Walmart Cell Phone Return Policy – All You Need To Know

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 7, 2023
Walmart Cell Phone Return Policy

Walmart is known as the world’s leading retail business, with stores in numerous nations. Taking up the trend, they now sell phones with many various brands. But what if you are not satisfied with what you get?

Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about the Walmart cell phone return policy for online purchases.

What Is The Walmart Cell Phone Return Policy In 2023?

Walmart phone return policy allows customers up to two weeks after purchase to return their prepaid phones bought in 2023. The condition is that you must bring the phone back in the same condition when originally bought. 

Postpaid phones must be returned within 30 days, which is determined by adding 30 days to the date the phone was originally purchased.

Which Information Do You Need When Bringing To Walmart Phone For A Refund?

Phones purchased in advance are refundable within two weeks, but prepaid credits can only be returned if they have been used.

Purchasing a contract phone from our company means that you are directly responsible for the safety and upkeep of your phone. There is also a 30-day Walmart return policy on phones if you are not completely satisfied with what is provided. 

To return the contract phone, customers have to keep the original bill. The bill will include the original packaging in the first ideal condition. Walmart will not take back phones if customers do not include the original packaging or accessories.

Furthermore, unless you purchased a Walmart Protection Plan, your phone will not be accepted if it does not reach the identical condition in which it was purchased.

When Is The Latest Day To Return Phones?

Walmart has a 2-week return policy for phone returns. There is no exception for phones purchased or delivered after the return window.

Walmart requires that the phone is in its initial form to gain a refund.

However, if you have opened the box, there are policies that you can contact their customer service department to discuss your options for a refund!

Is Broken Cell Phones Acceptable At Walmart?

Walmart will not accept cell phones damaged or not in original condition.

However, Walmart does offer a warranty if you buy that becomes available for all phones purchased from Walmart.

This way, if something should happen to your phone that is not caused by damage or neglect, you can be eligible for a return or refund.

In addition to this, whether your phone is damaged through water damage or a smashed screen while not being in transit to its final destination (you), it will also be eligible for a return or refund.

Can You Return Straight Talk Phones To Walmart?

Yes, Straight Talk Phones have to be returned in “Like-New Condition”, with no signs of use and must have less than 25 minutes in total cumulative talk time. If the phone is defective, it can only be exchanged for a comparable product if they cannot provide the same item or if the item cannot be repaired.

Is Return Opened Cell Phones Acceptable At Walmart?

Although typically Walmart will allow for a return of an item under certain circumstances even if the package has been opened and the product was used, the policy on returned cell phones is unlike.

If you return a cell phone to Walmart and unlock it but decline to do so in the same wrapping, you must trade the phone for the duplicate model.

Return Opened Cell Phones walmart

Does Walmart Have Any Policy For iPhone?

Walmart iPhone return policy is the same as the others. You must bring the iPhone packaging, charger, and other accessories.

Are Prepaid Cell Phones Acceptable At Walmart?

Walmart allows you to return prepaid phones and contract phones. You have to ensure the retrieval is completed within two weeks of the initial purchase. 

But there are some exceptions, it seems! The procedures for different items like prepaid phone cards, contract phones, and SIM cards vary from store to store.

So you should refer back to your receipt or speak to a representative in Walmart if you’re unsure that your particular item can be returned.

Certain types of phones, for instance, may be ineligible for a refund or return in particular instances. It’s also vital to remember that prepaid and SIM cards cannot be returned.

Is It Possible To Return Phones Without A Receipt?

Walmart has a strict return policy on most of its merchandise guidelines; within 90 days, customers must return their purchase with or without the original equipment.

Even if you’re trying to get a refund for a phone that Walmart previously sold to you, you’re going to need your receipt to do the return.

If you cannot find the receipt for an item purchased, you might return it at selected Walmart locations.

Yet, if the staff cannot locate a description of your purchase and if there is no sign of tampering, they may reject your retrieval. Further, you need to carry a valid, qualified photo ID when making a phone return.

Which Way To Return Phones Purchased From Walmart?

The cell phone return policy is fairly simple whether you purchased your phone in-store or online. But depending on your situation, the return policy for these services can be a bit different.


If you buy a phone from Walmart through the Internet and ultimately decide to return it, you must send it back to the store through the postal service.

To return an item purchased on your Walmart account, first, visit the ‘Order History’ tab on Walmart’s website, then type in your email and order digit.

Then will bring you to an “About Your Purchase” page that lists the items in one of two categories – ‘All Returns’ or ‘Order Details’.

Choose the product you would like to return and follow the prompts to receive a refund option through a retailer or credit card company or have your product picked up at your nearest Walmart store.

Then, next to the product you want to return, click ‘Start A Return.’ This option allows you to print a shipping label at no charge, ensuring that you do not have to pay for the expense of returning it.


If you purchased your cellphone at Walmart, you could return it to the customer assistance desk during business hours.

If a person purchases from Walmart online or in-store and wishes to return an item, the packaging must be brought back with the items.

If this is not done correctly, then Walmart has the right to refuse service.

How Do Walmart Refund Customers?

If you have returned your phone after bringing it to Walmart, you may receive your money back for the purchase price of the item. Walmart gives its customers many options to receive their refunds.

In such a case, you can have the benefits of two options to choose from restoring the initial payment onto your card or opting for a new gift card from Walmart in return only if you bought your phone with a debit or credit card,

Walmart would give you a cash return if you purchased with a check.

Is It True That Walmart Sells Many Types Of Cell Phones?

You can get the latest Samsung Android phones in Walmart and so much more. 

Walmart is the nation’s largest retailer and carries new, refurbished, and unlocked cell phones and accessories for all of your favorite brands like Apple, LG, and Google.


Walmart has a 2-week window on returns. If the phone is not quite what you wanted, your best bet would be to return any cell phones purchased through Walmart.

For a full refund on the phone, you must return all initial packaging and attachments, including the phone, in unused condition. Thank you for your reading time.

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  1. Paul

    I went to Walmart and told the person what I was looking for; after about a one-hour wait, they sold me the cellular phone and told me I would need to buy a card for the phone. I got home and called us cellular, and while I was waiting, I scratched off the card so I would have the number ready. They told me that it was not from us, that cellular would not be able to help me. I took the phone and card back the next day with the receipt; they gave the money back for the phone but said they could not return the card. I would like to know why I bought what they told me I needed and the card cost more than the phone.

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    Can I take back a prepaid cell phone back at any Walmart i do have the receipt thank you

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