Walmart Bottle Return Policy – Everything You Need To Know!

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 7, 2023
Walmart Bottle Return Policy

Indeed, bottled water is not as popular as it used to be, but there is no reason to pour it down the drain. Instead, you should send your jars to a recycler. This way, you’ll get some cashback and help the environment simultaneously.

Do you have a lot of water or juice jars in your house? And you want to know if you can return them at a store near you? This blog will cover the rules and guidelines surrounding the Walmart bottle return policy.

Does Walmart Have A Bottle Return Policy In 2023?


As of 2023, the firm will offer a new recycling program that allows customers to give back glass bottles and jars that previously were not accepted by the retailer. 

The program will extend to Connecticut, Michigan, California, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, Oregon, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, as well as all Canadian provinces. Participants will receive a total of $25 in refunds per day.

The post you’re reading delves deeper into the subject of returning a bottle to a Walmart location and includes details about returning a beverage in both Canada and the United States. It also offers an overview of the types of beverages you can return.

Where Can I Find Bottle Return In The United States?

Walmart can redemption is a familiar phrase for all customers who have bought beverages, jars, or can here. In addition, the firm provides beverage return facilities in states with the “bottle bill”. 

This is a scheme in which shops pay an additional deposit for soft drinks and beverages, which they may recoup by returning the glass jars.

The following locations have bottle policy in the United States:

  • Michigan 
  • Iowa 
  • Delaware 
  • Oregon 
  • Connecticut 
  • California 
  • Vermont 
  • New York 
  • Maine 
  • Massachusetts 

As a result, all stores in these states will accept bottle get-back policies and unique stations where you may send back a jar and receive the money it costs.

Bottle Return at Michigan

Where Can I Return Bottles At Walmart In Canada? 

As a Canadian citizen, you can take advantage of Walmart’s exchange policy. Every province in Canada has bottle bills, so this business offers its exchange service in-store across the country. This allows you to exchange glass jars for stores and receive a refund.

What Is The Best Way To Send Back A Bottle To Walmart Stores?

You must live in one of the 10 states listed above or Canada to send back jars to the company. If your address qualifies, check the Store Finder tool for local stores, then ask if they maintain jar return stations and vending machines.

Once you’ve decided where to give back, you’ll need to locate their exchange policy and decide which things you would like to give back. 

Some stores require that you simply exchange them in the store, while others allow you to drop them off at a designated location within the store or outside of it! Also, you can inquire with a store clerk about the station’s location.

Put them into the vending machine. Then, the machine will produce a receipt for you to keep. The staff will scan the receipt and issue you the refund for the beverages. Most locations allow a maximum of $25 in returns/person/day.

If you ask about Walmart bottle return hours, it can be anytime as long as you follow the rules!

Which Bottles Are Acceptable For Return?

There is no Walmart bottle return limit at any retailer. Thus, you can recycle any glass bottle, whether it is for a beverage, 5 gallon water jug or a soft drink. In addition, the glass containers won’t contaminate the recycling machine due to their transparency.

But if the container is made of plastic or aluminum, it is not recyclable.

Can You Give Back A Bottle You Didn’t Buy From This Business?

Yes, you can

You can give back any glass bottle of a non-Walmart drink as long as the shop you are returning to has that item in stock.

Because both the return station and the vending machine scan the code on the flask, the product will only be recognized if the company sells it.

As for bottled beverages, many more prominent brands (including Pepsi and Coca-Cola) offer single serving sizes that you can give back.

Final Thoughts

You can use this information to your advantage and get your beverage refunded. If you have queries or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

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