Walmart Returns Without Receipt – Easy Way To Assist Customers

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Walmart Returns Without Receipt

A free return policy means you can shop your heart out! Simply go to the nearest Walmart, show them your receipt, and they should be able to help you out. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with an item, get it refunded or exchanged. However, what if you lost your bill? Does Walmart return without receipt accepted?

Walmart Return Without Receipt Policy? 

To return the item 90 days after purchase, simply go to your closest Walmart and show them the product’s receipt. Any Walmart® store, regardless of where you purchased it, will be able to assist you.

However, bear in mind that with Walmart Return Without Receipt policy, all returned items must be complete with all components and attachments; returning partial or damaged goods will not be accepted. Check your account to see whether you are entitled to a refund within ten days if you do not pay in cash.

What Can You Do When Returning an Item Without A Receipt At Walmart?

The store can scan the barcodes in your purchase history to identify the items’ original sale price and simplify the return procedure. While it’s great to have the original packaging, it’s not necessary.

Furthermore, the process gets much easier if you are a registered client. The workers at the counter will examine your ID and verify your identity to ensure that nothing untoward is going on.

You will be prompted to scan your ID and the item’s barcode to validate a refund. Both must match those still listed in their database (see “how to register returns” for further information). 

If your return is refused, you may have made too many refund requests without a receipt. Walmart can frequently locate your previous purchases on file, even if they are no longer in their original packaging.

Which Kind Of Refund Will You Get For A No-Receipt-Item?

While Walmart does not mind receiving the returned merchandise, they do not promote it. 

When a consumer returns an item with a receipt, there is no need to summon someone on-site because automation can do everything properly and swiftly. Aside from that, if you return an item without a receipt, they must rely on your word for it and issue an on-the-spot credit or cash refund!

Walmart will only provide cash refunds for products costing $9.99 or less when returned without a receipt. Exceeding this amount, you will not receive a cash refund but instead will be gift cards or product exchanges.

Is All No-Receipt-Item Can Be Returned At Walmart?

Walmart No Receipt Returns Items

The following items, which, due to their nature and promotional value, have a return window of only 40 days, all receipt-less returns have to be approved by corporate legally. You won’t be able to return them if you don’t have the receipt

  • Electronics 
  • Contacts/Prescription Glasses
  • Cellphones 

Walmart reserves the right to deny a return for circumstances beyond our control or what you can expect. Because “in-store” transactions are usually final sales and cannot be returned, please retain your receipts for your peace of mind.

Walmart Exchange Without Receipt 

You can’t get a refund after you open Medical equipment or cell phones, but you can try and trade them in for something new at the store.

For the return process to go smoothly, you need to keep the packaging intact.


For returns without a receipt, simply go to your closest Walmart store and ask for help. You will still be able to receive refunds, including cash and vouchers. However, this is not recommended as Walmart reserves the right to refuse a refund if you do not have a receipt to prove it.

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