Does Chipotle Take Apple Pay In Store & Online in 2024?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: May 2, 2023
Does Chipotle Take Apple Pay?

Chipotle, sometimes known as Chipotle Mexican Grill, is an American fast-food restaurant chain that specializes in Mexican cuisine. Chipotle provides enticing, healthful Mexican meal selections in a practical fast-food setting. 

What about their payment? That is a crucial query because not all restaurants will take the same payment services.

Does Chipotle Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Apple Pay is a valid payment option accepted at Chipotle. Both in-store and online transactions may be completed with Apple Pay.

To properly satisfy consumer demand and create a convenient ordering experience, Chipotle introduced Apple Pay on their app and at restaurants starting in September 2020.

The POS systems at Chipotle have been modified to include Apple Pay so that customers may make purchases there. POS platforms that accept Apple Pay are found in many large retailers.

You may now order delivery or pickup using the app wherever and whenever you like.

How Do You Install Apple Pay on Your Apple Watch or iPhone?

To use Apple Pay at Chipotle, our first priority is installing the app on your Apple Watch or iPhone. If you have previously completed it, skip this step and move on to the crucial portion.


For your iPhone to be configured for Apple Pay, you should:

1. Choose “Wallet & Apple Pay” on the “Settings” page.

2. After selecting “Add Card,” click “Continue,” and choose the desired cash payment method. 

Fill in the details of your credit card by either manually inputting it or hovering your phone over the card until it properly scans the digits.

3. Accept Apple’s policies and additional terms and take any necessary procedures for credit card verification. 

Your card will then be accessible in the Apple digital wallet app and be available for use.

Apple Watch

To activate Apple Pay on your Apple Watch, follow these steps:

1. To use your “Apple Watch” app, use your associated iPhone.

2. Locate and choose “Wallet & Apple Pay.”

3. To connect your chosen credit card to Apple Pay on your Apple Watch, choose “Add Card”, then follow the directions.

How To Use Apple Pay At Chipotle?


Here is how to utilize Apple Pay in stores by using your iPhone or Apple Watch: 

1. Click the Apple Wallet app to launch it on your apple device.

2. Tap the button on the right side of your mobile device twice.

3. If using Touch ID, all you need to do is look at the screen of your iPhone. You can place your finger on the sensor or input your password.

4. Locate your iPhone over the contactless reader for payment.

Remember to hold it until a check-mark and the “Done” word appear. That means your payment is finished. 

On Chipotle App

Follow these instructions to use Apple Pay in the Chipotle application:

1. If you already have an account, log in to the app. You should be aware that registering for an account entitles you to access Chipotle offers, which you can use when placing orders.

2. Add your desired food order to your grocery cart after making your selection. On the screen’s top, click “Pickup or Delivery.” 

3. Review the goods in your shopping cart. Afterward, select “Continue to Payment.”

4. Enter your details, select the delivery or pickup time, and pick “Buy with Apple Pay”.

Now you just wait for the shipper to ring its doorbell and enjoy your food!

What Other Payment Methods Does Chipotle Support?

Chipotle also provides its customers with other various mobile payment options when ordering food. Credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and PayPal are examples.

Each of these strategies is described in depth below. Have a look!

1. Credit Card or Debit Card

Credit cards may be a method of payment you are accustomed to utilizing. Swipe your credit card through the scanner and enter your PIN to pay your Chipotle bill. 

Your transaction will then be processed. Once your payment is confirmed, the invoiced amount will be deducted from your credit card!

Debit card payments are another option for paying at Chipotle. It functions exactly like credit card payments.

2. PayPal

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PayPal is unquestionably your best choice if you’re searching for a means to pay your Chipotle expenses. You may link your PayPal account and pay your bill when required. 

That is one of the simplest, fastest and most convenient payment methods available you should apply.

3. Gift Cards

When using a gift card to pay a check, you must inform the cashier and provide the gift card’s unique code.

Though you may pay with a Chipotle gift card via the app, keep in mind that the balance must be higher than the amount of your order. 

You will either need to place a lower order or spend the gift card in the Mexican restaurant if your order is $15 and your gift card balance is only $7, for example.


Does Chipotle Take Google Pay?


One of the first fast-food businesses to increase the amount of payment alternatives is Chipotle, which began taking Google Pay in 2020. Due to Google Pay’s availability, more people can now enjoy Chipotle’s meals.

Will My Apple Digital Wallet Accept My Chipotle Card?

The answer is No. The Chipotle card cannot currently be added to your Apple Wallet.

What Happens If The Store Refuses To Take Apple Pay?

You may still make a purchase using your iOS smartphone even if the store does not take Apple Pay. The “Pay with iPhone” button can be found at the checkout. To pay, place a fingerprint scan on the Touch ID on your mobile device and hold it close to the contactless scanner.

Can I Receive Cashback at Chipotle Using Apple Pay?

Yes. By selecting the “Cash Back” option when asked to pay with Apple Pay at Chipotle, you can receive cash back while utilizing the service. Your bank’s policies will determine how much cash back you can receive.


So, all Chipotle locations do accept Apple Pay. What you need to make the required cash payment anytime is an Apple device and the Apple Pay app. We wish you good luck using Apple Pay to quickly and easily make purchases.

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