How Do You Know If You Passed The Walmart Assessment Test?

By Phillip Adcock
Last Updated: May 11, 2022
You Passed The Walmart Assessment Test

Taking the Walmart assessment test is a great way to learn about Walmart’s various jobs. As a test, it evaluates whether or not candidates can work well under pressure or with other people. It additionally tests if candidates can work well under their supervision and perform in a team environment.

So, how do you know if you passed the Walmart assessment test? Below is our answer!

How Do You Know If You Passed The Walmart Assessment Test?

The Walmart Assessment Test is a tool applied to evaluate the social skills of potential employees at Walmart. As it is an online test on the computer, applicants will not have to wait for long periods to receive their exam results. 

In addition, right after you finish your assessment, the system will immediately show your result. If you get a green notification, you have already passed the test. In case you receive a red one, unfortunately, you have failed.

What Happens When You Fail The WAT?

It is not the end of the world if you do not get through the Walmart assessment test! People who fail the test will have the opportunity to retake it six months later. And they are eligible to re-apply to Walmart as soon as they can be determined to be a candidate if they pass the test at that point.

Will Walmart Still Hire Me If I Fail The Assessment?

Hiring managers have to seriously consider the results of failed skills-based tests, especially if they feel a candidate could be a good fit for the position. Therefore, you still have a chance to get in.

However, it may be hard to happen in real life. Because when applicants fail on these assessments, they are seen as incapable of effectively performing based on their performance. 

Before moving forward in the recruitment process, candidates need to pass the Walmart assessment test. As the Walmart Assessment test is well-designed to decide if one applicant is able to work well for the company, candidates must first obtain passing scores prior to proceeding to the next screening phase.

Can You Take The Walmart Assessment Test Again?

YES, of course! After failing for the first time, applicants need to wait approximately six months before retaking the exam. However, after applying for a different open position, one may have their scores waived, provided that some conditions are met.

Your chances of getting hired can be greatly increased if you get a high score. Different positions will have different requirements. Some jobs may require you to have experience. Others will need you to have a certain education level.

Is The Walmart Assessment Test Difficult?

Many applicants wonder if they will struggle with a Walmart assessment test. The answer is no, not at all! The test is pretty easy. Walmart designed the question to be simple and straightforward. There are no tricks or gimmicks on the test because they want fairness in the process. 

To ensure they get the best-qualified people for positions at Walmart, they don’t want to hire based on any personal biases or preferences about looks or background. That would skew things for everyone else in the long term.


What Should I Prepare Before Retaking The Test?

The assessment test is a great way to get an idea of how well you will be able to perform in the job position being advertised. That said, many people fail to take the assessment test seriously and make mistakes. If you are worried about making mistakes, here are some ways to avoid them:

  • You should prepare for the assessment test carefully and do your best.
  • Do the research and review their online training process.
  • Try to do some practice assessments prior to taking part in the real test.

Why Does Walmart Require A Job Applicant Assessment For Employment?

Walmart’s potential employees will have to take an assessment test before getting a job. The assessment test helps determine which areas potential employees excel at and which they may need help with. Managers can then help applicants find the right opportunities based on their skill set.

This assessment helps managers evaluate the skills, experience, and drive needed for a job position at Walmart. Within this exam specific to a desired position in the company, applicants are evaluated on communication, listening comprehension, organization, presentation, and planning skills. 

Walmart, continuing with its need for speed, also requires all new hires to prove their ability by performing tasks like processing invoices and counting inventory accurately and quickly. Those who fail or do not complete all exam sections will not be considered for employment.

Do You Start Work Right After Passing The Walmart Assessment Test?

Passing the Walmart Assessment test is just the first step toward a successful career at Walmart. Since it is a big company, Walmart spends a lot of time on new hires, and the hiring process is quite long. Sometimes, it can take up to 2 weeks, and you may need to wait another week if their shifts don’t line up with your availability.


The Walmart assessment test is a great way to get a better idea of what is required of you for a potential job position at Walmart. So, how do you know if you passed the Walmart assessment test, especially for those who have never done it before? The short answer is to see the notification when receiving the result, with red indicating a failure and blue for a passing test.

Whether or not you passed the assessment test, we hope you found the information useful! Should you worry about the assessment test, feel free to reach out to us anytime. Thank you for your company. We’re always pleased when our post can provide you with useful information on this topic!

Phillip Adcock is the founder and Managing Director of the research agency Shopping Behaviour Xplained (SBXL ), a shopping research organization using psychological consumer insight to explain and help consumers answer their questions about stores, products and services.