Ulta Dress Code – Detailed Guideline For Ulta Employees

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Ulta Dress Code

Ulta is a famous American beauty retailer with more than 1000 stores. The vast network of locations has created many employment opportunities for job seekers. However, before submitting your CV, you should probably know about the Ulta employee dress code. Though it is more comfortable than other brands, the limited color palette may frustrate fashionistas if not forewarned.

Is There A Dress Code For Ulta Employees?

Yes, of course. Ulta sets out some rules to build a professional appearance for its staff. This policy goes hand in hand with core values and corporate culture.

Instead of clothing items, this business places a definite limit on the color palette of outfits. Here is the dress code color you should keep in mind:

  • The tops are available in black, orange, white, red, or magenta. Printed patterns are allowed as long as the color scheme matches the options listed.
  • The bottoms must be gray, black, or white. If your pants come with belt loops, do not leave the black belt at home.
  • Only black options are recommended for shoes and socks.

What Is The Dress Code At Ulta? 


Most Ulta employees usually wear shirts, but T-shirts enter the eligible list. You have to tuck your shirt in, regardless of your top. Some pleasant managers also accept tank tops. However, bold cuts are strictly prohibited. The shirt must not reveal from the waist and up.

What about hoodies and sweaters? Your manager will make the final decision. Some former employees said that these items are approved in winter. Another group of people complains about the stereotypical unity in their locations. They never received permission for these fashion choices.

As you see, Ulta’s current policy is not so clear-cut. Hence, you should go straight to your superior and ask for specific regulations at your workplace. That’s the best way to avoid unnecessary violations.


If you stick to the boring color scheme, shorts, pants, or skirts are allowed. Ulta believes that comfort standards for the bottoms help employees have pleasant working hours. However, this does not mean any strings attached at all.

Trendy mini-skirts should only appear in your fun activities. Shorts and skirts are no more than 3 inches above the knee. Additionally, managers do not feel satisfied with backless dresses.

Anyway, experienced staff never put on tiny bottoms. They do not want them to interfere with work operations. Remember that you must move around in the store and reach for the high shelves.


High heels and boots are a popular choice among female employees. Meanwhile, men upgrade their looks with elegant Oxford shoes. Open-toed or closed shoes do not matter.

There is still an ongoing debate about sneakers. The laxity in regulation has caused the application to vary across locations. Some salon managers may send you home as they believe these street items are not “professional”. On the contrary, others accept them with ease.

Again, it would help if you showed your choice to the boss. Prepare a safe alternative if she says no. However, do not try with flip-flops. It is always a ban.


Feel free to let scarves, jewelry, or accessories out as long as your manager agrees. Of course, the color rule still applies to these pretty little items.

What Are Other Appearance Requirements At Ulta? 


It is a pity that the employees cannot express their personal style through clothes. On the bright side, they can proceed with tattoos. This freedom sets Ulta apart from other cosmetic businesses. However, it would be best if you stayed in the allowed zone.

Specifically, say no to provocative or offensive tattoos. You should ensure that your body art is beautiful and suitable for public exposure. It is impossible to express hostility and racism.

This rule covers all aspects, including race, national origin, sex, or religion. If your boss notices any discrimination, he may ask you to cover it up.


Nothing can stop you from the piercings. You possess creative power as long as your work is not excessive. Some people may feel a little fussy with nose piercings, but it is usually not a big deal. Eyebrows, earlobes, or any part of your face – Ulta empowers you to do it.


Can I dye my hair colorful? The good news is YES. It is a great idea to level up your mood and appearance with bright colors in your hair.

However, it is up to the store managers to decide on the definition of “professional”. They may go against your disruption. As a result, you face two unpleasant turns: change or quit.


Regarding nails, Ulta does not apply a mandatory policy to advertise its products like Sephora. It only requires employees to take good care of their nails, especially those who work in salon service. You cannot leave your nails dirty or chipped. It is not necessary to paint colors but always keep your fingers neat.


While Sephora offers a long list of makeup to apply to your face daily, Ulta goes on its own way. This company does not set any standards for its employees. In other words, Ulta employees can refuse to wear makeup if they do not feel comfortable.

While makeup is a personal choice, you are encouraged to put on a few basic products. As you work in the cosmetics industry, a pale face goes against your advice to customers. 

Prove your words are expert opinions with a believable look. This also means you should end up with a perfect finish if you intend to paint your face. The end goal is to make you radiant for communication at work. 

Is There An Ulta Beauty Uniform

Yes, but you are not forced to buy them. The company sells a set of uniforms printed in black. A standard package includes one shirt, pair of pants, a pair of socks, and shoes. Contact the manager and pay for it directly. Of course, you can fall for other brands as long as they do not violate the color code. 


Can I Wear Jeans At Ulta?

Yes, you are. Ulta strives to make its employees comfortable in the workplace. So do not hesitate to wear black or white jeans. A class item saves you from troubles and mistakes in matching. However, the answer turns out to be NO for ripped jeans.

What Should I Wear To An Ulta Job Interview?

Business casual always comes out on top. The best interview attire may include slacks, polo shirts, blazers, skirts, shirt dresses, etc. It is unnecessary for formal suits but not everyday items. Building a professional image right from the first meeting increases your hiring change. 

Do I Have To Wear A Name Tag All The Time?

Sure. Ulta considers this item as part of the uniform. Staff must wear a name tag below the left collarbone at all times. Whether you stand behind the cashier or near the product shelves, customers should always know who to ask for help. The company aims to give each employee access to all visitors.

Is Legging Permitted At Ulta?

Unfortunately, you cannot wear these tight and stretchy pants. On the bright side, it is not outright banned. Employees can combine leggings under shorts, skirts, or dresses. Using them alone as a pair of pants with an oversized shirt probably violates the “appropriate clothing” statement.


Though the color limitation hinders your creativity, Ulta’s beauty dress code seems more permissive than other cosmetic brands. Loose regulations sometimes annoy newcomers, but it is not a big deal. Ask experienced colleagues for uncertainties. If necessary, the affirmation from your store manager establishes the optimal.

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