Top 7 Places to Buy Crushed Ice Near Me in 2023

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 12, 2023
Crushed Ice Near Me

Where to buy crushed ice near me? Is there any crushed ice gas station near me? These are popular questions since this is ideal for a sweet treat in hot weather. 

You may use it to make your drinks tastier and more refreshing or cool you off on hot summer days. Besides, it is great for creating homemade snowman desserts! But sometimes, you don’t know where the closet shop is.

This article helps you look for the best and nearest places for buying this product. Keep reading for further details. 

Who Sells Crushed Ice Near Me?

You can purchase it without shipping at grocery stores, restaurants, convenience stores, or gas stations. Besides, other places such as vending machines, fast-food stores, or big box locations are also ideal for getting this tasty and fresh product. 

1. Grocery Stores

The grocery store is one of the most common locations that sell this type of product at your local. This place ensures you with its quality and quantity, almost the same as big box stores. So you can rest assured to choose your favorite items for your trip or vacation. 

This option is suitable if your living area doesn’t have gas stations or convenience stores. You may directly go to these stores and look for this product on the freezer shelves. Crushed ice is also simple to find around the long checkout line.

2. Gas Stations

Costco Gas Identifier
Costco Gas Identifier

Another site familiar for seeking frozen types, including crushed ice, is gas stations. How to buy ice from a gas station? The first thing you need to do is identify the gas station that is nearest you. Go there and buy some of your favorite types. 

Besides, you can also buy drinks and snacks with them at gas stations. 

3. Convenience Store

Apart from gas stations and grocery stores, you can seek this frozen stuff in convenience stores. This is a suitable site to easily and quickly get your hands on this product. 

Such a store helps you save time looking for tasty crushed ice and money to buy the perfect quality ice. You only spend your spare time going there and choosing the great types without waiting in lines. You may also use discounts with free frozen cream deals for convenient and cheaper shopping.

4. Restaurants

If you find a restaurant supplying a frozen item or cooling machine, you can purchase crushed ice there. Ask the restaurant manager or server about its availability and how you will drink it. 

However, this type is rarer than in some stores such as fast food, grocery, or gas stations. Several restaurants are all-packaged frozen franchises, so you can buy them whenever you want. Yet, some others don’t have it, and you need to make a phone call to order before you go and get it. 

Go home and purchase this product at a nearby supermarket or convenience store if you can not buy it at restaurants.

5. Vending Machine

This machine is one of the best locations to get and enjoy chilly crushed ice. It is the cheapest and most convenient option if you have an available ice vending machine near you.

You can drive or walk there and pay to buy it to enjoy. This purchase is quick and easy because you don’t need to queue up, wait for vendors to open their cream containers, or pay for shipping. 

This machine also gives you a clean and fresh product that fills you with rejuvenating feelings. Some machines also provide your water bottle with purified and clean water without overhead costs. 

6. Fast-food Stores

Mcdonald's bag of ice

The fast food store isn’t the first place you think of when you want to purchase crushed ice. However, it can sell this product at reasonable costs. Depending on each store, you can buy five, eight, ten, or twenty-pound bags, but ten-pound bags are the most popular.

Yet, this place is rare to sell this product, so it is not often on the main list of places you can buy this type. 

7. Big Box Location

A big box location is a great option with a big quantity of crushed ice. This place includes superstores that can sell types of frozen cream, drinks, food, and groceries. So this is a one-stop destination if you also want some fresh groceries and other items. 

How Much Does Crushed Ice Cost?

Its cost can range from $1 to $5 per bag. However, this product’s cost can change depending on the retailer and bag size. You should ask about its cost before buying at stores or any place you buy. 

How Can You Find The Nearest Crushed Ice To Buy?

You can use the useful methods below to find sellers or places that give you a great pick: Google search, Yelp search, and online commerce sites.

Google Search 

Use Google to search your nearby places or persons selling this product. Type “crushed ice close to me” in the search bar on Google and scroll down to find the list of all the sites selling this product near you. 

You may go to these places to purchase your favorite type. If you find it difficult to look for these places, use Google Maps to obtain the most precise directions.

Yelp Search 

Yelp is another useful choice aside from Google to look for this product near you. You can get the nearby location list by typing “crushed ice close to me” and clicking on any option in the provided lists to gain the proper directions to necessary locations or ask for other people’s help to go there.

Online Commerce Sites 

Online commerce sites are the fastest and most convenient way to find a place that sells this product near you. 

Some common online websites, such as eBay or Amazon, can provide you with a list of places to get this type. Type “crushed ice close to me” into your search box and select one in the list to see further information.  


The question of where to buy crushed ice near me has become easier after reading this article. The best place to purchase this product also depends on what you want. You may buy it at grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants, or vending machines. 

Whatever you look for, it is easy to find a place selling this product near you by using Google, Yelp, or online commerce sites. 

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