Are Dogs Allowed In IKEA? IKEA Pet Policy 2024

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 22, 2023
Are Dogs Allowed In IKEA

IKEA is a furniture company with a chain of stores spread worldwide that many people love. This chain of stores is an interior paradise that you can come to visit, select and shop. When you go shopping, you do not want to leave your dog because it will be sad if it has to be home alone.

Are Dogs Allowed In IKEA?

IKEA does not allow pets of any kind in the store except service dogs under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In addition to the ban on pets, emotional support animals are also not allowed on the store premises. However, a few IKEA stores have a dedicated dog area outside the store.

Why Does IKEA Not Allow Pets?

IKEA does not allow dogs in its stores because they want its customers to have a pleasant and comfortable shopping experience, including those allergic to dog fur and afraid of pets, especially children. Also, IKEA wants to keep it safe for allergic people and is afraid of dogs to avoid unexpected situations that endanger customers. 

Most IKEA stores will have restaurants inside, so bringing pets inside affects the psychology and health of other customers. On the other hand, if the pets are not properly trained or not washed properly, drool and dirt will influence the surroundings and the cleanliness of the store. That is also why IKEA does not allow dogs.

In addition, IKEA will be liable when a pet in a store bites or injures a customer, employee, or even another pet, even if the store does not own the pet. This policy saves the store from unnecessary trouble and noisy lawsuits.

Does IKEA Allow Service Dogs?

Yes, well-trained service dogs can enter IKEA stores. Service dogs are dogs trained to assist in performing specific tasks for people with disabilities. These dogs will perform the tasks assigned to them by their owners, and their actions will compensate for the other owner’s disability.

Bringing dogs into IKEA stores is not allowed. Still, an exception will be made if the dog brought in is a service dog based on ADA (Americans with Disability Act) guidelines. However, if you bring your service dog into the store, the staff will ask you a few questions regarding the dog. They need to make sure you know the store’s rules and avoid asking, “Does IKEA allow dogs?”. In some cases, staff will ask you for service dog documentation to enhance the authenticity of your statement.

Does IKEA Allow Pet Dogs and Emotional Support Dogs?

The answer is No. You cannot bring a pet dog or a support dog into IKEA based on the pet restriction policy. Often, there will be confusion between service dogs and emotional support dogs, but emotional support dogs are not recognized as service animals under the ADA.

If a customer comes into the store without knowing the store rules and asks the staff, the staff member will direct you to take the dog to a designated area whether the store has one. Otherwise, your dog will have to be outside the store or in your car.

Is IKEA Pet-friendly Policy?

IKEA Pet-friendly Policy

The answer will depend on the geographical location of that store.

IKEA in the US is said to be not pet-friendly, as except for service dogs, socks of other pets are not allowed inside the store according to store policy and rules. The pet-restricted policy ensures customers have a safe and comfortable place to visit and shop.

The UK IKEA stores appear to be more pet-friendly than in the US. If the pet is small and can fit in your bag, the management will still let you in.

Like IKEA in the US, IKEA Germany also does not allow pets in the stores. However, IKEA Germany has had a dedicated dog park since 2015. Many customers love this policy because it relaxes pet restrictions in favor of customers.

It can be said that Switzerland is the country with the most pet-friendly policy in the IKEA chain of stores. You can bring your pets to the store in many places in Switzerland, and there will be cages in front of every IKEA. That will be where your pets wait for you while you go around and shop.


Dogs and service animals can both enter an IKEA store. They are the right hand to support people with disabilities effectively. But they need to be shown to be service animals to employees. 

Other pets and emotional support animals are prohibited from entering IKEA for various reasons such as health, environment, and other legal issues. IKEA’s pet-friendliness varies depending on where the store is located on the world map.

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