Can You Return Baby Formula To Walmart in? 2024 Updated

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Dec 8, 2023
Can You Return Baby Formula To Walmart

Walmart Inc. is a global retail firm headquartered in the United States that manages a network of megastores, cheap department stores, and grocery shops. Walmart is a common destination for parents wanting to stock up on newborn basics such as milk, nappies, and clothes.

Nevertheless, if you’ve purchased a baby milk powder product from Walmart that does not satisfy your infant, you may wonder – can I return baby formula to Walmart? The following is what I’ve found out

Can You Return Baby Formula To Walmart?


As of 2024, Walmart will permit unopened infant powdered milk restitutions with the original receipt within 90 days of purchase or delivery. You may use Mobile Express Returns or the free USPS/FedEx postal service to make in-store returns. If you don’t possess the receipts, bring a photo ID from your country of residence.

Going to figure out the legitimacy of returning powdered milk, if you may return baby powdered dairy to Walmart without the need for a receipt, and far more.

Is Return Baby Formula To Walmart Legal?

Because baby milk powder is considered a nutritional commodity by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), you are allowed to refund it to Walmart without fear of consequences. As a result, independent infant formula manufacturers have their refunds.

Because they are non-perishable food products, Walmart permits restitutions. However, if a certain brand has changed or has different restore policies, you will be advised on the receipt.

Walmart’s Return Policy For Baby Formula

Walmart's Return Policy For Baby Formula

When Can Baby Formula Be Return?

At Walmart, You may return any brand of infant formula (including Similac, Enfamil, Earth’s Best, and Happy Baby) within ninety days after purchasing or shipping with receipts or online bills.

Many Walmart Supercenters and Neighborhood Markets operate at 7:00 a.m. and shut at 11:00 p.m., with few exceptions.

Consumers are not permitted to refund infant powdered milk beyond ninety days; however, shop managers have the discretion to approve a refund if you possess the purchase receipt.

Can You Return Without A Receipt?

If you meet the conditions for receipt-less returns, Walmart will accept restitutions of newborn formula without an original receipt within ninety days.

A legitimate government-issued picture ID (e.g., driver’s license, visa, regional ID) is requested, which Walmart can use to monitor your restore transactions. If the return system approves your return, you can exchange the infant powdered dairy for another product, paying the extra if the new merchandise is valued more.

Furthermore, infant milk powder costing under $25 will be returned in cash, and goods worth $25 or more will be provided with Walmart purchasing or vouchers.

Returns that have not been verified may be refused or given a credit card at the current selling price of the product, even if that amount is lower than what you purchased.

Can You Return Opened Baby Formula?

Most retailers will only accept opened infant formula returns within 90 days if the product was sold after its expiration date or was faulty. Any infant powdered milk damaged during shipping will be replaced or reimbursed.

Because each store has its unique regulation, you should phone ahead of time to ensure that your newborn powdered dairy item will be approved for return.

Method To Return Baby Formula To Walmart

In-Store At Walmart

For confirmation reasons, make sure you have the necessary evidence of payment, such as a receipt or online invoice and a valid government-issued picture ID.

Exchanges and cash refunds are processed promptly; however, refunds to debit and credit cards might take ten days.

You may also utilize the Mobile Express lanes to restore infant formula purchased from or in a Walmart store. You’ll need a smartphone to utilize the Walmart app and complete the return.

Mail To Walmart

Go to or utilize the Walmart app to begin the restore procedure. Returning infant milk powder to Walmart via email is therefore simple for consumers on the move  if they follow the instructions:

  • Begin a refund by going to the transaction history area of or perhaps the Walmart app.
  • Choose the newborn formula for a refund or exchange from the list of purchases and explain the reasons.
  • Click “Return by mail” to obtain a free mailing label that you can print. Add this tag to the infant powdered milk container.
  • Drop off your parcel at a local USPS or FedEx store!

Once the infant milk powder arrives at Walmart, returns and substitutions will be made. As a result, reimbursements may take about ten days to appear in your preferred payment method.

Walmart’s Return Policy For WIC Baby Formula

If the client can present the receipts dating under ninety days of buying, WIC infant powdered dairy is eligible for a cash or shop credit return. Furthermore, WIC goods that are damaged or expired can only be exchanged for a fresh edition of the identical product.

If you have a WIC nutritionist’s approved Instant Formula Exchange form, an interchange will be performed in accordance with the Formula Exchange Form requirements.

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Final Thoughts

The post above has just given you the answer to the question. To summarize, Walmart allows unopened bottles of infant milk powder to be returned within ninety days of buying or delivering. 

When restoring things in-store, through Mobile Express, or via free mail, you must produce evidence of purchase to receive a complete refund. WIC recipients are eligible for store credit or exchange. If you have a valid government-issued ID, you don’t need a receipt to refund infant powdered milk to Walmart.


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