Walmart Firing And Rehire Policy: How Soon Can You Be Rehired

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Walmart Firing And Rehire Policy

In the United States, Walmart is one of the most popular shops. It is also one of the largest employers, with over 1.5 million employees. However, many people may not know that Walmart firing and rehiring policy is a controversial topic in many forums. 

There’re many problems related to this policy. So, if you want to learn in detail, you can scroll down and check the sections below. They will be helpful for you when making decisions. 

Walmart Firing And Rehire Policy

Walmart is a company that offers its employees a ‘store-at-will’ basis for their service contracts. In other words, Walmart can terminate employment without notice if it isn’t detrimental to the employee or company. 

In most cases, it will rehire terminated employees based on their terms of termination. Nonetheless, you will have to wait 90 days to reapply, either to the store you previously worked at or a new one. 

The firm also has a point system in place, which controls how employees behave in the workplace. After accumulating five or more points over the course of a year, the company may fire the employee. 

It distinguishes between people who keep it out for a prolonged time and those who do not. Learn more about the reasoning behind this and how you can make yourself better at this corporate giant!

Why Does Walmart Fire You?

Walmart is not obliged to provide reasons behind the termination of their employees when that decision complies with all the laws. 

On the other hand, it is legally allowed to terminate an employee who they perceive to be a liability whether or not they have committed any sort of crime. 

This also applies to situations where the store feels that an employee might become a liability based on someone else’s perception of that person, regardless of whether or not any facts validate such a feeling.

In addition, this entrepreneur is well known for its efficient store operations and respectful workforce. It has an efficient system that penalizes its workers for indiscretions to ensure the smooth operation of a respected business. 

Any employee who fails to comply with the point system and reaches 5 points in six months will be terminated automatically. A system such as this was implemented to discourage unruly behavior among the staff by penalizing those who are lazy or unreliable. 

See more: Walmart Point System

What Is Walmart’s Process For Rehiring Employees?

Walmart's Process For Rehiring Employees

According to Walmart’s “at-will” employment agreement, they can terminate the employment relationship at any time if you don’t meet their expectations or meet their standards. 

On the flip side, in case they decide they want to bring you back in a different capacity, they might contact you and try to get you to come back. It all depends on your role and which one the employer would feel is more fitting for you.

Leaving On Good Terms

Walmart employees who are looking for a job after leaving the company might be get rehired if they left due to one of the following reasons: 

  • Their store had a layoff, or they were laid off. 
  • Their work schedule was disrupted because of an unexpected serious illness, emergency, or vacation (e.g., school break). They wanted to care for their child/children at home. 
  • The working hours were reduced for business reasons which is often the case during slow holiday periods (like Christmas-time or back-to-school season) or hoped to have been employed for a short-term position which has now ended.

Suppose you’re looking to rejoin this company that you formerly worked for. In that case, it’s in your best interest to wait three months before reapplying. 

Upon Termination

Having been fired from Walmart may not mean you’re out of luck. This can often be determined by checking the reason for Walmart’s termination of employment form to see which circumstances might apply. 

You can apply for the same position or one very similar or apply to a job opening at a different location where you think you could do better in case your performance history with the company is marked as less than satisfactory because of any of these reasons:  

  • Frequent lateness/absences 
  • Not calling in advance
  • Inability to perform tasks expected based on training and past performance.

As soon as you left your job, you should have been interviewed by a higher-up. People in charge should talk about why they didn’t hire you and give you a time frame for when they will. 

An exit interview mostly talks about things that happened during your time at work that weren’t your fault. 


Do You Get Compensated For Your Pto After You’re Fired From Walmart?

Walmart authorizes its workers to apply for unused and earned vacation time up until five days before their scheduled workweek. According to each store’s policies, requests for the amount of PTO are needed.

 However, there can be some variation if your state law is different from your location if you’re just starting. Talk to the supervisor if you have concerns specific to your case.

Would Walmart Be Able To Fire You Without Informing You First?

Walmart employees are not employees at will. Walmart needs to rely on the law or an employment contract to back up an employee termination. 

Suppose one of their employees doesn’t sign a document specifically stating that they’re eligible for termination or that they can be hired and fired without cause. In that case, they may have what is referred to as job security.

Is Walmart Likely To Rehire After Job Abandonment?    

When you leave any job, regardless of the circumstances, it’s always in your best interest to wait a sufficient amount of time before returning. 

Leaving before you’re ready—or worse—leaving on terms far from amiable can affect how willing a manager will be to take you back. Furthermore, no-calling makes a negative first impression and lowers your chance of being employed again!

Am I Eligible For Rehire After Being Fired From Walmart? 

The company won’t hire you for six months after being fired, but there are some workarounds. You can try to get called in as a temp by your previous manager if you find out the job is an open requirement since there aren’t many qualified applicants. 

You could also just start your own business. You won’t be bound to anyone else’s rules and regulations and could potentially make more money.



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