How Late Can You Buy a Powerball Ticket in California? – Lottery ticket cut off time

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: May 10, 2023
How Late Can You Buy a Powerball Ticket

You might find that the lottery ticket cut-off time differs from state to state. The Powerball tickets are being sold in nearly 44 states. The easiest way to check for the deadline to buy one is to go to its online website to search for different places.

While you can meet the deadline to buy the tickets in Arizona by 6:59 PM or 8:59 PM, in California, it will be due at 7:59 PM. On the day of opening the ticket sale, customers must buy them before it closes (even though not all the tickets are sold out).

Criteria For Powerball in California

The cut-off time for purchasing tickets is at 7:59 PM. In California, you will expect the drawing days to happen on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. 

There have been over 60 thousand winning tickets in this state for Powerball. You can go and check the results of the draws at their place or look them up on the internet, which will be published on the official site. 

Depending on the sale of tickets and the fixed number that appeared on the web, the winning prize amount will vary each time. So, sometimes the winning money for this time can be huge, and another will be slightly smaller. It is mainly based on luck. 

Let’s Check The Result and What is Expected to Happen?

When you go to its website, you can update the latest information with the recent results. It will change every second! 

When the draw is finished, the winners of the drawing ticket are also announced. On its page, all the winning information will be kept accurate and maintained long enough for you.

It makes sure the draws go with strict and fair regulations. This means that all the lottery retailers need to hold the information about the game rigidly and justly. Such regulation ensures the game goes fair, clear, and equal.

How Late Can You Buy a Powerball Ticket?

As said before, the very last minute to purchase is 7:59 PM. Normally, the ticket sale will be due 59 minutes before holding the draw. The process is something like this: if the drawing is scheduled for 8:00 PM, the last minute to purchase one will be at 7:59 PM.

If you go there beyond this time, you are no longer able to buy a ticket. Yet, if you had contacted the retailer before and made a reservation for you, you can still have the ticket. 

It is regulated strictly and quite straightforward. There’s no sale or purchase after the time indicated. 

The drawing is held at 8:00 PM, one hour after closing. Only those with the tickets are qualified for the lottery without exception. They still see the drawing announced and are not permitted to participate. 

The draw will be finished and done at 10.59, and it’s time to announce the winners! The record is collected and also updated online.

How to Play Powerball in California?

How to Play Powerball

These are typical steps to being a participant in a lottery game. If you are new to this, don’t hesitate to take a look:

  • First, you should purchase an appropriate play ship which is Powerball. You can find it easily at any lottery retail store in California.
  • The most important part of being a winner is choosing five numbers for your luck. There’s one Powerball number for the lucky star number. All the numbers range from one to sixty-nine. And the Powerball one is limited to one – twenty-six.
  • If you are done with your choice, buy and pay for the tickets, keep them with you, and don’t have them lost at any chance.
  • Crosscheck your number with the lottery drawing number. Let’s see if you are a winner and win the lottery!

How To Win The Powerball Lottery?

Luck is all you need for this game. Yet, some have published a list including all the lucky and star stores that might have a better chance of winning. It’s also just subjective and chancy, but all those stores also need to pay a great amount of money to the lottery winners.

If you want to test your lucky level in such a short time, play the lottery! The prize for the game is up to 1.5 billion so that it can take place. 

When the time is closed, ticket sales also come to a halt. If anyone lost their ticket, they will not be eligible to be a lottery participant.

Here is one thing you should keep in mind. As we say, it’s all about luck, the chance is super rough and tiny, only one per two billion. You can see the official rules have been dedicated on the Powerball site. To win the game, a red ball must match all five balls.


Are Powerball Lottery Tickets Available Online?


Though some places will allow you to purchase it online, the price of the online ticket payment is quite tricky. There have been some problems when delivering the price of tickets bought online, so you can’t see it sometimes.

If you want to buy them online, you should ask the local store and see if it’s possible. And also, consult the price of the tickets when purchasing online. 


Is it Eligible For A Person Who is Not a US Citizen to Play Powerball?

Absolutely yes, it’s not necessary to be a US citizen to play. You can come from any place, as long as you have a ticket with you, and then just feel free to play the lottery. If your place doesn’t sell the tickets, you can purchase them somewhere else and play. 

But be sure to purchase from the retailers who are authorized and don’t sell the fraudulent ones. To be careful, just ask politely to check their license before buying.

At What Time Are Mega Millions Drawn?

It will happen after the Powerball is completely done. The drawing time will be at 11:00 PM, and the Megamillions are drawn on Tuesday and Friday.


So now you can find out how late you can buy a Powerball ticket. The latest minute to buy them is at 7:59 PM. After that, no one is allowed to buy any more tickets.

Don’t be late to purchase one for yourself if you don’t want to miss out on the chance to be a winner of the lottery! Good luck with your game! 

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