How Much Does It Cost To Put A Dog To Sleep At PetSmart? – Price, Location, And More.

By Phillip Adcock
Last Updated: June 18, 2022
Dog To Sleep At PetSmart

PetSmart is a place that has seen pets and their owners through the end of their life spans. It’s not always easy to say goodbye at the end of a pet’s life, but there are ways to make these goodbyes as loving as possible. 

So, how much does it cost to put a dog down at Petsmart?

How Much Is It To Put A Dog To Sleep At Petsmart?

The price of a typical burial at this store ranges from $50 to $100, with extra fees for an “end-of-life” service such as transportation to the crematory. 

Suppose the family wants a dignified and respectful goodbye. In that case, there are services with a Banfield Pet Hospital. Health monitoring and occasional check-ups are available until your furry friend passes away.

Make an appointment with a Banfield Pet Hospital near you if you want a staff member there for your beloved baby’s last day. Call ahead of time and discuss arrangements to set up properly.

Do They Offer End Of Life Support?

PetSmart and Banfield have come together to offer special support for you and your dog(s) at every stage of their lives. This includes putting euthanasia – a difficult process for owners. 

The final goodbyes include options for hospice care, health monitoring, and pain management, which can ensure a comfortable end-of-life experience. 

They also provide burial or cremation after putting down your beloved baby. You can also print molds of the paws to keep as the last memory.

How Much Is The Normal Cost For Euthanasia Service?

How much are Petsmart vet prices? Because they use Banfield to help the furry friends with euthanasia, the average cost will usually be around $50-$100. This depends on your location and other services that are tacked onto your final invoice.

To bury or cremate, you will generally have to pay an additional fee (about $80 – $200) depending on what you choose for keepsakes or a ceremony.

If you need definitive measures, talk with a real-life representative from Banfield Pet Hospital for more information.

Some insurance plans do go so far as to help fund the costs of end-of-life surgeries for pets, but you’ll have to make sure that your plan covers this type of procedure.

For those with insurance through Banfield Pet Hospital’s Optimum Wellness Plan, there are discounts on services and financing available to help cover the costs associated with the end-of-life surgery in some cases.

Is Their Service Cheaper Than Others?

PetSmart’s Banfield vet services offer advanced and compassionate care without the hefty price tag of other end-of-life options.

There are many choices when it comes to end-of-life care for your beloved baby. However, your options can get costly quickly: at a private clinic or specialized euthanasia services, you may have to pay around $300 for the treatment only.

However, you can find a price range of between $150 and $300 for all the steps involved in care during this final stage of life in Petsmart.

That’s where finding the right pricing with Banfield Pet Hospital Services can prove even more cost-effective, delivering the medications you need.

How Do You Put A Dog To Sleep?

When the decision has been made that your pet’s overall well-being is in decline, it’s time to weigh up your options. Let PetSmart be there for you during this difficult period by helping you through the process of setting up arrangements with your local veterinary center. 

Here you and your pet will receive professional advice about what is best for your pet approaching the end of its life. 

Many associates are trained in dealing with the ones facing the loss of their beloved – talk to them if you feel like no one else understands how you’re feeling.

You can visit their clinics at certain extended hours (for urgencies) if it’s necessary, but you can’t expect them to work round-the-clock.

Put A Dog To Sleep

Do They Have Veterinary Services?

Yes, they have full-service pet hospitals that can service your beloved in most US States.

They also have veterinary clinics in several areas across the United States, England, and Mexico, since they have been collaborating with Banfield Pet Hospital.

Traditionally, there are plenty of in-store clinic locations for the owners to bring their furry friends for treatments and check-ups.

Which Locations Offer Veterinary Services?

The company has integrated 1,000 vet clinics within their retail locations to provide professional pet care, microchipping, or dog food return service.

The majority of these stores offer Banfield veterinary services for animals in need at their locations. View the closest Banfield location inside your local PetSmart using their online locator!

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How much does it cost to put a dog to sleep at Petsmart? – Between $50 – $100 for your basic needs, $80 – $200 for additional services.

The price is quite affordable, compared to other clinics. They also provide veterinary services to your needs. You can contact the nearest store to set up your dog’s last farewell.

That’s all you need to know about this service.

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