How Old Do You Have To Work At Dairy Queen? 14 or 15?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
How Old Do You Have To Work At Dairy Queen 14 or 15?

Ice cream is among Dairy Queen’s hot food items, although it also offers malts, frozen yogurt, milkshakes, blizzards, banana splits, and other chicken and cheeseburgers. 

With so many services, its labor force is also of concern. What positions open to teenagers and how old to work at Dairy Queen are among the hot topics. The following job titles and descriptions will help you solve the puzzles.

Does Dairy Queen Hire At 14 Or 15?

While being a team member generally requires you to be at least 16 years old, you can start working as early as 14 with a work permit

You can apply online or send mail for jobs. Anyone under 18 can submit the application in person at their neighborhood Dairy Queen. 

To locate open positions at Dairy Queen, prospective employees could use Craigslist. You might be eligible for employment as an entry-level worker if you satisfy the age criteria.

Maintaining the restaurant’s facilities, filling client orders, and preparing treat orders in the chill area are a few jobs to name. Don’t forget to comply with corporate requirements when using chemicals and to make food products. 

Jobs For Teenagers and Age Requirements at Dairy Queen

Front Counter

Front Counter

A front counter member’s duties at DQ will include welcoming patrons when they come to the food store or drive-through. Here, you will help them with menu selections and production ingredients questions.

Then, handle registration transactions, keep a precise drawer count, and provide high-quality service. Adhering to all safety and health regulations while working in a team atmosphere is vital.

You have to function successfully under pressure in this role by lifting up to 50 pounds and standing for long periods.

To work at Dairy Queen’s front counter, you must be from 16 years old or above. The hourly pay to work as front counter staff at DQ range from $8 to $14 on average.  

Entry-level positions without any prior experience will receive a minimum pay. 


As a part of the Dairy Queen kitchen team, you are accountable for efficiently and precisely making food. Keep the restaurant’s facilities in good working order, including the fryer, grill, and freezer. 

Finishing allocated preparatory tasks for restocking and arranging the grill area is also your duty.

During your shift, you should stand and be able to lift 50 pounds. Follow suit with all health standards and food handling protocols since you must process all kinds of food.

Only those from 16 years old are eligible to work on Dairy Queen’s culinary staff.

Culinary staff members are paid between the federal minimum wage and $12 per hour, typically $8. Since this is an entry-level employee, your starting pay will probably be below the minimum. But if you have any prior cooking skills, you might be able to deal for a higher income.

Chill Staff

Working as cold staff, you are in charge of supplying, tidying, and maintaining all client areas while assembling and handing finished treat orders. 

The duties also include coordinating with coworkers to guarantee accurate orders. Always stick to the restaurant’s health and safety regulations to create treats and maintain all chill devices correctly.

You must be able to move product cases and buckets of cleanser or sanitiser of 50 pounds.

The position is for those at least 16 years old only. Members of the cool staff team are paid between the federal minimum wage and $12 per hour. If this is your first work, you’ll probably start at minimum pay or close to it.

Cake Crew

You must assemble and prepare Blizzard cakes and soft serve. Remember to decorate them with gel, icing, airbrush, drawings, edible graphics, decorating kits, and letterings to whet customers’ appetite.

Also, always keep a sufficient amount of decorated cakes ready on hand, ensure the display freezer is filled, and promptly accept and fulfill cake orders from customers.

16 years old is the minimum age to be accepted for this position. Members of this team might receive the average wage from $12 to $15 per hour

If this is your first work, you’ll probably start at minimum pay or close to it. However, since this position needs a certain talent, you might demand a greater salary.

How Much Do Employees Earn At Dairy Queen?

How Much Do Employees Earn At Dairy Queen?

Entry-level jobs at Dairy Queen are typically paid from $7.25 to $12 hourly or more than the minimum wage. 

The annual salary of general managers is around $74,097 – 16% less than the national average. A bar manager may make up to $45,383 annually on average. The starting salary varies by geography.

Dairy Queen is one of the finest places for youngsters to begin their careers, thanks to various available job opportunities. So entry-level workers will probably begin at minimal wage and gradually climb the corporate ladder.

Most Dairy Queen staff members are below 25 years old. Thus, the most challenging aspects of Dairy Queen’s job are keeping a focus, motivating those members, and reducing staff turnover. 

However, you might not be able to be hired if you have high school graduation or GED. While most DQ outlets are subject to state labor rules, some employ teenagers with work permits. 

Benefits of Working at Dairy Queen

Meals are discounted for all Dairy Queen employees. Other perks, however, are only available to full-time staff. The benefit package may change because each restaurant is individually owned and run.

Some to name are:

  • Paid sick days and time off
  • Bonuses for good performance
  • Family Medical Leave
  • Vacations

Preparation For Interview At Dairy Queen

Depending on the interviewer, countless questions might be asked during an interview. That said, some queries are asked more frequently than others. You’ll probably speak to more than one manager during your interview. 

In five years, where do you see yourself?

They are trying to confirm if you have any educational and job aspirations. Additionally, they want to know whether you see this job as a temporary position while attending school or whether you want to make a career.

Be prepared to discuss your goals and be aware of them. It’s possible that you want to graduate from college in 5 years or that you intend to climb the working ladder. Inform them about your educational background and professional objectives.

Why are you interested in a job at Dairy Queen?

Teenage workers at an entry level are common at fast food outlets. They are plentiful on the market and provide great first employment for inexperienced individuals to gain hands-on experience. 

There is no cut-and-dried answer to this. Tell them why you’re applying to DQ, whatever it may be! Perhaps you adore their Blizzards, have a pal working there, or due to the convenient location. 

Whatever motivated you to submit your application to Dairy Queen, be sure your response is clear and truthful.

Have you ever performed work in a hurry?

They’re trying to gauge your level of productivity and whether you can keep pace with the fast-paced environment of a fast-food store. This field might not be ideal for you if you work methodically and slowly.

You should demonstrate that you can keep up with a fast-paced setting by giving them instances from a prior career or extracurricular activity. Say you can do a lot in a short time and that you would much prefer to be active than bored.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Work Experience Is Required At Dairy Queen?

Dairy Queen welcomes entry-level candidates, so you can apply with no prior experience and be employed as a team member. However, having any job experience could help you earn a better hourly wage and advance you more quickly into supervisory and management roles.

What Should You Wear to a Dairy Queen Job Interview?

Since Dairy Queen is a quick-service restaurant, you should dress nicely and professionally when you go for your interview. 

Think about wearing a buttoned-down shirt, a quality pair of pants, and dress shoes. It is not advisable to arrive in jeans and a t-shirt.

How To Get a Job at Dairy Queen?

Online job applications for Dairy Queen positions are accepted at Indeed and Glassdoor. 

Your go-to choice is to send an application in person at the restaurant you’re interested in working at. This is because each one is individually owned and run, as mentioned. On the business website, there are no ads for restaurant jobs.


In general, you must be 16 years old to work at DQ as an entry-level, part-time Cake Crew team, Chill Staff, Front Counter, or Kitchen Member. 

However, because each Dairy Queen establishment is individually operating, some of them will accept 14- and 15-year-old employees with work permits.

Check the article again to find the application methods and interview tips. 

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