What Does Walmart Intercom Codes Mean? – (Brown, Blue, White, Red,1)

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Walmart Intercom Codes

Walmart Intercom Codes are the one way to notify the staff of what you need. However, there are different kinds, and this article will explain them and their meaning.

They indicate different messages to the store workers and customers. This store intercom system is one of the most popular programs because it helps employees know incidents or problems and solve them immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions About Walmart Intercom Codes?

What Are Walmart Intercom Codes?

Walmart Code Spark is an indication that cash register queues are growing in Superstores. This program is used to communicate to staff that there are too many customers, and waiting at the checkout can sometimes be too long. As soon as it is announced, staff must suspend the current task and head towards the registers, where they will either operate empty online checkout terminals or help bag shopping to reduce the checkouts queue.

However, it has more than a few secret intercom codes – continue reading to learn more about others, like code 1, C, white, blue and brown at Walmart.

What Is The Meaning Of Walmart’s Code White?

It is an antiquated term indicating that there has been a workplace incident or an accident. 

A manager must immediately show up at the announced location and deal with the situation when it is announced. 

What Does Code C Mean?

When this announcement is made, employees are reminded to be on the lookout and may be called on to meet customer demand by directly helping customers where they’re shopping; it may require more staff.

What Is The Meaning Of Walmart’s Security Codes?

Security staff follow a few different policies governed by two main kinds: 300 and Department 51. These are used to direct the attention of certain areas or alert them to possible issues.

Aside from these kinds, codes 15 and 60 are other security ones used to tell the security. It means a store section is left unattended for the next 15 minutes or the next hour.

What Is The Meaning Of Walmart’s Code Adam?

Code Adam indicates that a child has gone missing in the store and tells employees they need to drop everything to help look for them.

It is a notification in the case of a missing child in a store. Employees are told to stop doing their job and immediately search for the lost child.

When it is announced, a detailed description of the child or other person abducted will be given to employees, and everyone will start looking for them.

Some employees are required to monitor entrance and exit doors regularly. If an unattended child is not found and returned to the parent promptly, local police will be contacted to intervene.

This is an evacuation program, used widely so that you can hear it in many other stores.

What Are Safety Codes At Walmart?

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Different Walmart emergency codes indicate dangerous events without scaring customers. Colors are used to signal different possible scenarios that may reflect potentially dangerous events:

  • A code red indicates there is a fire somewhere in the store.
  • Orange is for a chemical spill.
  • A black one is for dangerously severe weather in the area, such as a storm or tornado. 
  • Code blue Walmart is for a potential bomb threat. 
  • Code brown Walmart one is for a shooting in the store or on its premises.
  • Green is for an active hostage situation.

If you hear an alert sound while shopping, remain calm and do exactly as the emergency procedure advises. Remember not to run or have any uncontrollable actions, as this can cause a panic and make the situation more severe.


We hope you enjoy our article. They are a great tool for communicating with other associates in a store. They’re a fast and easy way to spread important information quickly and easily throughout a store. Hopefully, you better understand how they work and their meanings.

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