Are dogs allowed in Hobby Lobby? Can You Bring Dogs inside?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Does Hobby Lobby Allow Dogs

Hobby Lobby is one of the most popular stores for arts and crafts. It also offers everything you could need for all of your crafting projects.

Is Hobby Lobby Pet-friendly?

The answer to this question is yes. Hobby Lobby is regarded as a pet-friendly place and a good chain store to take your leashed dog shopping. They offer many pet services, such as emotional support for animals and pets.

This friendliness has helped Hobby Lobby attract a large number of customers. Generally speaking, you should expect to have no issues taking your dog into a Hobby Lobby store. There is no doubt that Hobby Lobby is a pet-friendly store.

Are Dogs Allowed In Hobby Lobby?

Yes, based on public knowledge, Hobby Lobby allows dogs with the owner. You must make sure that your dog is well-behaved either on a leash or carried because they do not want your dog running loose in the Hobby Lobby store. 

You know that Hobby Lobby doesn’t have a nationwide pet policy on the website. It means although the craft chain store allows pets in all store locations, each store manager gets the final say.

Particularly, some managers might have an issue with animals in the store, so they may personally choose not to accept them at their location. The Hobby Lobby store refuses to avoid the case that a dog is rowdy, destructive, or dangerous. 

It should be noted that the refusal of these stores does not cover special cases such as disabled customers. Of course, if your dog is a service animal, then they will always let you bring your dog in. They know that dogs are required so that you can be one of their happy customers.

Because of the Hobby Lobby pet policy, you should check with the store beforehand.  

What Kinds Of Dogs Can You Bring To Hobby Lobby?

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Suppose you wonder what types of dogs can be permitted to allow Hobby Lobby. Don’t worry; in general, all types of dogs are welcomed in Hobby Lobby as long as you make sure they do not mess up the store. 

To avoid affecting people around the store, we suggest taking the tiny dog. This breed is small in size and quite docile. You can easily put them in a stroller or an adapted handbag. For Example, Brussels Griffons, Italian Greyhounds, Japanese Terriers, Puddle, etc.

However, in some Hobby Lobby stores, based on their experience, they put a ban on Pitbulls and Rottweilers. The two types of dogs are aggressive, bred to attack, and cause many accidents. If the breed dogs are in an out-of-control situation, they will mess up the store and bite or attack the people around.

Tips For Taking Dogs To Hobby Lobby

If your dog misbehaves and affects other customers, they can also request that the dog leaves. So, here are some useful tips for you to avoid this case.

1. Keep Dogs On A Leash At All Time

Although dogs look very cute, they are quite naughty. You need to keep them on a leash at all times. Because if your dog makes a mess in the store, you are responsible for cleaning up and being banned from the store.

2. Give Dogs Toilet Beforehand

Before entering the store, just in some cases, they have a policy where owners are required to clean up after their animals. You should also make sure that the dog has gone potty. 

However, you can not know whether or not your dog’s doing his business. Accidents can always happen. So go with wipes and dog poop bags. That way, it makes it easier to clean.

3. Carry Dogs In Crates Or Trolleys

This way helps you manage your dog best, but it is only useful for tiny dogs. 

4. Feed Dogs Beforehand

If your dog is well-fed, he’s less likely to misbehave when you’re with him in public. The reason is simple: a hungry dog is an angry dog. Your dog may be hungry at any time, so always carry a spare food bag.

All tips above will safeguard the safety of other clients and, hopefully, allow Hobby Lobby to maintain their dog-acceptance policy. If you successfully make your dog completely calm, this will be a plus point that will permit you to shop in the stores with your four-legged friend again.

We took our dog to Hobby Lobby


Though Hobby Lobby is not the only store that allows dogs on its premises, it’s one of the only arts and crafts stores that do. The Hobby Lobby stores have stricter policies, so you’ll want to check before you ever walk into one with your dog to see if you can bring it in.

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