25+ Places To Get Free Veterinary Care For Low Income Near Me

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Free Veterinary Care For Near Me

What is free veterinary care for low income near me? Notwithstanding budgets and social status, everyone has a right to have a beloved pet. Nothing would be more interesting and relieving than being hugged by a loyal canine or a fussy feline.

Yet, the main problem lies in the care you must devote to your pets. Bringing up a dog or cat requires costs and care like your children. 

What if your pet is sick and needs vet services? Don’t risk using your invented treatments for their health problems. It would be best to visit the veterinarian.

We bet that you are worried about this expensive service. That’s where our collection of free vets comes in handy. 

Are You Having A Problem Affording The Bills For Your Pet?

No one wants their pets to struggle and suffer from the lack of resources and out-of-reach medical care. 

Pet Food And Necessities

Pet Food And Necessities

Food is one of the most important factors in pet nurturing. Yet, specialized food for pets, such as dog and cat food, is not always affordable. 

Some exotic pets even require much more expensive meals. You should discuss the meals with the vet carefully to choose the right type of food. 

These lovely companions should also be raised in a healthy environment. The owners must ensure that their pets don’t suffer from mental problems like anxiety or sadness. 

Neuter And Spay

Neuter And Spay

Without a doubt, your pets should be regularly neutered and spayed for good health. These practices are sometimes costly in some organizations. 

Thus, it would be best to find a suitable and affordable veterinarian to limit your costs.

Veterinary Services 

Veterinary services are available at different levels, including emergency, specialty, and critical care. Emergency care seeks unexpected and immediate medical attention. 

Life-threatening issues like injury, toxicity, bloat, and pancreatitis can be some reasons for these emergency costs. Like emergency services, your pets will need critical ones as well.

This type of care demands administering medication, ICU support, diagnostic tests, and vital checks. After diagnosing the health problems of your pets, you should give them specialty care.

Radiation, neurology, critical care, internal medicine, rehabilitation, cardiology, and oncology call for special care services. 

Other common problems also need vet care attention. This includes dental cleanings, behavioral counseling, vaccination, physical examination, parasite prevention, diet, training, and diagnostic testing.

Dog Training

How To Find Free Or Low Cost Vet Clinics Near Me?

Each location and region boasts different types of veterinary services. These cheap or free vet clinics offer your pets a wide range of services, including spaying, bloodwork, vaccinations, and special care. 

While these organizations are mostly available in the United States, you can still find some in your local areas. Its foundation comes from donations.

If you want to find some free vet care near me, the task will be more straightforward with the help of an interactive map. You must type in “free veterinary care for low-income near me” in Google Maps.

Yelp Search is another alternative to look for this service. This site allows restaurants and other businesses to post reviews about other services.

Look at their past experiences by searching “find a free vet clinic near me” and get the result. Besides these online findings, you can seek advice from friends. 

We bet your friends are also fond of bringing up a pet. It would be best to visit and ask them for affordable and free vet care. 

There are various methods to find a nearby clinic, but using Google Maps will surely be the quickest. You can also check our following list if you live in the US.

However, one important note is that some organizations will take time to examine and check if your pet is qualified for the fund. Thus, you have to clarify your earnings, which shows your inability to afford the treatment costs.

Learn about the low-income definitions, federal poverty guidelines, and assistance and grants. Plus, ensure that your pet is fully vaccinated to be legitimate for the grant.

Always be clear about the organizations you apply to and their funding and financing assistance plans. 

Free Veterinary Care For Low Income Near Me In The US

Interestingly enough, there is not one, not two, but a slew of vets in your neighborhood require little to no fees. The list includes Help-a-pet, Bow Wow Buddies, Frankie’s Friends, Handicapped Pet Foundation, AVMF’s Veterinary Care Charitable Fund, among many others.

1. Help- A- Pet

Help- A- Pet

This is one of the most renowned non-profit organizations in the USA. It is founded to deliver neuter, spay programs, and other medical care with pet food for low-income families. 

The veterinarian, since its establishment, has helped poor pet owners access to medicine, veterinary services, and medical supplies for injured and sick pets. To get qualified for the free services, you must earn less than $20000 annual income per person and $40000 per family household.

This amount will likely vary depending on your number of dependents. Due to the limited budget, financial assistance will only be given once for each pet.

2. Bow Wow Buddies

Bow Wow Buddies is another popular non-profit organization dealing with injured and sick dogs. Its main objective is to pay the bills and provide necessary medical care for disadvantaged pet parents.

The organization focuses on those struggling with enormous bills for their pet’s serious ailments. It will also support other similar organizations that need funds for the same objectives.

3. Frankie’s Friends

This fund is set up to provide family-owned pets with financial assistance. These furry balls often need specialty vet care, which amounts to the unaffordable full cost.

This program aims at those who are euthanized or relinquished if no proper vet care is given to the owner.

4. Handicapped Pet Foundation

Handicapped dog

As its name suggests, this foundation’s dedication aims at protecting disabled, elderly, and injured pets. It donates re-polished or new wheelchairs to this type of pet.

Your unfortunate furry friends will be helped to move around, do the necessary exercise, and continue a happy life.

5. AVMF’s Veterinary Care Charitable Fund

The Veterinary Care Charitable Fund is mainly designed for supporting dedicated veterinarians. Those people offer medical services to neglected, abused, and lost animals. 

The fund also assists owners with extraordinary hardships in affording their care bills. Various vet clinic partners are willing to give you low-cost or free services. Thus, don’t worry if you fail to pay for vet care. 

6. Brown Dog Foundation

It’s a pity to let injured dogs or those in danger to their own devices. For those struggling to deal with these dogs, it would be best to send requests to the Brown Dog Foundation.

Despite its size, the foundation is big and professional enough to cater to any request for free vet services nearby.

7. Cooper’s Legacy Foundation

The organization often gives necessary assistance to families in Washington and Idaho. These households have dogs and cats looking for immediate treatment.

You can receive the fund if your pet has been given updated vaccines and gets licensed. Yet, the fund will not support diagnostic tests or pre-existing conditions.

8. Dylan’s Hearts

Dylan’s Hearts is founded to help pay for urgent or emergency vet care. Families with financial struggles will benefit from this vet. 

Its core mission is to reduce the unfortunate deaths of over 117,000 animals each week due to lack of treatment. However, as the fund only works with vets, you should find the nearest one and get a diagnostic procedure. Then, make sure to ask for the grant before the treatment.

9. First Coast No More Homeless Pets

This affordable and accessible vet clinic is widely available in Georgia and Florida. It offers low-cost spay and neuter services to save dogs and cats. 

Each year, the foundation runs the largest pet clinic to perform at least 20000 surgeries. This way, it saves partner shelters from being overcrowded.

While the services here are not 100% free, they are 40% cheaper than the typical price. Thus, you can easily afford cheap yet quality pet treatment.

10. FluffyRX

Visiting a local vet clinic and filling prescriptions cost a huge budget for low-income individuals. Instead, it would be better to use the FluffyRX app. 

This way, you can receive some discounts on overall services, including veterinary medications. These discounts are accepted at various pharmacies. Fry’s, Winn Dixie, Kroger, Target, Stop & Shop, RiteAid, Walmart, CVS Pharmacy, and Costco Wholesale, are a few to name.

You must print the given pet Px card and present it to the local pharmacist. Don’t forget to save the discounts on your pet medications.

11. Harley’s Hope Foundation

The foundation financially assists families with low incomes. It means those households will receive emergency foster care and other veterinary care. 

Yet, there is no payment for existing bills and expenses. To become legitimate for this assistance, you must present the diagnosis, treatment plan, and other prognosis reports from a nearby vet clinic.

Make sure that your prognosis is strong enough to deserve financial support.

12. Hope Mending Hearts

Instead of providing total assistance for the bills and expenses like other previous foundations, this one supports those looking for a little money.

A typical grant ranges from $100 to $200, which should be used to help emergency pets to survive. Your pet’s caring expense will depend on medical urgency, treatment plan, pet eligibility, available funding, and financial needs.

After applying for the grant, you should wait for one to two business days for a response. So when your beloved four-legged friend is in an emergency, you’d better go for other addresses.

13. Ian Somerhalder Foundation

Ian Somerhalder Foundation

The Ian Somerhalder Foundation is another fund to provide rescued pets with emergency vet care. Depending on the injury incurred, your pet can receive up to $1000 grant.

14. Magic Bullet Fund

It is awful to receive heart-breaking news that your dog has been diagnosed with unexpected cancer. Dealing with this situation and checking your dog’s condition will cost an arm and leg. The same scenario is true with cats.

Every day, around 20000 cats and dogs are found to have cancer. That’s where the Magic Bullet Fund comes in handy. The fund was founded in 2019 to help more than 700 pet owners. Those households need assistance with pet cancer treatment. 

Money is allocated to preserve life but not for euthanasia. The vet clinic will give you this financial support directly on the treatment day. Yet, it will not deal with your past-due balances.

Don’t forget to check the requirements on the application page. This way, you can ensure your furry buddy is qualified for the program.

15. Onyx & Breezy Foundation

The mission of this foundation is to extend animals’ life. Its funding and support are well distributed and given with the following services:

  • Neuter and spay programs
  • Supplies, medicine, and food
  • Animal rescue from kill shelters
  • Medicine and equipment for military and police canines
  • Foster groups, sanctuaries, puppy mill rescues, and shelters
  • Care for pets from low-income households
  • Assist those suffering from PTSD

You must present a current balance sheet or individual tax returns to apply for this grant. Diagnosis, care credit status, prognosis, and cost estimate are also required.

Don’t forget to leave contact information so that the staff can contact you if your pet meets the requirements.

16. Paws 4 A Cure

As can be hinted from the name, Paws 4 A Cure was founded to help cats and dogs with financial assistance. Unfortunately, all dogs and cats in this program are diagnosed with an illness or have unwanted injuries.

Breeding four-paw friends will also benefit from this foundation. They can receive an amount of up to $500. Yet, the financial aid is not used for heartworm prevention medication, spaying, tick and flea removal, neutering, routine dental care, vaccinations, and euthanasia.

17. Pet Assistance, Inc.

Pet Assistance, Inc is the hero for pets who are in life-threatening conditions. The organization has successfully offered a good prognosis for hundreds of pets annually.

The professionals and staff recommend referrals, money-saving tips, and grants to frugal consumers. Remember to apply for the program by filling out the application form.

18. Pit Bulls Against Misinformation

The Pitbulls Against Misinformation organization is not founded just for pit bulls. It is for all dog breeds. When applying for it, you can receive a wide range of assistance programs:

  • Rescue: Each rescue group gets a more than $1000 grant when they save dogs from the euthanasia of the shelter. The grant must be useful for dogs with medical needs.
  • Shelter: Money is allocated to shelter demands, including kennels, off-site adoption, obedience training, and building dog runs. Fees on pet adoption, photography, and animal control are also covered.
  • Owner: The grant offers owners pet supplies, food, kennels, pet sitting, and fence repairs. Those having medical needs and rental deposits can benefit from this assistance. All payments are sent online and offline to the store to purchase pet supplies.
  • Good Samaritan: If you find stray animals and need nearby emergency care, crate, food, and leash, let’s get the Good Samaritan grant.
  • Veterinary Care: This care is used for urgent clinic needs, especially pit bull mixes. To benefit from this grant, you need to tick all their boxes.

They include a   prognosis of at least 70% animal’s survival, financial demonstration, a vet report, the dog’s photo, and an updated commitment assurance. Each qualified dog will receive $2500.

19. The Animal Foundation 

The low-cost neuter and spay clinic is founded in Las Vegas. Since 1978, the foundation has established its reputation and become the biggest animal shelter in America.

In the last year, there have been more than 17000 neuter and spay surgeries, 16000 microchipping implants, and at least 15000 vaccinations.

Its mission is to save treatable and healthy animals of all kinds. Besides dogs and cats, rabbits, pigs, roosters, and other exotic animals also receive this special treatment. 

You can bring your pets to the vet hospital on any day from 10 am to 3 pm. Don’t forget to make appointments to avoid long waits. Visit this one for microchips and vaccination as well.

20. Red Flyer

The gift of mobility seems irresistible and becomes the wildest dream of handicapped animals. The Red Flyer has made a dream come true by donating more than 450 wheelchairs for disabled and handicapped pets.

21. RedRover Relief

This program is organized to provide emotional and financial support for low-income families or those with economic hardship. Most of the time, their pets fail to have adequate urgent care. 

The program grants $200 for each case. Online applications for assistance will require two business days to process. Plus, each state comes with domestic violence and pet-friendly shelters from RedRover.

22. Riedel & Cody Fund

Another foundation is established for dogs and cats with cancer. Riedel & Cody works to fund radiation and chemotherapy treatments. 

Its working process starts with receiving a confirmed cancer diagnosis from the licensed vet and the pet owner’s financial capability. There will be an online application form so that the board can review the grant.

After a few working days, your unfortunate friends will receive emergency surgery funds. Why not share the meaning “gift” with your friends on other social platforms so that they can also receive this special assistance if needed?

23. Shakespeare Animal Fund

Shakespeare Animal Fund mainly deals with financial struggles for emergency vet bills. They cover accidents, sickness, and other emergency services. 

Since its establishment, the fund has rescued more than 13000 animals in northern Nevada. Pets of the elderly and disabled are also qualified for the program.

The only requirement is that their owners’ income satisfies the poverty guidelines. As long as the annual income is from $12000 to $44000, these individuals can have their pets served by the service. 

The number of members in a household will determine the exact income figure.

24. SpayUSA

SpayUSA offers low-cost services involved in spaying and neutering for pets. It has been working to connect those who need financial support with other affordable sterilization programs and vet clinics.

25. Local Vets

As mentioned above, search “affordable vet clinic near me” to locate nearby inexpensive vet clinics. Some offer 100% free care, while others come with low-cost services.

First-time customers also have a chance to receive a discount. Thus, check the nearest location and be honest about your financial status.

Veterinary Schools

You are more likely to receive discounted prices for pet care in veterinary schools. If lucky, your pet even receives a basic checkup without any charge!


Crowdfunding is one of the newest methods to raise resources for pet surgeries. There are various online websites and pages about this practice. All you have to do is to provide the necessary information and lovely photos of your pets.

Prepare A Pet Savings Account

Everyone needs a savings account, and that’s true for your pet. Money and budget should be prepared for anticipated costs, including vaccines and food. 

Don’t forget to save money for emergency care bills and unexpected diseases. This way, you can get ahead of any accidental medical bills without struggling.

Some banks and credit unions have a special service for pet savings accounts. These accounts can receive attractive benefits, including pet insurance discounts, annual donations to local shelters, and higher interest rates.

This type of account should be used for such expenses as pet insurance deductibles and premiums. Toys, food, grooming, training classes, and other veterinary clinic services are included in the account.

Invest In Pet Insurance

Like human insurance, pet insurance programs cover all the unexpected medical costs for your pets. This is useful when your cat or dog is caught in an accident or gets sick.

Most insurance is suitable for cats and dogs. Yet, you can still find insurance policies for exotic pets like gerbils and frogs. Typical pet insurance doesn’t cover rabies, checkups, and routine care.

Invest In Wellness Plans

Wellness plans often support routine and preventive care costs. However, they don’t include injuries and illnesses. These strategies offer monthly installments.

Thanks to this payment, you are allowed to pay a smaller amount to budget for wellness exams, dental cleanings, vaccines, and preventive urine and blood screenings.

Remember to follow your pet’s vaccination schedules and visit your vet to discuss other heartworm prevention.  

Subscribe To Payment Plans

It is hard for low-income owners to pay the bill in a lump-sum. That’s why building an installment plan is worth consideration. Some vets enable people to make a payment plan without costing any additional fee. 

For instance, choose a company plan which charges interest over time. Plus, third-party companies, including ScratchPay, come with special payment plans. These strategies don’t charge any interest and require a credit check.

Veterinary Credit Lines

A special credit line is also a brilliant method to deal with veterinary expenses. CareCredit is a prime example of offering those financing options for pet owners with unaffordable vet care fees.

How To Reduce The Vet Expenses And Bills

Your lovely friends will surely hate being uncomfortable on a vet trip. Thus, it would be best to keep your cats and dogs healthy. Yet, there are various unexpected cases where you need to take them to the clinic.

Here are some tips to keep the bill more affordable. Or more precisely, we will provide some notes to keep your pet healthy to minimize the need of vet care.

Overfeeding Is A Big No

Overfeeding is one of the most common health issues any pet owner must face. Don’t jump to the wrong conclusion that letting your pets eat a lot is good for their health.

Imagine caring for it is like nurturing a baby, their little stomach can’t hold all those things. Some pets will still fuss and beg for food even when they are full. Maybe they think this is a way to ask for some affection and make you – their parents – happy. So pay close attention to that.

This feeding practice only causes overweight in your pet and other obesity problems. Thus, always check the food product labels carefully and feed a recommended amount.

Remember The Dental Care

Dental bills also contribute a big part to the overall vet expenses. So don’t forget to give your pets’ teeth proper care. Brushing their teeth regularly will help reduce infections and other dental issues. 

The mouth is the gateway to a pet’s body. Mouth infections lead to organ damage as well. Therefore, keeping the mouth clean is the first key to saving your pets from other health problems.


Lack of exercise in pets goes hand in hand with overfeeding. Inadequate exercise and excessive food consumption are the primary culprits behind obesity in pets. 

And do you know that obesity in pets is so startling, with 18.9% in dogs and 33.8% in cats in 2018 alone? Thus, take time to exercise with your pets to ensure a healthy and happy life.

Failing to exercise regularly also leads to unexpected mental issues in cats and dogs. Anxiety, lethargy, and depression are just a few to name. 


Some owners often neglect or overlook the importance of vaccines to ensure a healthy companion. Failure to vaccinate your pets can increase their vulnerability to diseases and infections. 

Such problems undoubtedly cost your vet bills higher. Besides, there are various free pet vaccinations and other discount programs. Don’t miss out on these wonderful opportunities to strengthen your pets’ health.


Your fluffy friends’ diets and lifestyles make them more susceptible to intestinal worms. While it is challenging to deworm them, the practice is worth your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What If You Cannot Afford To Pay For Vet Care?

Veterinary care bills are not reasonable for all households, especially low-income ones. Yet, you can find a cheap nearby clinic and ask them for a payment plan or discount. Some non-profit foundations are also available to offer free or cheap pet care.

It would be great to have a pet savings account. You can put aside monthly money to handle emergency clinic visits.

Have you ever thought of pet insurance? Before it is too late, let’s research and study some pet insurance plans. The average yearly expenditure for insurance is more than $230 for dogs and $160 for cats.

Do Foundations Give Away Free Pet Food Near Me?

Some various non-profit foundations and funds give you free dog food. Humane Society, Meals on Wheels, Animal Shelters, Non-profit Pet organizations, Vet Clinics, Pet stores, Breed-Specific Associations, and some Religious Organizations are some funds you can turn to. 

How Much Is A Vet Office Visit?

A regular checkup is affordable and requires a small part of your budget. It costs from $45 to $55, while teeth cleaning ranges from $70 to $400. You can save dental fees by brushing your pet’s teeth at home.

A vaccination is priced at $170 to $250, with a maximum of $300 for cat spaying and neutering. 

Is Pet Insurance Worth My Investment?

There is no clear answer to determine if pet insurance is worth your money. This type of insurance can cover costs to treat severe illnesses like cancer. 

This severity level of health problems requires you to pay more than you pay for insurance. Yet, regular checkups and care cost the same amount as insurance. 

Can You Talk To A Vet Online Without A Penny?

The answer is an absolute YES. Various online services offer free answers to your vet puzzles. However, they are not detailed enough to deal with complicated cases.

Severe health problems and services should be addressed to ensure a correct diagnosis. 

Can You Get An Online Prescription For Your Pet?

Getting online pet prescriptions doesn’t cause you any trouble. Yet, make sure that your veterinarian gives these important pieces of information. 

After that, it would be best to have a licensed vet check your pet’s condition and give proper care.  


Feeding a pet is undoubtedly expensive. Yet, it doesn’t mean that you cannot own one. Pets breathe a new life into your tragic life. Dogs and cats keep your home safe from unwanted attacks.

It is hard to resist their security and companionship. Plus, your children will surely appreciate these furry friends’ presence. While taking care of pets is costly and challenging, there are various free veterinary care for low income near me.

Most of the options mentioned above are non-profit organizations that provide great financial assistance.

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