Target Dress Code Policy – New updated 2024

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Dec 7, 2023
Target Dress Code Policy

Target is among the most well-known retail chains in the United States, known for designing its stores’ aesthetics around its main colors, namely the uniform policy of its employees.

So, if you’re applying for the job at Target or have already started working there, you might be starting to wonder: what is the Target dress code for its employees? Let’s learn more in this article!

Target Dress Code Policy In 2024

In 2024, Target uniform policy is a red top and khaki slacks or skirts. Workers can put on any red shirt they like (sweater, hoodie, polo), while some shops even let them wear jeans. 

The company promotes workers to be more creative and allows for unconventional dress choices such as piercings.

Target Dress Code

Frequently Asked Questions About Target Dress Code Policy 2024

What Should I Dress For A Target Job Interview?

To represent yourself as a professional, it is important to dress smartly for any job interview. As a result, you might dress smartly casually for the Target interview process.

To demonstrate your commitment and that you’ve done your research, why not put on a red top for your job interview at Target to match the Target employee shirts?

What Should I Dress To Target On My First Day?

Even though some Target locations now permit employees to put on jeans to work, the standard uniform consists of all-red Target shirts for employees and khaki pants.

If you’re unsure what to dress on the first day at Target, we suggest speaking with a coworker or your manager to determine whether there are any special standards for your Target location.

Is It Okay For Me To Wear A Red Shirt To Target’s Workplace?

This chain’s employees are permitted to wear every shirt style in red to work as long as it is both job- and modesty-appropriate.

The key condition of this guideline is that the clothing is completely red, without emblems or graphics; therefore, wholly red sweaters, hoodies, polo shirts, or T-shirts are acceptable if they fit the criteria mentioned above.

Will Target Provide Me With A Uniform?


Because these chains don’t even have employee dress code, you will not receive one. The only stipulation is that you dress in khaki slacks and a totally crimson shirt.

Regarding the khaki trousers, Target Corporate just instituted a policy allowing Target employees to put on jeans to the company, so confirm with your store’s manager to see if this is acceptable.

Can I Work At Target In Jeans?

Target now lets employees wear jeans to work in addition to the company’s standard khaki-colored pants.

However, because it is unclear whether this regulation applies to all Target stores, we recommended that you verify with your coworkers or Target managers before wearing jeans to the workplace.

Is It Acceptable To Work In Hoodies At Target?

Hoodies are permitted to be worn for workers at Target as long as they are completely red and have no patterns or logos.

To avoid uncomfortable feelings in warm weather owing to overheating, we suggest wearing a pullover throughout the wintertime.

Certain Target supervisors may encourage employees not to wear hoodies, although wearing red hooded sweatshirts is permitted according to Target’s online guidelines.

Is It Necessary For Target Workers To Tuck Their Shirts In?

Target, similar to every family-friendly company, wants its staff to dress professionally, but the uniform policy is not overly rigid.

Target doesn’t worry if the employees don’t tuck their tops in as long as they appear smart and helpful.

Is It OK If I Put On Black Jeans At Target?

Although it varies by store, Target staff is generally permitted to wear black jeans at work.

According to the company’s employee manual, target employees can dress in plain trousers as long as they don’t have any patterns or purposeful tears.

Is It Permissible For Me To Wear Crocs To Target?

Based on the kind of Crocs you want to wear, you might or might not be permitted to wear them to work at Target.

Due to safety concerns, Target’s overall shoe policy prohibits open toes and heels. Following Target’s official policy, if the Crocs don’t have open toes or heels, workers can bring them to work.

What Shoes Should I Put On For My Target Job?

Target has a no-open-heel or open-toe policy, so you can’t work in sandals, heels, and flip-flops at Target. Their workers are more willing to appear in sneakers or boots.

Are Target Employees Allowed To Have Nail Polish?

If they do not directly touch food products, Target will permit employees to take any sort of nail polish at work, such as acrylic, gel, or powder-based nail lacquer.

Acrylic nails may be a nuisance when managing packages or checkout registers; thus, ensure you can handle them alongside your duties.

Can I Have Colored Hair At Target?

It is OK for Target employees to have colored and dyed hair, whether it’s a single hue or a rainbow of colors.

Target, in reality, enables staff to “Be You” and embraces their various dress preferences as long as they do not mess up their work.

Does Target Accept Employees With Tattoos?

Target workers can have visible tattoos. Many Target employees proudly display their body art while at the company since the brand promotes them to be confident and comfortable in their own skin.

Is It OK For Me To Wear Earrings To Target?

Target also allows you to wear earrings while serving at the chain as long as they do not endanger your health and safety.

Employees at Target can wear any jewelry they want, including rings, lockets, and more, as long as it isn’t detrimental to their health and safety.

What If I Want To Grow Beards, Am I Allowed As A Target Worker?

Target employees can grow beards. Nonetheless, if you work near food (like in the deli or bakery), please remember to put on a hairnet due to hygiene concerns.

How About Piercings, Is It Still Okay?

Staff at Target is encouraged to exhibit their personality; however, you must use a hairnet for cleanliness concerns, so staff members can wear any type of piercing you choose at work, including facial piercings, earrings, and far more.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, Target dress code is not so strict and only requires employees to wear a fully red shirt with khaki pants.

Furthermore, some Target locations allow employees to wear denim pants all of the time, while others only allow employees to wear jeans on weekends.

Target is willing to allow its employees to define themselves with hair dyes, tattoos, or piercings, and all it wants in return is that they are pleasant and respectful to clients.

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