Food Delivery That Accepts Cash Near Me: Top 7 Delivery Apps

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Food Delivery That Accepts Cash Near Me

Enjoying your favorite food at home has been more convenient and relaxing than ever, thanks to the useful food delivery service. 

Although online money transactions to pay for an order are effortless and precise, you may sometimes forget to add money to your payment account. Therefore, to avoid awkward moments, you need to know the food delivery that accepts cash. 

Why Does Food Delivery Reject Cash?

There are some popular food delivery apps taking cash, but some don’t. So, what are the reasons? Time-consuming and trust issues are the primary reasons why some food delivery services refuse to take cash. 

If you give cash to the shipper, he must come back to the restaurant to pay the money. 

With online banking, he can complete another shipment within the same amount of time wasted on riding back to the restaurant without receiving any bonus. 

Therefore, a direct money transaction from the customer to the restaurant seems to be simple, but it brings great benefit to the shipper.

Another cause for delivery companies refusing cash is the trust issue. A casual hamburger may not be a concern for almost any restaurant in terms of cost. But, a big party meal or dishes made from high-grade and expensive materials will be a huge sum of money. 

So, do customers and restaurants believe in the third-party delivery service to receive their money? This is a big question and the reason why many food deliveries avoid taking cash.

The Operation Of Cash Payment In Food Delivery Service

The key element for cash payment in food delivery is a trustworthy shipper. He will take the order from the restaurant and bring it to you. Then, he receives your cash payment, including the meal and delivery fees. 

The delivery driver must return to the restaurant and hand in the money for the bill. This is the procedure of a food delivery service. Besides the purchase of food, you can offer the shipper tips or ask him for the change.

Food Delivery That Takes Cash Payment

You can find apps that accept cash for food delivery on the App Store or play store on your smart devices. You must notice that this form of payment is possible online, but you still have to pay via online banking at the restaurant. 

Unfortunately, the delivery apps won’t tell you whether restaurants accept cash or not. You can only see the payment options when checking the cart.

The best way to find cash food delivery nearby is to randomly choose a dish and check for the payment option immediately. Don’t waste your time scrolling up and down, picking your favorite food, then realizing that the restaurant doesn’t allow cash payment.

#1 DoorDash


DoorDash is among the biggest food delivery apps on smartphone platforms. Customers who don’t know how to use online money-transferring apps or don’t have a digital bank account can still order and enjoy their delectable dishes at home. 

$7 is the minimum amount for a food order if users want to pay their food bill in cash. DoorDash only allows delivery men to ship food to you when they have enough money for the change. Otherwise, they can’t deliver it. This rule may sound tough for the drivers, but it’s not.

Customers can decide whether to take the change or not; in most cases, they will refuse to take the change so that the delivery guys can deliver food to them. And the delivery driver can keep the change as his tips. 

#2 GrubHub

It’s a mistake when listing a food delivery that accepts cash near you without mentioning GrubHub. This flexible app lets users pay in cash or via a digital wallet when they order food from restaurants. 

Right after you launch the app, GrubHub will ask you whether you want to opt for cash payment or online money transfer. Then, you have to decide the payment method before picking the tasty dishes. 

Apart from conventional payment methods like online banking or cash, you can place food orders with gift cards.

#3 Postmates

Postmates stands out as one of the great delivery apps that take cash. In 2020, Postmates became a part of Uber, so its rules resemble those of the mother company. 

Besides delivering appetizing dishes from restaurants, Postmates also delivers food and cooking materials from local groceries and retailers to your doorstep. Of course, you can pay the bill in cash. 

Unfortunately, this company is restricting its areas from allowing cash payment due to the spread of online money transferring means. Therefore, the city you live in determines whether you can find a food delivery that takes cash nearby.

#4 Ubereats


There’s no doubt about the reputation of Ubereats as a food delivery app that accepts cash. The business has a wide range of cooperation with millions of restaurants, groceries, bakeries, and coffee shops globally, so it supports cash payment to suit the demand of different users.

Ubereats users can pay the driver in cash for their orders, but the restaurants and the drivers must accept the payment method. If all parties agree, you can pay your bill in cash. 

In particular, you can keep the money in a secret corner and tell your drivers to pick it up whenever you are not home to receive food and complete the payment.

#5 Seamless

Seamless is a US-made app that provides you with food delivery services in all the US territories. It must catch up with the trend of the high-tech era by letting users pay for their food purchases via digital wallets and online banking accounts. 

Yet, the app remains the traditional payment method, which means Seamless cooperates with many places to deliver food and take cash.

Despite being a domestic app for US citizens, the service gains millions of users thanks to its impressive rewarding policies. You will earn rewards from the purchase you make. Hence, more payment means more rewards. And you can use the rewards as money to pay the bill. Honestly, this business strategy is not innovative, but Seamless is making a fortune with it.

#6 is not an app that only specializes in delivering food but covers various delivery services according to your needs, including cash payment. Moreover, other payment means are available on, such as online banking and digital wallet transactions. 

Food is only a minor section of the delivery services provided by The company is famous for shipping alcoholic drinks and especially laundry delivery. You can hardly find a delivery app among many that offer laundry delivery. 

You can schedule a laundry delivery on the app, and a driver will confirm the order and take the laundry to your house at the exact time. On the other hand, you can also ask the driver to bring laundry from your house to the laundry shop.

#7 EatStreet

EatStreet may be a new US-based name among delivery apps with cash payment. Yet, it doesn’t matter. You can still order food via this app and pay in cash for the shipper. And he will bring the dish to you while ensuring that it is still fresh and delectable. 

When the delivery man comes to your place, you must give him cash to receive the tasty order. You can ask the driver to prepare the change in advance, or just let him keep it as a tip.

Only people in the USA can use EatStreet because this app is only available in the domestic market. EatStreet hasn’t shown signs of participating in a foreign market.

How To Pay Cash Bills Properly?

#1 Pay An Appropriate Amount Of Cash

If your bill is about $10, you shouldn’t pay the driver an excessive amount, like $100. In this case, the driver barely has money to pay you back, and the change is too huge for you to tip him.

#2 Giving Change Is Recommended

The driver has to hustle in the heavy and dangerous traffic to bring you your delectable dishes so that a few cents may be a deserved reward for them. 

#3 Tip The Drivers

If you place an expensive meal and the driver manages to deliver it to you fresh and hot, don’t hesitate to tip him. Giving is receiving. Your generosity will make his day.


#1 How To Deal With Drivers Not Having Change?

There are two solutions when you order from a food delivery that supports cash payment but the drivers don’t have enough change:

  • If the change is a few cents, we suggest you let the shipper keep it as a tip.
  • When the change is large, you can ask the driver to transfer it via a digital wallet or bank account.

#2 Is A Cash App Available To Order Food?

Yes, you can order food with Cash App.

Almost every digital wallet inserts the food delivery function into its system due to the huge revenue from this service. Cash App is not the opposite.

#3 Is It Suitable For Drivers To Accept Cash Tips?

Of course, Yes.

Apart from the commission, a driver can earn from orders, tips that customers offer him are also his main source of income. Some food delivery drivers even acquire cash tips higher than the price from food orders when they meet generous customers.

Bottom Lines

You can pick a suitable food delivery app that accepts cash nearby following the suggestions in the list. Paying your order in cash may be outdated in some regions. Yet, honestly, this traditional payment method will be available for good if we don’t remove cash from our lives.

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