How To Get W2 From Walmart? – Summary Of The Latest Updates

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 6, 2023
How To Get W2 From Walmart

Tax obligations are extremely important to each individual when working. Those interested have been or are working at big companies like Walmart (WM).

Will ex-employees get W-2 support? Does Walmart support tax records? You can rest assured because they always have a department to assist you with the tax forms. For more particulars, read on!

How To Get W2 From Walmart 2023?

Accessing worker accounts on OneWalmart will help you do this. You can easily get the W 2 form through the online form from January 31.

Walmart also has a separate department to assist you with W-2-related matters. Specifically, the payroll department will be helpful for those who want to receive it before February 28; the WalmartField unit will assist you if you forget your account login information. 

Understanding and grasping the structure of W-2 will help you in the best tax management. Refer to the following tips for better understanding!

Where Does Walmart Offer W-2?

Walmart W2 former employees and current employees need to contact the payroll service for assistance with tax and payroll issues. 

With the available form lost, the support staff will help you recover the W-2 form data. Conversely, if the form is not available, they will need to submit a formal request to be provided to you.

Both former and current employees can use their accounts to access OneWalmart to receive W 2 online. Remark that each employee must have an EIN (Employer Identification Number) to access the form. 

How Do I Get My W-2 From WM If I No Longer Work There?

Although no longer working, the former Walmart employee w2 is still supported. You can contact the payroll department directly if you need urgent assistance. Alternatively, you might request a copy of your W-2 through the mail, but this is time-consuming and may affect your tax performance.

In general, the former employee W2 is most recommended to use online access because of its convenience and speed. You can easily access the system after filling in your account information, employer code (10108), and personal identity.

Note that you’d better pay a required fee to gain access to W-2.

What Does EIN Mean At WM?

As we all know, to access the W-2 form, an EIN provided by the IRS is required. EIN stands for “Employer Identification Number,” WM has an EIN of “71-0415188”.

When you provide your EIN during the tax return process, the authorities will identify who pays for you. 

Where Is EIN Located On W2 Of WM?

Surely those who first learn or consider W-2 feel confused because they cannot find the location of EIN. To easily see this location, you have to search box “B” and read the nine-digit text like “71-0415188”.

If you get W 2, it will be easy to look at EIN. But in case you don’t have entry to W 2, you need to look to other methods, specifically:

  • If you were still working at WM the previous year, you could look up the last year’s tax returns or W 2 records to find the EIN.
  • Usually, large-scale companies will often provide you with EIN on online information sites to find the EIN code as quickly as possible. 
  • You can contact HR or the payroll unit for assistance with W-2-related issues. 

Does WM Support Sending W 2?

Choosing Walmart W2 online download from OneWalmart is always the best recommendation if you want to increase the processing speed of W 2 records. 

The password and username will help you access the WM portal if you don’t remember your login information. Moreover, WalmartField’s “479-273-4357” contact number is always available for you if you have problems logging in or need further assistance.

When Does WM Send W 2 Form?

A W 2 express Walmart is regulated and regulated by the IRS, and they require the company to send a W-2 form to all types of employees whose salaries are paid by the company at least $600/year.

Furthermore, January 31 to February 28 is the deadline by which the IRD requires all employers to provide a W2 record.  

How To Get The Fastest W2 Copy?

The best option is to contact your employer when you want to have a copy.

If you attached the form to a previous tax return or your employer has not sent you a W 2 record, you can contact the IRS for assistance. The IRS will even provide you with a replica of the entire return, but you will have to pay a fee for this. 

How Can I Get A W2 Form If My Employer Doesn’t Give Me One?

You don’t want to be penalized for tax issues? So, you must provide your W 2 on time. When your employer does not provide a W 2 record, you should contact them to offer their provision and support.

Besides, you can also do the following:

  • Send a written request to your employer for a W-2 form.
  • Send a request directly to the company’s HR unit.
  • Submit Form “4852” to the IRS to request an extension of the deadline to file your tax return to avoid late filing violations.


Surely you will no longer worry and wonder about W2 at Walmart because they are always there to assist you with the tax form issue. Furthermore, if you are still having difficulty with the company’s support, you can contact the help of the IRS.

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