Lowe’s Dress Code Policy 2024 – Necessary Things For Employees

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Dec 7, 2023
Lowe's Dress Code

In the large retail world, Lowe’s is now the second-largest home appliance retailer in the world, second only to Home Depot. This is also the place that attracts a large number of the world’s workforce.

If you are thinking of applying for a position at Lowe’s, you should understand the principles that employees must follow within the company. In the article below, we will answer all questions related to Lowe’s Dress Code and the uniforms of this company. Let’s go through it right now!

What Is Lowe’s Dress Code 2024?

As of 2024, Lowe’s announced a dress code that is more casual but still rigorous: employees must abide by a tidy appearance. Lowe’s also provided with each employee with a red vest to wear when they work. On this new red vest, there will be a name badge to wear on the clothing that contains all the necessary information about themselves.

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In general, Lowe’s employee dress code 2024 is not too strict. Employees will have freedom of choice in clothes, but this clothing must look appropriate and bring them a comfortable feeling when they work. In addition, clothes with slogans or offensive content are not allowed to wear in this company. 

Apart from the general dress code, there will be some differences between the location of Lowe’s, the manager, and what department they are working in.


A shirt is also the basic item that employees can wear when they work in Lowe’s. If you work in the food department, you must wear the available T-shirt or a long-sleeve shirt. These shirts must include Lowe’s brand on it. This will help customers easily recognize who they are employees so they can serve customers quickly. 

However, employees are also flexible in choosing clothes in the cold weather. They can wear hoodies instead of shirts as long as it is plain and does not include any brands on them. Additionally, some hoodies with obscene content or patterns are also unsuitable in this working environment.


Lowe’s dress code policy allowed employees to wear hats, but you also follow the rules about wearing hats. The suitable hat is the baseball cap with the Lowe’s brand on the top. According to the rules in Lowe’s, if you are a cashier or you work at the check-out, you must not wear any kind of hat. 

However, for those who work in the machinery department of production, you must wear a hard hat or other safety equipment to ensure safety during working time. 

Shorts, Jeans, Or Legging

In the hot weather, most employees want to wear shorts. You can also wear shorts depending on which department you are working in. If you work in the machinery department or production, you should not wear shorts because they cannot ensure safety for you. You should wear long trousers instead of shorts. 

Jeans are also suitable in Lowe’s dress code because it is casual clothes and comfortable. Jeans combined with Lowe’s T-shirt and a belt are compulsory for employees in the food department. 

In addition, employees can wear leggings if their shirt is long enough. However, joggers or sweatpants are not allowed because they are not eligible in this workplace. Employees can wear jeans or leggings, but they must not contain any rips or holes.

What Does Lowe’s Uniform Contain?

What Does Lowe's Uniform Contain

Lowe’s employee uniform is the red vest which has Lowe’s brand and some information about employees such as name, position, and department. As we mentioned above, the uniform will vary in each department and location of Lowe’s. 

For example, employees should wear safety equipment for the machinery section and gloves for the food section. All the rules of uniform are also suitable and necessary so that employees can work effectively and comfortably.  

What To Wear To A Job Interview At Lowe’s?

Everyone wants to find a good job in a professional working environment. Therefore, the interview for them is especially important. If you are considering what to wear to an interview in Lowe’s, business casual will be the safe choice.

For women, clothing should aim for simple black, white, and grey colours. Dress selections are as follows:

  • Shirt combined with casual pants.
  • Shirt with a skirt (below knee length)
  • The full-body-conjoined skirt is past the knee.

You should choose a pair of shoes with a moderate height and a colour that matches the outfit. You should also bring a moderate bag to hold the necessary items, let your hair neat, and do not cover your face.

Men should also aim for simple colours and deep tones:

  • White shirt with black or grey trousers combined with a belt. (remember to tuck the shirt under the pants)
  • Tie combined with a black outer vest.
  • Shiny black leather shoes.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Can Lowe’s Employees Dye Their Hair?

Lowe’s has supported interactions with various hairstyles. However, Lowe’s regulation states that folks should keep hair colour low distraction for work. 

According to Lowe’s dress code, dyeing hair does not distract employees from working. Employees should choose some natural colour like brown or golden brown, which is not too bright to dye.

Can Lowe’s Employees Have Facial Piercings?

Lowe’s relaxed their dress code in 2020, reducing its restrictions on facial piercings. That means you can keep your facial piercings while you are working in Lowe’s. Perhaps the company found that employees were much happier when they kept their facial piercings, which reinforced the company’s values of creativity and individuality.

Can Lowe’s Employees Have Tattoos?

Lowe’s now permits employees to have tattoos, except those that are derogatory. There are more and more employees with tattoos on their bodies. Your store manager is in charge of determining what constitutes an appropriate tattoo. If your tattoos are unsuitable, vulgar, or offensive, you need to cover them up during working time in Lowe’s.


Lowe’s dress code is more relaxed for employees these days. It is also not as strict as other retailers. Clothes you should wear in Lowe’s are casual clothes like shirts, jeans, trousers, or leggings. You only need to wear a uniform when you work in a different department. If you have any questions about Lowe’s, feel free to contact us.

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