How Long Does Walmart Hold Pick-Up Orders?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: May 15, 2023
How Long Does Walmart Hold Pick Up Orders?

How long Walmart will hold my grocery order is a common question many people have when they are experiencing problems with their grocery shopping and are unsure about their orders, especially when they are hectic on business days. Or else, they might wonder whether they will receive a refund.

This article will answer your question and give you more information you might not have known, such as what will happen to your Walmart orders if you don’t pick them up on time. Ready for some entertaining facts? Start now!

How Long Do You Have To Pickup Walmart Grocery Order?

Our brief answer is that Walmart keeps your groceries ordered for up to four days 

Walmart will store your purchase for up to four days if you place an online order but do not pick it up. Additionally, if you place an order in-store, Walmart retains it for 4 days.

Walmart will refund your money if your order isn’t delivered within seven days. The length of time the item stays in stock after the delivery window closes will determine the refund amount.

If the product is still in stock at Walmart seven days after the delivery period has ended, Walmart will reimburse 50% of the purchase price (original pickup cost). 

For your return, you will get an instant credit in the form of either shop credit or a refund (using the original method of payment).

You can receive your eligible items till 10 p.m on the same-day pickup. If you are about to arrive late, you may contact Walmart customer service or grocery pickup service by using the Walmart app to monitor your purchase’s progress or by arriving early to pick it up. 

What Happens If I Don’t Pick Up My Walmart Store Order?

Orders that are abandoned may incur restocking costs. For every purchase that isn’t picked up over the scheduled Walmart grocery pickup day, the store will start charging consumers a $2 charge.

It is feasible to understand why Walmart is making an effort with the new rule. This is because they desire to reduce delayed or skipped pickups. 

In some cases, your account can also be restricted from making more purchases from Walmart. Hence, picking up your order as quickly as possible would help fix this matter.

One thing you need to know is that Walmart will often keep the order for a couple of days if you don’t pick up your grocery orders and don’t typically neglect them. After that, the business gives all of its stock to a nearby local food pantry.

How Do I Reschedule My Order From Walmart?

How Long Do You Have To Pickup Walmart Grocery Order?

Your pickup time from Walmart can be changed. Before the deadline that the order is supposed to be delivered to the store and picked up, you can modify it whenever you like. 

You need to login into your Walmart account, tap on ‘Your Account, select the ‘Recent Orders’ option and make the necessary changes to your order. You can alter the pick-up or delivery time frame by hitting ‘Change Time’ and then save your adjustments. Once done, you may receive a confirmation email.

Remember that you can not reschedule orders once the cutoff date has passed. 

Related Questions

Can I Switch The Delivery Option On My Walmart Order From Pickup?

Sadly, you cannot switch your Walmart order from pickup to delivery. The service is now unavailable. The only way to do so is to cancel your existing purchase and place a new one with your desired delivery option.

Which App To Use To Pick Up My Orders From Walmart?

You will need the Walmart app, which can be found on Google Play and the App Store on your mobile device. 

Once customers have the application, they may either create an account or use their pre-existing Walmart account credentials to log in. 

You will be asked to select a grocery pickup location when you have put everything or even create a weekly shopping list you want in their cart.  

By the way, you may utilize the search feature of the Walmart app to shop for both groceries and non-grocery items (such as toys, technology, cosmetics, necessities for the house, presents, and much more) at the same time.

Don’t worry too much when you order online. The store will also give back any applicable shipping charges for items that were inaccurate, damaged, or faulty.

Can Someone Else Pick Up My Order Instead Of Me?

Yes. Please contact customer care support to add an alternate pickup person to your purchase. Click the ‘Contact Us’ option to begin. The individual picking up your purchase must present a picture ID when they get it.

Does Walmart Only Allow Groceries for Pickup?

Yes. Customers nowadays can order everything, from a television, a puzzle to chicken breasts all at once using the Walmart app for pickup or delivery at home. 

You have to receive your goods at the Walmart curbside pickup, but they could ask you to pick up items from other categories in the store.

Can I Cancel Orders For Walmart Pickup?


As long as your item has yet to be sent (during the order processing stage), you may typically cancel it through Walmart. It’s crucial to note that only some grocery pickup orders may be canceled.

If your order is eligible for cancellation, you will find this option in your purchase history on the Walmart website or through its app.

Final Thoughts

All in all, you already know how late you can pick up your Walmart order. The great news is that even if you miss the deadline for picking up your Walmart purchase, you still have the choice to take your items within a week or get your money back.

Thank you for reading our article, and we hope to see you in a future essay on a new topic. Please feel free to ask any more questions that pique your interest since we are always willing to give you a hand.

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