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By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: May 15, 2023
Updating Apple Employee Discount Information 2022

Are Apple employees getting a discount? This is considered one of the most impressive policies, attracting potential global human resources from a big brand like Apple. This creates an outstanding difference for Apple when compared to other tech corporations all over the world. 

What Is The Apple Employee Discount?

Apple discounting for employees belongs to the Employee Purchase Program (EPP), offering various discounts available to all its employees from any position. Apple even allows its employees’ family members to use these discounts when they select and buy the Apple brand’s products.

The Discount for Employees at Apple can be applied to professional and personal purchases, giving employees more opportunities to choose and save money. This is one potential strategy to maintain và develop the human resources of the brand in the long run. 

Characteristics Of Apple’s Discount Policy For Employee

Characteristics Of Apple Discount Policy For Employee

Getting more understanding of the Apple discount policy supports the employees to achieve more benefits. Follow some relevant instructions below to adopt the program in the right way.

How To Use Apple’s Employee Discount Program

The employees have to log out of office accounts as soon as achieving the purchase to restrict the leaking of private information outside the organization. If the users forget their passwords, they will be required to confirm the account identifier code to set a new password and update the user profile again at Apple Store. 

The employees have to log out of office accounts as soon as achieving the purchase to restrict the leaking of private information outside the organization. If the users forget their passwords, they will be required to confirm the account identifier code to set a new password and update the user profile again at Apple Store. 

How Much Can Apple Discount for Employees?

Apple allows its employees to deal with a 25% annual discount on buying IPad, iPhones, Macs, and other accessories. Regarding Apple software, the brand employees receive a double discount, up to 50%, compared to the other products. Apple also offers friends and family discounts to their employees at the maximum level of 15% per year.

Every Apple worker can be eligible for a $250 discount on iPhone and a $500 discount on a Mac after every three years of service. The employees only apply to one condition from these two above to meet their demand while owning a valid Apple account. 

Which Way Do Apple Employees Get A Discount? 

The first condition to get a discount from Apple’s employee discount is to own a valid account provided by the Apple Security Department. The employees will activate the account and change the passwords to ensure privacy while working at Apple and purchasing online Apple Store.

Another important condition for all Apple employees to adopt this policy is that they follow the purchase process only designed for the brand workers. This means they must do each step to catch discounts to employees on the product at the end of the period. Please do not ignore any phase to get as many discounts as possible.  

How An Apple Employee Discount Works Right 

Apple employees can get a discount on most Apple merchandise, consisting of iPods, iPhones, Beats headphones, and Macs. The extracted value ranges from 10% to 25%, depending on the difference in each product line. The employees must seek information and purchase the product on the Apple Store for Business to ensure the discount condition.

The buyers under the Apple discount program must show their Apple employee ID card to complete the transaction successfully. This policy is valid for online and offline stores; therefore, the employees can choose any method matching their hobby. However, they will use their Apple employee ID number as the promo code when ordering online.

Eligible Products For Apple Employees?

Most Apple products are eligible for the employees to get a discount, except for a few selected items. ApplCare+, gift cards, and engraving are outstanding products extracted from this policy. The employees also do not use these discounts to select the colors or storage options for some products. Additionally, they should visit the brand’s online stores for employees to see the entire list of products available for discount.

FAQs 250w

While using the employee discount program that Apple applies, many questions are given on Apple – using the community and internal organization. Please check some FAQs below to receive better explanations.

Is There Any Discount If Apple Employees Buy Apple TVs?

Apple brand employees can get a discount on buying Apple TVs. This discount can be up to 10% off the device’s retail store.

Are Any Apple Products Excluded From This Discount Policy?

Yes. They can be AppleCare+, engraving, and gift cards from Apple. 

Does Apple Give Third-Party Benefits To Its Employees?

Absolutely yes. Apple is willing to give third-party discounts to its employees for selling iPad, iPhones, watches, and Macbooks. 

Do Apple’s Retired Employees Get Discounts?

Yes. Both retired and current employees have enough conditions to receive the employee discount from Apple. 

Are any Apple Discounts Related?

Almost No. The Apple discount policy nearly maximizes the employees’ benefits. 

What Compulsory Conditions To Use Apple Discounts For Employees?

  • The discounts are only activated for current and retired Apple employees
  • The discounts can not be used for refurbished products
  • The employee only get the discounts for personal purpose, not resale 


 All information above has just introduced Apple’s employee discount program 2024. This policy is one of Apple’s most successful human resources management plans, providing a variety of discounts and intending to motivate its employees’ responsibility and engagement in the long run. Follow some instructions listed above to adopt these discounts correctly. 

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