Walmart Bereavement Policy 2024: Employee Benefit

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Dec 8, 2023
Walmart Bereavement Policy

One of the most difficult things a person may overcome is the death of the loved one. The last thing they might need to cope with while grieving is having to go to the workplace.

The Walmart corporation hires approximately 1.5 million people. So, what entitlements do Walmart employees have if their employees need to use bereavement leave? Everything you need to learn about Walmart bereavement policy 2024 is below.

Does Walmart Have A Bereavement Leave Policy?

The answer is definitely a YES.

If a family member or a close relative dies, Walmart permits staff to have up to three days of bereavement absence. Individuals who use bereavement leave are normally compensated for their time away from work. In some cases, they can obtain a Personal Leave of Absence for lengthier lengths of time.

FAQs About Walmart Bereavement Policy 2024

Who Does Walmart Consider To Be A Close Relative?

According to Walmart’s rules and guidelines, an “immediate relative” is someone who is linked to an employee.

There are multiple ways to be a family due to the policy. It can include married or adopted kids and people who live together in a domestic partnership or a civil marriage.

It also covers an employee’s spouses, parents/siblings/children, and grandparents or grandkids. Those are whom they may look after during office hours. It also implies that it could be anybody you live with.

Staff can take bereavement absence for the death of most close relatives and dear ones under this broad definition. In this concept, “close family” does not only refer to blood relatives. Thus, bereavement leave can also be given at the discretion of a manager for the loss of other people, according to the standards.

How Many Bereavement Days Do Walmart Employees get?

As for bereavement Walmart, regular mourning time can last up to three days, depending on the individual’s manager’s discretion.

Furthermore, when evaluating the length of leave to issue, the supervisor may take into account several considerations, including:

  • Relationship between the individual and the deceased
  • The amount of time an employee must travel to attend a funeral or be with the relatives
  • The total amount of time the employee has taken off in the last 12 months
  • The effect that their leave may have on their Walmart location’s operations

Do Employees Receive Salary On Bereavement Days?

Excluding temporary workers, all staff members who take bereavement leave will be paid at their regular hourly wage for the length of time they would have worked otherwise.

This, nevertheless, just applies to the three-day limit of regular bereavement leave.

Is It Possible To Take More Than Three Days Of Bereavement Absence At Walmart?

If a worker requires more than the customary three days leave, they can request a Personal Leave of Absence. This allows them to take a longer amount of days off.

These extended durations of absence, unlike the regular three-day bereavement leave, aren’t paid as usual. So, employees may have to use up whatever paid time off they’ve acquired if they don’t want to lose income throughout this time.

Is It Required By Law For Walmart To Offer Bereavement Leave?

Because there are no state or federal laws forcing firms to allow employees to take mourning time off. Bereavement policy proof can move more flexibly. And in fact, this policy is quite generous.

Only the state of Oregon permits employees who have suffered a loss one to take up to 12 weeks of bereavement absence per year. Don’t get excited and want to move to this place just yet. These days off are unpaid, unlike Walmart’s policy.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, workers can take up to three days off from work if a member of their immediate family goes away, according to Walmart bereavement policy

Managers may also provide bereavement absence if another relative or loved one passes away. Companies will still pay for this leave. 

In rare cases, longer leaving periods may be feasible, albeit this leave will not always be paid.


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