Amazon Dress Code: Detailed Guide For Amazon Employees

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Amazon Dress Code Detailed Guide For Amazon Employees

When you apply for a position, not only the job descriptions or compensation but also cultural aspects do matter. In recent years, Amazon has been one of the businesses that simplified their regulations, including clothing requirements. So what is Amazon’s dress code policy? Scroll down for the answer.

Does Amazon Have A Dress Code? 

Depending on the job position, Amazon may offer basic guidelines for the dress code. On a large campus, warehouse workers often work with large tools (pallet jacks, forklifts, etc.). Hence, there are general requirements to ensure the safety of both staff and goods.

Does Amazon Have A Dress Code ?

On the bright side, Amazon’s rules are not too strict. This corporation values comfort for good performance, especially during long shifts. So will you get punished if you go against the regulations? The answer is yes. Amazon set up a scoring system for employees that includes elements of clothing. Each violation causes you to lose a certain number of points. Once your level hits 6, your labor contract ends.

In comparison, employees who work in the office are free in their attire. There is no mandatory office dress. However, the expectation of a professional image through clothing does exist.

Amazon Warehouse Dress Code

Amazon Warehouse Dress Code

From Amazon’s perspective, the term “dress code” refers not to clothing items but the whole appearance and the belongings brought into the warehouse. The comprehensive regulations cover the general criteria as follows:

  • Employees are encouraged to wear comfortable outfits. It is because the workspace inside is often dark and narrow. Some areas suffer from extreme temperature variations compared to normal conditions.
  • Employees are not allowed to let personal items interfere with work or damage the machine and cause an accident.
  • Amazon bans clothing with offensive slogans or images. These include discrimination based on sex, race, or any personal preference.

For specifics, refer to the following:


The important keyword to notice is “baggy,” – and it should not be on the list whether it describes a t-shirt or a shirt. You can choose a short or long sleeve, depending on your preference. Please say no to crop tops and revealing items. A hoodie is safe as long as it does not have a strap. It would be best not to wear the hood up.

There are no material requirements, but we always recommend breathable fabrics. Polyester cotton deserves consideration as it absorbs sweat well.


Jeans, yoga pants, jogging pants, and pajamas can appear at the transit center. However, pay attention to the bottom part. Wide or flared ones are against the rules. Before your shift, you should remove hanging decorations (such as tassels).

Some facilities are quite easy with shorts. Due to extreme temperatures in some workspaces, you can put on items at thigh lengths. This detail never includes skirts and booty shorts.


Amazon laid out a summary for this category: closed-toe shoes. Hence, it is easy to create an improper list, including flip flops, Crocs, or sandals.

Experienced warehouse workers never prefer the listed options because they have no protection over the user’s feet. Instead, running shoes come out on top. Their advantage is lightness and support.

Tennis shoes should also stay on your checklist. The specialized foam layer provides a good cushion. Otherwise, you cannot survive the entire shift without making the right choices.

If you are frequently exposed to heavy objects, the safest bet is hard-toe footwear made of composite or steel. You may end up with a work accident if your shoes fail to withstand the fall of bulky items or the collision with a stroller.

Regardless of your favorite, the insole does not let you down. It deals with uncomfortable foot bases and reduces fatigue in the soles of the feet or calves.

The good news is that Amazon offers a substantial amount (up to $110) to buy a high-quality pair from Zappos. Contact the human resources department to take advantage of this policy.

Hair And Nails 

Amazon recommends a moderate length (usually shoulder height) regardless of male or female. You should tie your hair into a ponytail if it blocks your view. This action is to keep you out of danger. The moving machines may curl your hair.

The same things applied to bread. Meanwhile, nails are not part of the set of rules. Even so, it would help if you kept them in line with safety requirements.

Hats & Masks

You are probably happy to know that Amazon allows hats of any kind. You will have a lot of choices, such as fine wool, baseball caps, etc. Towels, including head scarves or hijabs, also join the list. Make sure they do not have any nasty decorations.

Masks had probably become a must-have item when COVID broke out. Although the situation has improved globally, some bodies still enforce this requirement. The rule requires that your nose and mouth be covered.

Conventional medical masks are a popular choice. However, we recommend the neck mask for comfortable use. It does not hurt your earlobe even if it has been in contact with this part for a long time.

Other Accessories

Leave your long jewelry and round earrings at home. Other accessories and mobile phones cannot get through the warehouse’s security doors. If you need an urgent contact, you must wait at least until recess. You must understand that this requirement is to enhance anti-theft. Because Amazon sells various products, they seek transparency to track the source.

Do not dream of headphones, earbuds, or earphones either. Playlists and podcasts are sure to distract you from your main duties. Your unintentional actions are extremely dangerous. Your colleagues cannot reach you, thereby causing interruptions in the chain. It also means you are not aware of the threats around you.

However, some working groups in high-volume areas are allowed to put on earplugs. It is not biased but safe. Without the right equipment, they can suffer from hearing loss due to engine noises or loud alarms.

Safety Equipment

Like other distribution centers, reflective vests and helmets are a must at Amazon. Almost everyone on the floor must wear these tools during work, including PIT workers, field assistants, operation managers, etc.

Gloves are not required, but we believe they are necessary. As you have to come into contact with various objects, this item protects your hands from dirt, bruises, or scratches.

Once the HR department offers you the work badge, collect the items listed above at the vending machine. Feel free to choose, and the dispenser will soon follow.

At some facilities that welcome robotics into the process, Amazon added Tech Vest. This state-of-the-art equipment alerts the smart devices and instructs them to move. This setting helps to avoid collisions between humans and robots. 

Standard Dress For Amazon Officers – Tips To Follow 

Amazon did not release any dress code for the office version. This means you can express your style to the fullest. However, each officer is often exposed to customers and partners. In a way, your outfit is still in the spotlight to judge the professionalism of yourself and the whole company. It would be best to set a safe zone with the following tips.

Be Proper

You should maintain an elegant image at work, whether male or female. Your action exhibits respect for the opposite person, including colleagues, management, and customers. Intimate parts should hide behind casual outfits. 

Though there are no detailed instructions, your boss may send you and your revealing clothes home. There is nothing to complain about or doubt. You share with other people the same space called “workplace,” not “runway floor.”

Be Comfortable

Clothing is considered the second skin of humans. Confidence will follow each step when you feel comfortable with what’s on you. Amazon has thoroughly applied this insight to create a friendly and effective working environment. This policy facilitates motivation for all employees, and you are no exception.

Tattoo & Piercing Policy

At the Fulfillment center, the employees face no problem with tattoos. Again, your artwork should stay away from political controversy or offense. If the manager catches the sign, he may ask you to cover it up.

The business also legalizes piercing on any part of the body. Since warehouse employees are not exposed to third parties, their unique appearance is not a big deal. However, you should consider the jewelry policy mentioned above. Try things that do not interfere with or endanger your activities. Metal items seem like a bad idea. They cause discomfort once they activate the detector.


Is Amazon Fulfillment Center Dress Code Applied The Same Everywhere?

Not always. Some areas have small adjustments depending on regional culture, weather conditions, etc. However, the dress code and safety regulations at the warehouses are generally not significantly different. You should contact your manager for exact instructions.

What Is The Amazon Interview Attire?

No matter what position you come for, your first appearance should leave a good impression. Office attire always comes out on top. This category includes polo shirts, blazers, khakis, dress skirts, etc.

Some people may fall for T-shirts and jeans. We believe this combo is only recommended for low-skill workers. Though Amazon aims for a friendly working environment, show off your professional image as much as possible.

What Should I Wear At Amazon Orientation?

A casual appearance with a T-shirt and jeans is a great choice for orientation. This basic outfit enables you to blend in with the crowd and prepare for the required activities. Do not be too formal or different. Comfort puts you in the best mood.

Can You Wear Jeans At Amazon?

Of course, yes. Jeans should always stay on your daily checklist. This material does well in different temperature environments – a great advantage for your shift at Amazon. If you want to look fashionable even at work, it checks your boxes.

However, keeping your expensive items in the closet would be best. Tasks at the sorting center may stain or tear your pants. You never mean to throw large amounts of money away.


Working in boring uniforms is one of the worst things ever. Fortunately, you do not have to pay through Amazon. Though there is a detailed dress code at Amazon, the ultimate aim is your safety. So do your best to adapt to these rules. It is challenging to find such easy ones in other companies.

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