Third Party Check Cashing Places Near Me: The Best List In 2024

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: May 15, 2023
Cashing a Third-Party Check via an ATM

How to find third-party check cashing places near me? Not to mention how complicated the process of cashing is, finding a reliable address nearby for this service is a challenge for numerous payees. 

Don’t worry! There is a list of top names, which are classified into different methods, for you to pick up your ideal option.

What Is A Third-Party Check?

In short, a 3rd party check cashing is a check including two payees. At first, the check is drawn for an individual, who then will not pay the loan in cash. Instead, the payment will be cashed or deposited by another person. The check decides who will inherit the payment.  

The primary party would be the bank providing the initially drawn check, the second party consisting of the establishment or the person drawing the check against funds for deposition. The third one is the individual endorsing the check.

What Is A Third-Party Check

Almost all types of checks, such as payroll or checks, can be the third party when the original payee signs the payment to another person. 

Specifically, when it comes to the auto insurance check for a vehicle to cover accident repairs, if you sign the check from the insurance company over the mechanic instead of cashing it yourself, the insurance payment will become a 3rd party check. 

Methods Of Third Party Check

Cash Third-Party Checks Into Your Bank Account

Most banks and financial institutions offer the service of third-party checks. However, there are still some others that have not provided this service yet. 

Thus, you should review the policies of the bank to establish your account beforehand. Here are some names that do not have the 3rd party checks available:

Cashing a Third-Party Check via an ATM

Make sure that you own checking or bank account before going to an ATM to cash the 3rd party check. Generally, cashing a check via an ATM is similar to the cashing process at a bank. The difference is that you will work with an automated machine instead of a bank teller. 

Currency Exchange To Cash Third-Party Checks

Currency exchange is another option for cashing 3rd party checks. Besides this service, banks across the US also provide other financial services for you to choose from. 

For instance, the currency exchange allows an account holder to cash funding received from payday loans. Even when you can not get payday loans online on the same day, visit the currency exchange for funding access.   

Cash A Third-party Check At A Credit Union

The local branch of the credit union will be an ideal answer for who cashes third-party checks. Instead of having a bank account, the Credit Union account will help you handle the 3rd party check cashing with its office, even if the ones inside the grocery shops. 

Use Cash Apps To Cash A Third-Party Check

Go for the digital apps and cash a third-party check via your smartphone. This method is available for both bank account holders and customers without accounts. Here are some typical names for cash apps to consider: Chime, Google Pay, Paypal, Venmo, CashApp, and so on.

Recommendations For Third-Party Check Cashing Places Near Me


Bank Of America

Bank Of America

Bank Of America has financial centers located in more than 39 states of the US, with ATMs dispensing $10 bills.  

There are different solutions for third-party checks. The Financial Center Manager will decide whether this kind of payment is accepted.

If you own an account from Bank of America, there is no fee required for cashing third-party checks. Meanwhile, the non-customers can freely cash up to $50 and have to pay $8 for checks of more than $50.   



This name is another recommendation for places that cash third party checks. There are more than 700 branches of Citibank across the United States. 

Citibank customers are able to cash up to the checking balance in hand in the account. Or else, when the account balance is less than the check amount, it will become the deposit.  

When it comes to non-account holders, only cashing checks drawn from this bank are valid. Moreover, the original payee may be required to guarantee or verify the endorsement.    

Chase Bank

Chase Bank

Where can I cash a third-party check? Chase Bank is one of the top answers to this question. The branches of Chase Bank have reached a number of over 4,700, with ATMs allowing you to withdraw $5. There are certain requirements for Chase Bank’s third-party check:

First, customers with no account at Chase Bank are unable to get 3rd party check cashing. Also, payees have to guarantee that the endorsements are appointed correctly. Otherwise, they will have to take responsibility for a charge or get a loss of use. 

Accounts from Chase Bank can enjoy this service with no fee required, while there are free transaction checks that are no more than $50 for non-customers. If the amount exceeds $50, they have to pay an $8 fee if exceeding $50.   

First National Bank

First National Bank

First National Bank is one of the popular banks that accept third-party checks, with around 340 offices throughout the US. This service is not accessible for non-customers. 

In other words, the First National Bank would refuse endorsements by those people. Additionally, each endorsement even needs to go with independent verification. 

When cashing third-party checks, no fee is offered for the First National Bank accounts. On the contrary, the non-customers have to pay $10 for each check.   



There are over 200 branches of HSBC across the US, with the requirements for a third-party check cashing as follows:

  • There are only personal checks drawn at this bank, and the cash business is ready for non-customers. 
  • The endorsements must be equivalent to the check names.
  • There are charges applied to improper endorsements. It means the items returned will be charged. 

Suntrust Bank And BB&T

When it comes to the 3rd party check provided by Suntrust Bank and BB&T, all endorsements must be verified. Besides, two payees are required to be available with these verification documents. 

There is no fee for cashing third-party checks by account holders. Meanwhile, the ones with no accounts need to spend a $7 flat fee on any checks over $50.

The non-customers of BB&T can only use this service with the checks drawn on BB&T. The fee is $8 for those exceeding $50.

M&T Bank

MT Bank

If you are in the North of the US, M&T Bank is an ideal option. Like other banks mentioned above, people with no accounts with M&T Bank can cash a third-party check drawn from it with both payees available for verification. 

Besides, M&T Bank’s non-customers have to pay a fee which is 2% of the whole check amount, ranging from $3 to $20.

TD Bank

Here comes another favored option: TD Bank would be an amazing name for whoever is living in the Eastern coast of the country. This Bank has specific and varying requirements for third-party checks in different locations. 

It is advised that you should call ahead of time to get the information from the manager of the branch in your area. If you get accepted, the TD Bank accounts do not have to pay for this service, while the non-customers would have to spend $7 on each check. 

US Bank

US Bank

The last name in the list of banks is the US Bank, with 3,067 branches spreading across the country. The US Bank accounts have to deposit or cash the third party checks in person at any location of its branch without a fee required. 

Meanwhile, the ones with no US Bank accounts have only one option for this service: cashing 3rd party checks drawn on this bank with a fee of $7. 

Credit Union

Chartway Federal Credit Union

There are nearly 30 branches of Federal Credit Union with these requirements for the service of cashing 3rd party checks:

  • Members can deposit or cash any third-party checks.
  • Non-members can do the same with the checks drawn on Chartway Federal Credit Union.
  • No fee required

Connexus Credit Union

At Connexus Credit Union, only their members are provided services of check cashing. Particularly, here are the policies of this credit union:

  • The credit union personnel may be required to be present along with the guarantee or verification of the 3rd party endorsement.
  • It is necessary to have the teller witness your signature during the cashing process at the Connexus Credit Union.
  • There is no fee offered for the Connexus accounts. 

Navy Federal Credit Union

Around 316 branches of the Federal Credit Union are located across the US. They also have proper requirements for the service of 3rd party checks:

  • The Navy account holders have to get the checks signed with a teller’s presence.
  • Non-members of the Navy can only get the checks drawn on NFCU valid. The individual verification must have the presence of both parties.
  • All check-cashing for the members and non-members of this union is free.  

Check Cashing Stores

ACE Cash Express

Check-cashing stores, including ACE Cash Express, always charge a fee. This amount of fee varies in each store based on the amount and type of the check. This element is different from most credit unions.

With more than 950 locations in 23 US states, each store of ACE has distinct rules. The general policy is the requirement for the presence of both parties and endorsement verification.

The fees offered by ACE Cash Express are about 3% out of the whole check amount. They also vary depending on the store position, the amount, and the type of check.

Advanced Financial

Advanced Financial possesses more than 100 branches nestled in Tennessee. These stores offer money orders, ATM services, online loans, prepaid cards, bill pay, Western Union wire transfer, and credit loan lines. 

Here are some typical requirements for the 3rd party checks in Advanced Financial:

  • The payees must endorse the checks individually while they also have to provide their original signature verification.
  • The fee of the government, stimulus and payroll checks are available from 1% to 2.99% of the whole check amount. Particularly, the government fee is a minimum of $2, while that for payroll is $3. 
  • The minimum fee applied for personal checks is $5. These checks are charged with a total amount of 10%.     

The charging rate applied for other checks ranges from 1% to 5% of the whole amount, with the minimum fee per one being $5. 

Check ‘N Go

Check 'N Go

There are around 900 Check’ N Go offices throughout the US, serving cash advances, payday loans, installment loans, and so on. 

Check ‘N Go ask for both parties’ in-person verification in cashing third-party checks. The fees are decided based on the office location, the amount, and the type of your check. The minimum changing rate is 1.99% of the total endorsement amount.   

The Check Cashing Store

There are selected locations of The Check Cashing Store that have the service of 3rd party cashing. For instance, in Florida, there are more than 40 offices providing money orders, loans, mobile check cashing, prepaid cards, and Western Union wire transfers.

The fee applied for each of those is determined by the location, the amount, and the type of check.

Speedy Cash

Besides cashing 3rd party checks, the locations of Speedy Cash also provide the services of 24-hour check-cashing. Speedy cash requires the issuing bank as well as the original payee to guarantee the cashing time. 

Speedy cash always calls for both parties in order to clarify the information. The common fee of the service is $2.  

PNC Bank

PNC bank

Both the PNC Bank accounts and the non-customers of its stores can enjoy the check-cashing service. While the PNC Bank members do not have to pay for the service, the non-account holders have to spend a $2 fee on every check over $25. 

The process requires the signatures of both payees. The account holder also needs to bring a valid photo ID. Then, the check will be cashed.   


Walmart Similar Companies

For a 3rd-party check cashing, you should head to the Money Center or Walmart Customer Service desk to ask for help. 

Walmart offers payroll, insurance settlement, government, cash personal, tax or cashier’s check, and more. The fee you need to pay for $1000 checks up is $4, while it would raise up to $8 if the total amount exceeds $1000.   

When it comes to the 2-party check, the payee has to spend $6, and the value can not be more than $200.

Gas Stations

Costco Gas Identifier

There are cash checks for numerous gas stations, particularly those beside a grocery store chain. Some of them, such as Love’s, Chevron, Citgo, or Pilot Flying J, provide this service with a fee required. 

You can ask the Gas Station whenever you fill up your gas tank to check if the station features this service or not. 

Grocery Stores

Like gas stations, a number of grocery stores also support cash checks, including Winco, Kroger, Giant Eagle, Ralphs, Hy-Vee, Fred Meyer, Safeway/Albertsons, or H-E-B. 

For instance, Safeway offers typical types of checks, including cashier’s checks, Stimulus checks, payroll checks, and Government-issued checks. The stores in its chain would charge you $2.25 for each $200 check.  

In short, the fee needed for this service ranges from $3 to $6, while the specific fee is based on the check amount. 

Even when you do not possess a bank account, grocery stores still help you handle 3rd party cashing. 



7-Eleven is another destination for 3rd-party cashing checks customers. The 7-Eleven staff will provide this service via the store’s in-house Transact card, which is considered a prepaid MasterCard to cash your checks onto.

Sign up and get your card; the Mobile Check Load feature on your phone will then help you deposit checks.  

“Check Cashing” App

Here are some significant names of the “Checking Cashing” App for you to pick up:

  • Boost Mobile Wallet: All you need to do is to sign up and have your paycheck, tax refund, or government benefits deposited. It may take a certain amount of time to finish, and it’s free. 

Or else, if you want to make it complete immediately, you would spend from 2% to 5% of the total check.  

  • Ingo Money: The fixed fee for cash payroll service of Ingo Money ranges from 2% to 5%. Sign up for this app and connect it with your prepaid card, PayPal account, or bank account. The final step is taking a photo of the check and cashing it via your phone. 
  • Brink’s Money Prepaid: It means the payee applies for the prepaid MasterCard of Brink and makes use of their mobile app to deposit checks. 


Does Lowe's Accept Paypal

If you have already possessed a PayPal account, you will cash checks via their service called “Cash a Check”. The requirement is to take a photo of your check and verify its amount. The whole process may take around ten days to complete and requires no fee. 

However, you have to spend an amount of money to get it made immediately. The fee offered for government checks and payroll is 1%, while those for other checks are 5%.   

Your Friends/Employer

You may ask for help from your friend by signing your check over her/him. Then they will deposit it at their bank. 

Besides, if you are a store handling cash or grocery shop staff, you can get your check cashed at the checkout register. The process will finish immediately.  

What Do I Need To Cash A Third-Party Check?

  • Endorsement: Before the 3rd party check gets accepted, there must be signatures of both parties on its back to be endorsed. If possible, having the endorsement finished in front of the bank personnel is better.    
  • Identification: There is a requirement for a photo ID issued by the government to deposit or cash a 3rd party check. The same verification demand goes to the original payee. 

In some cases, the original payee will receive a call from the bank to confirm or guarantee the information. Meanwhile, others would ask for the presence of both parties to provide individual verification. 

When it comes to the account holders that set up a relationship with some banks before, the verification of the 2nd party is not necessary.      


Where Can I Cash A Third-Party Check Without A Bank Account?

In short, you can cash the 3rd party check when you do not own a bank account from the place that issued it before. 

The second choice is retailers such as grocery shops, gas stations, or department stores offering cashing services. 

The last option is an ATM, which allows you to transfer your deposit to prepaid or debit card accounts. 

Valid identification is one of the crucial things to using those mentioned methods. Moreover, the bank would even require two ID forms; thus, you should have your driver’s license, state-issued ID, passport, military ID, or any other official ID form showing your photo.   

For instance, when you go to the bank which issued the check, the teller will pull the account up. After ensuring the account has sufficient funds and asking for the client’s identification, the teller will issue the cash. 

You may also sign the back, jot down the official identification number and even fingerprint.

When it comes to the check-cashing business, an ID and maybe a fingerprint is fundamental. You will have to pay the service fee.  

How Long Does It Take For A Third-Party Check To Clear?

How the 3rd party check clears is similar to a two-party check. Generally, the check is estimated to clear within two business days. 

However, the funds will not be ready in the next five business days. In this case, you can call the bank to have a check on the check’s status or require the process to be sped up. 

When Do Third-Party Checks Expire?

The third-party checks are commonly valid for around six months counted from the issued date, with the exception of physical check states. Some of them have the instructions attached saying they are void after three months (90 days).

However, based on legal regulations, there is a requirement for banks to honor commercial and personal checks for half of a year after the issued date. 

If you have a stale check, meaning that the expiration date has passed, contact the issuing bank to know whether you have options for 3rd party check cashing or not.    

What Are Essential Points To Check Before Changing Your Check?

  • Ensure that the check is legit, which means it is not fake or lost. As such, you can avoid having trouble with the law.
  • Consider and ask carefully the total amount of the fees you must pay when cashing your check.
  • Determine the time amount required to finish the process. Will you get it available immediately or within a couple of days?
  • Make sure you have prepared all the documents needed, including the ID, passport, or driver’s license. 

You can contact the bank or the business providing this service for further information to get the fullest answer. 

Can I Deposit A Check Signed Over To Me At An ATM?


First and foremost, keep in mind that depositing a check signed over to you at an ATM is the last resort. When the bank collects the check you have put in the ATM, they will consider depositing funds or not. 

Once the checks are not clear enough, they will be mailed back to you via the address on file. This is a way for the bank to investigate potential fraud problems.

However, there are still circumstances when people can deposit checks successfully at ATMs. In some less lucky cases, they have to attempt to deposit again, or the unclear checks are mailed to their old address. 


Above are the best recommendations for third-party check cashing places near me. If you are living in the US, it seems all the cashing methods, including banks, digital apps, check cashing stores, or Credit Union, are possible for you.

Remember to have careful preparation and follow the tips provided in this writing to get a smooth process. Since the policies in detail of this service are diversified at different financial institutions, you’d better call ahead for advice.   

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