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By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Walmart Clothes Return Policy

Walmart provides you with an extensive selection of the latest fashion brands available at a range of prices and suited to any needs or preferences. And they have them all right there!

But Walmart clothes return policy can be difficult to understand, especially when it comes to returns that include items purchased in-store. 

This article is going to break it down as simply as possible. Let’s read on!

What is The Clothes Return Policy Of Walmart In 2022?

Unlike most stores, Walmart clothes return policy allows you to return any clothing item. 

The policy starts on the date of purchase and is valid for 90 days if it has no tears, stains, etc. Also, keep in mind that a receipt is needed for a full refund!

Does Walmart Accept Returned Clothes Without Tags?

They will accept untagged clothing returns, provided they are returned within 90 days of purchase with your bill.

Many retailers afford their customers the benefit of returns but strictly monitor the frequency and types of goods those customers may return.

Unfortunately, certain customers use Walmart’s generous return policy for the wrong reasons and end up abusing it from time to time. 

For this reason, in some cases, Walmart supervisors may unblock the return requests of these individuals and issue them a warning instead. 

Can I Return Walmart On Worn Clothes?

If they have been worn, Walmart will accept used clothing if they can use it again for selling purposes. 

And, of course, customers have to return it within 90 days of buying with purchase proof.

Walmart may deny your return for a stain or rip that you’ve caused through wear and tear. They’re really tough about stains.

Does Walmart Accept Returned Underwear?

It’s important to remember the best way to get your money back when shopping is to ensure the proper policy on clothes details are stated at the time of purchase. 

For example, did you know that it is possible to return underwear if you do so within 90 days of purchase?

Similarly, one may be able to return swimwear under similar conditions.

Is It Possible To Return Walmart Marketplace Clothing?

Walmart Marketplace clothing is returnable. If you buy something from a Marketplace seller and end up not liking it or having problems with it, the policies may vary from Walmart’s offer. 

But the seller must make it so that items are returned to them in 14 days at the least (30 would be the extended time).

Are There Any Problems When I Do Not Have My Walmart Receipt With Me?

Walmart is quite liberal when it comes to being understanding of your purchases. 

So if you lose the receipt, return the item up to 45 days after the purchase date and in many cases.

They’ll allow you to make a refund claim using alternative proof of purchase like an ID (verified) and your store receipt tag.

Consumers who have purchased within the past 30 days may have their items reimbursed in cash if it’s worth less than $25, and those of a higher value will be reimbursed with store currency.

Walmart Marketplace Clothing

How To Return Clothes To Walmart In The Right Way?

Sending your return by free mail or scheduling a pick-up from a FedEx carrier is an option if the item was purchased from Walmart and returned within 90 days.

All you have to do is show evidence of payment. Walmart will refund you the same amount you used to make the original payment.

So, if you purchased it in cash or with a credit card, they will return it to you in the same manner.

Check your receipt or verify your online account’s purchase history to see if you’re still in the 90-day limit duration.


You can bring clothes and underwear to Walmart within 90 days of buying them. You can carry them back in-store or have a pick-up at no charge.

Under specific product conditions on the marketplace, items bought there can be returned in-store after only 30 days. Hope this article can help you find the answer. Thank you very much for your reading time!


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