19 Best Places To Get CO2 Refill Near Me

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
CO2 Refill Near Me

Refilling a CO2 canister isn’t as easy as it sounds. Locating an epic CO2 refill near me can be tricky without in-advance research. 

In particular, though the number of manufacturers, brands, and types producing CO2 is increasing, it’s not always simple to find the best deal to meet your demands. Wrong choices or low-quality products will waste your time and money, besides other unpleasant incidents during use.

Where Can I Refill CO2 Tanks?

Long answer short: Various national retailers offer the services to purchase and refill CO2 tanks, including Walmart, Farm & Fleet, and ACE Hardware. Other locations would be dry ice suppliers, brewing supplies, and sporting goods stores. Plus, some online stores like Gas Cylinder Source and Amazon allow you to buy pre-filled CO2 tanks with some quick taps.

CO2 can be found in two main types: large empty tanks and small cartridges. Each station will go with distinguished ways to sell different products. Most in-store approaches will come up with pre-sized cartridges only or canisters in various sizes. Meanwhile, online purchases are only available with pre-filled small cartridges and huge empty tanks. 

Scroll down for the detailed references for where to fill the CO2 tank.

19 Places To Get CO2 Refill Near Me

The following offers you a list of the trusted and sought-after places for your reference: 

1. Walmart

Walmart Similar Companies

Nowadays, Walmart develops prosperously with +5,000 branches in all 50 states with high-class services and budget-friendly groceries. 

The stores allow buyers to exchange old 20-ounce paintball cartridges (tanks) and refill 60-liter SodaStream cylinders. Walmart provides 8 to 90 grams tank sizes with various types and brands. Multiple prices can fit the desire of everyone. 

However, the store doesn’t directly fill CO2 tanks in-store due to no equipment available. You only have one option: buy the new one. 

2. REI

REI stands for recreational equipment, with its main lines for recreational sporting goods, clothing, travel equipment, and services. Up to now, REI has widened its network with over 165 branches across 39 states across the U.S. 

Of note, you can’t disregard the scores of high-quality smaller CO2 cylinder refills. The tank sizes available range from 16 to 38 grams of pre-filled cartridges. Brands and sizes will determine the price of each type. 

3. Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Regarding the top sporting goods retailer in the United States, Dick’s Sporting Goods is the largest. Now it has more than 854 franchises and stores in the US. Other significant products include fitness workout devices and paintball accessories. 

Getting CO2 refilled with two cartridges and tanks is easy: 12 and 20 ounces. Though it sells just 20 ounces only, refilling services can be up to 24 ounces. The prices thus rely on the brand and size you pick. 

Dick’s Sporting Goods provides buyers with in-store and online purchases. Interestingly, no money is required for your first-time refill. Moreover, “Aim for Five” is a program to help customers save money. Just sign up to make the most of every 5th tank-free refill!

4. Dry Ice Supplier

Most dry-ice suppliers nearby enable you to kegerator co2 tank refill near me with ease. One of the famous dry ice suppliers is Central McGowan Beverage Carbonation & Dry. Dry ice is needed for daily uses, so seeking a nearby store is not too hard owing to a wide range of dry-store everywhere. 

Each supplier will employ and sell different primary products at numerous prices for the best quality. 

5. Airgas


Airgas is not just a CO2 station. It is also a top medical, industrial, and specialty gas supplier. Airgas has broadened its coverage to 900 branches across the U.S, mainly in Florida, Texas, and California. This location is no doubt good for CO2 refilling.

Apart from empty tanks, Airgas also features CO2 cylinder refills, from 5 to 60 lb. The prices for buying new or refilling will fluctuate on the requirements. 

Airgas comes up with two payment methods, including online and in-store.

6. ACE Hardware

ACE Hardware

ACE has existed for over 90 years. It’s now the largest hardware retail co-op worldwide and the second-biggest dealer-owned cooperation in the United States. Its network has +5,200 local stores across 50 states. 

Notably, 12-gr paintball CO2 cartridges are the most popular in stores. What’s more, different sizes of tanks or cartridges will go at different prices. Overall, product and service qualities are top priorities regarding ACE’s strategies. Hence, customers can trust and receive even more goodwill in the future. 

ACE provides buyers with online and in-store purchases, facilitating the best convenience for everyone. 

7. Brewing Supply Store

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to carbonate your beer home, consider using a pre-filled CO2 tank at the Brewing Supply Store. 

Do not overlook the Northern Brewer, as now it’s a threshold for fellow homebrewers’ world.

Be quick to visit Brewing Supply Store’s website to identify if they supply the exemplary service you want. 

8. Farm & Fleet

Recently, this destination has had more than 44 stores in Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois. A wide range of products is available here: sporting goods and tools, agricultural supplies, automotive goods, generators, and pumps, to name a few.

All stores can refill your tanks from 2 to 18-liter driving tanks and accept refilling the cylinder sizes from 12 to 88 grams and 20 to 125  cu ft. The prices will vary according to the size, type, and brand of the services. 

Like Dick’s Sporting goods, this store has two types of purchases: In-store and online. It is regarded as one of the best destinations to get CO2 tanks for sale near me.

9. Welding Gas Supply Store

Other sites for refilling CO2 nearby are the Welding Gas supply stores, such as Toll Gas & Welding Supply, Minneapolis Oxygen Company, Huber Supply Company, and Praxair Welding Gas and Supply Store. 

When it comes to carbon dioxide (CO2) gas, you can buy empty CO2 tanks, or you can buy them pre-filled. However, finding branches selling pre-filled tanks is a bit more challenging than finding a location to refill.

That’s because most suppliers of CO2 don’t sell directly to the general public – at least not at affordable prices. Instead, they sell bulk quantities to businesses such as beverage manufacturers and wineries that use large amounts of gas in their production processes.

10. Home Improvement Store

No wonder when you see a Home Improvement Store in this list. You can have new CO2 tanks purchased or get CO2 bottle refills with ease. Beyond that, it carved out a one-of-the-kind way to serve American clients. 

Home Improvement Stores are one-stop locations for household needs, including home decor, furniture, construction materials, and home-based accessories. 

11. Electronics Stores

Some electric stores with two online vendors often sell pre-filled CO2 tanks and cylinders—Inferior CO2. Available in different sizes, these tanks make it easy to carbonate beer from most branches from Best Buy to IBIS World. 

Notably, there are over 32,000 electronics stores of IBIS World in the United States, willing to adapt to your demands in no time and high-quality survives. Regarding Best Buy, clients can use the best online coupon sites for saving money programs. 

12. Fire Protection Equipment Supplier

Without further ado, visit the National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors for CO2 refill top-notch services. 

Fortunately, its two forms include in-store and online, enabling you to refill CO2 tanks for home brewers. This is absolutely a trusted site where you can purchase tanks and cartridges. 

Like other stores, this supplier has many types and brands of CO2 tanks and cartridges at different prices. 

13. Pet Store

That sounds interesting that many local pet stores nowadays use CO2 disposable cartridges. Among them, Petsmart and Petco are the two most prevalent for this service. 

PetSmart is primarily known as a pet superstore leading in the North American market. It is now the most significant competitor of Petco, even Walmart, Amazon, and Target. 

The management system, products, and service quality are all growing. The promising future will reach more and more customers. 

14. Food Products Supplier

NFC Company is the prime location in the list of food product suppliers offering CO2 refill services. 

Different stores supply different services, sizes, and brands with varying prices for buyers’ reference. Shop around and get to the local supplier to refill your CO2 tanks at once. 

15. Sporting Goods Store

Besides Dicks’ Sporting Goods, some of the same stores are willing to serve by buying and refilling empty CO2 tanks and cartridges. SCHEELS is one of the excellent places for the mentioned service. 

Have quick research and get to the store nearby to make sure the service there can meet your requirements. Each location offers different main lines of products. 

Online Stores For Prefilled CO2 Cylinders & Tanks

Above is a quick review of stations for CO2 refilling near me. But how about locations for selling prefilled CO2 cylinders and tanks? Check four recommendations here. 

16. Amazon

Amazon is nothing but a prestigious eCommerce address for buyers worldwide. Entering there, a load of products and items will capture your attention. Amazon Prime is good at dispatching customers at the fastest speed possible. 

No wonder countless types and sizes of unfilled CO2 tanks are available here, most from 20 to 50 pounds. Amazon also has the exchange carbonator SodaStream and PaintballCO2 cartridges in 60-liter tanks. And the prices will modify based on your choice.

17. Gas Cylinder Source

This is the premier online supplier of valves, regulators, compressed gas cylinders, cylinder parts, safeties, and accessories. 

You can get to this place by seeking the most delicate cylinder equipment and high-end cylinders. The stores cover a slew of products produced by industry-leading manufacturers for business-driven sports and customer services. 

The sizes for tanks and cartridges vary from 2.5 to 50-pound. 

18. Keg Outlet

Keg Outlet

This online retailer aims for brewing kegging, keg accessories, and kegging equipment. It’s undoubtedly a trusted station for homebrewing needs. 

This store is a great place for a 20 lb CO2 tank near me. The stores nowadays permit buyers in the U.S to exchange, buy and refill CO2 tanks and cylinders. 

Myriads of CO2 tanks in various sizes can easily fit your needs: 20-ounce paintball cylinders and 1.5- 20lb gas cylinders (aluminum) at affordable prices. Beyond that, the stores contain 8-16-gram tank and cartridge sizes. 

19. Rapids Wholesale Equipment

This list can not skip the online store Rapids Wholesale Equipment. You can also be astounded with commercial refrigeration equipment, kitchen devices, and beer supplies. 

The tank and cartridge tank sizes here range from 2.5 to 20-oz. The full lineup of commercial cooking equipment arrives and opens a new world for options. Visit the store’s website to refer to the CO2 tanks prefilled line now! 

Beyond that, the stores are heading to the best-qualified service for customers in the U.S.


How To Measure CO2 Left In My Tank?

The answer is engaging a double gauge regulator with a different high-pressure gauge and regulated pressure gauge. These figures tell you the remaining CO2 life in the tank or cylinder. Without this regulator, calculating the amount of CO2 left is tricky. 

Instead of letting your tanks run out of CO2, it’s better to know how many kegs could be dispensed per tank. From there, you can pinpoint the appropriate time to refill. 

How Do I Know What Pressure My CO2 Is Set At?

Observe your regulator again to see if one or two gauges are available. Be mindful that the regulator is the fridge’s component connecting the air hose to the tank. 

One gauge shows only one figure for CO2 pressure. If you notice two, the gauge depicts a range of roughly 0-60 PSI (pounds per square inch) is what tells the answer. The number on the arrow shows how much pressure on this gauge is currently transferred to your keg. 

Should My CO2 Tank Be Inside Or Outside Of The Kegerator?

Most CO2 tanks are designed with external CO2 tanks to make room for kegs and inner space. Still, other fridges may have different styles regarding the tanks’ locations.  

There is no need to see the distance between the keg and the tank. Just set an eye on the air hose, and that’s enough. Also, keep the CO2 tanks upright to prevent heat source exposure. 

Our Final Thoughts

CO2 is part and parcel of indoor air quality. Without it, it’s nearly irreplaceable to maintain a healthy indoor space.

We hope several recommendations can help you pick the best one near you. Share this post with other people in need.

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