What Is CAP 2 Walmart?: New Updates And FAQs

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 10, 2023
What Is CAP 2 Walmart

Walmart is an environment that offers a fascinating range of jobs in which we can all participate. Besides the store jobs, CAP 2 Walmart is a position that many people are most interested in today.

If you are also interested in this job and want to discover more detailed description updates in 2023, check out the following information immediately!

What Is CAP 2 Associate Walmart 2023?

Walmart CAP 2 directs to associates whose primary duties are unloading trucks and assisting in the second shift. In 2023, these associates will take on the role of ensuring high-speed consumables and groceries are off-loaded from GM trucks. 

After the goods are unloaded, the next task you need to perform is to divide the goods into separate pallets and put them on the shelves.

What Does Cap 2 Mean At Walmart?

If you hear “C A P, ” this means “Customer Availability Process“. This job at WM is meant to simplify operations that ensure goods are available to consumers. The CAP 2 is a position for “Customer Availability Process” associates working the second shift.

From the above meanings, you can know that position C A P 2 represents associates who maintain the accuracy of warehouse inventory systems and processes. 

In the workflow, to ensure the maintenance of the merchandise managing system, associates need to work with stock exceptions, adjust shelf capacity and complete the bin audits. 

What Is The Duty Of CAP 2 Associate Walmart?

Walmart CAP 2 job description includes the responsibilities and duties that an associate needs to do, including:

  • Prepare the merchandise receiving area.
  • Completing the work of receiving goods directly.
  • Sorting and unloading general inventory trailers.
  • Pick up goods from trucks and sort them onto each pallet.
  • Operate to move bulk goods for storage.
  • Classification of goods according to the pick.
  • Maintain cold chain, freezing, and cold storage.
  • Move pallets onto the sale place for overnight handling.
  • When necessary, you can help with the warehousing and sales floor as assigned.
  • Label goods and place overstock inventory.

In this position, you will be a contributing factor to the protection of a clean, safe, orderly working environment and following the regulations set forth by the company. Each working employee must try to complete well and limit risks.

What Factors Are Needed To Become CAP 2 Associates?

The CAP 2 Walmart job description requires employees to perform the tasks set out, but employees also need to meet many knowledge and skills requirements to work in this position.

If you want to be eligible to become an associate, you need to satisfy the following qualifications and skills:

  • Good time managing skills
  • Good collaboration skills
  • Meticulous and observant
  • Decision-making skills as you are the one who will make decisions for the display and stocking of products.
  • Good customer service skills.
  • Have computer skills because you need to use the inventory management system.
  • Have good health, fitness, and stamina because you will have to support or lift heavy objects. 
  • Dexterity of hands because you need to use many hand-held devices to support the working process.
  • Have organizational skills to maintain proper process management.
  • The minimum type of qualification is high school.

How Much Does Cap 2 Make?

The average salary for a CAP 2 Employee is $30,945 per year in the United States, 8% higher than Walmart’s average salary of $28,586 per year

Source: https://www.glassdoor.com/Salary/Walmart-CAP-2-Associate-Salaries-E715_D_KO8,23.htm

What Are The Differences Between CAP1 And CAP2?

Although the names of these two positions are quite similar and the purpose of the work is towards the “Customer Availability Process”, they have quite distinct differences in some points.

Working time

While CAP1 has to work at the store, CAP2 is responsible for working in the warehouse. The CAP1 associates will begin work during the first shift, and in the second shift, CAP2 will take over.


When working at a store, CAP1 will be involved in customer services such as assisting with purchase problems, locating items, and acknowledging customers.

In contrast, CAP 2 takes care of warehousing-related tasks such as unloading trucks and conducting the division/palletizing processes.


CAP1 will typically be involved in the storage of dairy and frozen items. These product categories include meat, and CAP1 will cover them from 4 am to 1 pm.

CAP2 will supply pharmaceutical products, paper, chemicals, groceries, baby supplies, beauty, health, and more at the goods warehouse.

Answer Queries With The Same Topic 

What is CAP 2 Walmart Stocking?

CAP2 stocking is the job of ensuring goods are off-loaded from incoming trucks. Furthermore, this job also has to ensure the goods are separated into different parts so that the goods are always available for the customer’s purchase.

What Are The Duties Of The CAP2 Supervisor?

The CAP2 supervisor is responsible for leading a team of associates to complete the tasks. Additionally, the supervisor must manage the exact location of the goods to stock and upload goods.

As a supervisor, you must ensure that old products are rotated, shelves are stocked with new items and appropriately labelled on each shelf.

Does Walmart Drug Test For CAP2?

The WM doesn’t drug test for the CAP2 position during the hiring process, but you must conduct a fairly rigorous background check.

How Much Does A CAP2 Position Pay At Walmart?

An employee working at the CAP2 Walmart position will have an average salary ranging from $10 to $15. The company will determine the salary of employees in this position by their seniority and consider the minimum pay in each state. 

Is CAP2 A Hard Job?

The CAP2 can be considered a difficult job because it is fairly fast-paced and physically demanding. 

Although this job requires a lot of health, you will easily burn out, but the schedule is also reasonable and gives you a lunch break of up to 1 hour. As well, breaks are allowed for up to 15 minutes at a time.

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If you are interested in entering the CAP 2 Walmart position, you will become a second shift associate. Remember to prepare a good physical condition because you have to do quite heavy unloading jobs, and the work intensity is also rather fast. 

Surely this will be a great job for those passionate about working with warehouse-related work!

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