want to replicate and wait until it is done. Otherwise, here is the detailed guideline for a self-copying key service named Minute Key from Home Depot.

Step 1: Putting The Original Key Into The Cradle

Please find the machine’s cradle, take your key off the keychain, and put it in the cradle. Then, you continue by following the screen instructions. 

Step 2: Key Checking 

The device will scan the key & decide

+ whether it has available, right key blank to produce a duplicate 

+ whether the customer’s current key is still in sufficient condition.

It will not produce a key & will give your key back to you if it is not in good shape to proceed or does not have the right blanks available. In contrast, a new copy key will be produced if everything is standard. It will return to you the old one and the new one.

Step 3: Check-Out

After it has finished copying your key, you can see the cost of your service. You can pay by debit card/credit card to complete the transaction.

To ensure precise cuts, Home Depot machines are routinely calibrated and cleaned.

Home Depot Key Copy Price

Minute Key Booth 

Home Depot is famous in this field because of its quality product and service. Another part is the surprisingly low price. The key duplication service is shockingly affordable. You can get the copy keys at Home Depot Minute Key booth with:

+ $1.49 for 1 key.

+ $3.00 for 3 keys.

The key blank price varies between $2.00 – $3.00. For keys that require animal prints, logos (sports team, for example), and brand names, the price can wiggle to $15.00.

In-Person Service

Prices at the service desk are a bigger number compared with the Minute Key booth. However, it is still quite reasonable. Before duplicating the key, the cashier will let you know the price. According to the key type you want, the price per copy typically ranges from $2 to $6.

How Long Do I Have To Wait To Get A Home Depot Make, Or Duplicate Keys? 

Normal Condition

When utilizing the Home Depot Minute Key booth or manual copy machine, a key can usually be duplicated in about 5 minutes.

Special Condition

It takes up to 20 mins if it is the high season and practical situation of Home Depot in-store situations, sometimes. 

In fact, the immediacy of having keys created – the lightning speed is Home Depot’s selling point. Unless it’s the busy season, you may have to wait. Otherwise, Home Depot employees will immediately let you know if they can replicate your keys. For the fastest service, go during the weekday.

Key Copy Near Me

Besides Home Depot, there are several alternatives that you may feel interested in. Let us break it down for you:

Minute Key Booth Alternative


MinuteKey owns 2500 key copy self-serve booths in Menards, Walmarts, and Lowe’s stores. It is the best alternative to the duplicate keys near me when you can not find Home Depot. Their price is pretty competitive when users only have to pay $3 for a standard brass key.


Besides, they also promote big orders. When customers reach the VIP category, the price will be even more attractive.

KeyMe Locksmiths

KeyMe Locksmiths is the website you should go for. You need to fill in the location name and zip code, and an available key duplication kiosks list will appear. In the United States, they presently have about 2000 kiosks. has the interesting feature of storing a digital duplicate of the client key for future reference. Therefore, it is worry-free for you when it comes to storing the original one.

The price will range from $2.99 to $89.99, depending on the type and features of the client’s key.


You might be amazed by this. A growing number of supermarkets do provide key duplication services. Grocery businesses may provide more complete services by using self-serve booths. So does Korger. 

American South and midwest citizens may not become unfamiliar with Kroger. So, if you are in the area, keep in mind that you can get your key copy there.


Similar to Kroger, Safeway also joins in key duplicating businesses. As they are located in the US mid-western, western parts, the Atlantic region, and East Coast, the dwellers here can get more options for having a spare key. Don’t forget to call the local store to see whether the service is available or not and how much it costs when you are in demand for a copy key.


Although not all pharmacies provide key copy services, several of the larger, more recognizable businesses do. They have about 4,000 locations throughout the US. You may use a search on their website to identify a place that has a KeyMe station there.

In-store Alternative

Ace Hardware

Each Ace Hardware business is privately owned and run. Still, the majority of them have key copy business. To acquire a quotation, you’ll have to give the local Ace a call. However, the average price is from $8 to $12 for standard keys copying service.

Your Own Local Key Duplicating Store

Although a big name is worth considering, looking closer at your local business is no harm. You can find a ton of them at the neighborhood hardware store. It’s generally a good idea to patronize local businesses whenever possible.


Does Home Depot Make Special Keys?

It depends on how special the key is. For example, suppose you expect to make a copy of electronic locksets or safes keys. In that case, you need to consult the product maker and Home Depot technician because these devices are particular. 

If you want to replicate mailbox keys, Home Depot can not offer the service stated in US rules. You should check with the post office if you need more than one mailbox key.

What Happens If My Home Depot Duplicate Key Isn’t Functional? 

You can return the key to Home Depot. Based on the situation, you may need to provide a working key, even an original lock, if needed for the examination and repair it further.

Customers must present purchase evidence ( for instance: a receipt), but the technician won’t impose an additional fee.

Is There A Key Duplicate App Available At Home Depot?  

Yes, Home Depot has a key duplicate app named Key Hero. Office or house keys are scanned digitally by the app. Then all the data will be saved on the cloud. 

Customers may then present the digital scan at Home Depot to have a key made. Key Hero is a fantastic substitute, especially if you can not get into your house because of the lost or forgotten key. You don’t have to hire a locksmith when the app is available. A brand new key will be created quickly by the Key Hero app.

What Is The Material Of Keys at Home Depot?

Most door and automobile keys are constructed of metal. They are silver, nickel, or brass. Since this coating is only a coat, it will eventually get worn.


Home Depot does duplicate keys. We believe now you know all ins and outs of the key copying service at Home Depot. 

The brand is an inevitable choice when searching for a place to replicate keys. They have a large assortment of key blanks. Their technician has rich experience and well-equipped equipment. 

Even better, they perform a terrific job not only in consulting but also in the main job. Whenever their clients feel unhappy about the product, they are free to return it. 

When you are suddenly locked out, you can get a key in a short time by applying the Key Hero app. If any customers expect to get advice regarding individual locks and key services, Home Depot can hear you.

* Disclaimer: We do not buy, sell or provide service, we only share with you our trusted sources, and experience. In case of any changes in the products or services of the companies, all the information below is supposed to change at any time.

Phillip Adcock is the founder and Managing Director of the research agency Shopping Behaviour Xplained (SBXL), a shopping research organization using psychological consumer insight to explain and help consumers answer their questions about stores and services.

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