Does Walmart Accept Checks? What You Should Know About

By Phillip Adcock
Last Updated: December 31, 2021
Does Walmart Accept Checks

Wandering along the Walmart’s store aisle to find something interesting and cute for your home, and you find one eventually. You walk towards the cashier while rummaging around to look for some cash. 

Unfortunately, what you get out of your pocket or wallet is a check.

Then you start wondering, Does Walmart Accept Checks?“. If you read this article before going to their stores, you will never ask yourself this question again.

Let’s go through all of the useful information on Walmart’s check policy that we have accumulated from the Internet to deal with that issue for you.

Does Walmart Accept Checks?

Fortunately, the check is still a payment method that Walmart accepts. Still, the information on this printed form must be the same as the info on your photo IDs, as well as verified by TeleCheck or Certegy.

When using this payment method, the maximum amount of cash you can claim back is $20.

The more valuable and beneficial information is waiting for you below after knowing the answer to “Can you pay with a check at Walmart?” is a yes. Keep scrolling down for more!


Checks at Walmart

What Should I Do To Get My Checks Accepted At Walmart?

If you plan to use this printed form, bring your Photo identification like Driver’s License or Passport card. They will compare the data on your IDs and this printed note. If all the info is matched, printed, and unsigned, you can use this written bill of exchange. 

Furthermore, it must pass the test from Certegy or TeleCheck. If it can not beat the examination, you must choose another payment method. That’s Walmart personal checks policy.

Do They Have Any Check Limitation?

Walmart’s check policy does not mention the limitation, which means you can use as many checks as possible to pay for everything you buy there except Starter Checks.

Furthermore, you may only utilize them at traditional cash registers (no self-service), and only US Dollar ones are accepted. They must be connected to any US financial institution (the printed form from other countries is not accepted).

Other Relevant Questions

Can You Receive Cash Back with Checks at Walmart?

After this question, “Does Walmart take checks?” is resolved, the queries about cashback pop up. The biggest cash you can earn back when using this printed form is $20. When writing this document, make sure you write down the extra $20.

To avoid any unnecessary stress, asking the cashier for the correct figures before writing them down on this document is a great idea.

Is There Any Fee For Using This Payment Method?

Paying with a check at Walmart will cost you a $35 extra fee, and the fee will be applied to the amount you originally deducted. By signing in, users agree to Walmart’s policies.

However, only users with inadequate funds have to pay the fee when this printed form is written.

Can I Cash a Check-in at Walmart?

The answer is a big yes because they have a service for that. Some of the written bills of exchange they accept, such as Payroll, Tax, Pre-Printed, Insurance, MoneyGram Money Orders, and so on.

State laws may determine the limits on cashing. Cashing fees for each transaction are $3.74.

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The big yes is how we can answer the question “Does Walmart Accept Check?”. It must have the same info with your photo identification and overcome the required test from Certegy or TeleCheck.

Furthermore, they are accepted at cash registers only, and the amount of money you can earn back can reach $20.

Thank you for reading, and happy shopping!

* Disclaimer: We do not buy, sell or provide service, we only share with you our trusted sources, and experience. In case of any changes in the products or services of the companies, all the information below is supposed to change at any time.

Phillip Adcock is the founder and Managing Director of the research agency Shopping Behaviour Xplained (SBXL), a shopping research organization using psychological consumer insight to explain and help consumers answer their questions about stores and services.

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