Are Dogs Allowed In Target? Can You Bring Dogs Into Target?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Are Dogs Allowed In Target

Target is one of the major retailers based in the US. It provides essential items such as clothing, accessories, furniture, pet supplies, and food. 

One of Target’s humanities is providing colorful clothing for people with disabilities. This retailer attracts a lot of customers because of its low price and high quality. 

So, if you love to shop and want to bring your pet, this article will give you the answer to “is Target pet friendly”. Let’s scroll down and check it out.

Are Dogs Allowed In Target?

No, your cute dogs cannot go into this store. In the US, most retailers, restaurants, or hotels allow customers to bring their pets in. There are even places that offer specialized pet supplies. In general, these places do not have too strict regulations for animals.

However, there are still places with strict rules for bringing pets in, such as Walmart, Costco, and Target. They do not allow pets inside for the safety of their guests. As a result, Target is a non-pet-friendly store, and anyone entering should strictly follow this rule.

All Target retail chains enforce this policy. In some locations, staff will strictly enforce the prohibition of pets other than service animals into the store. On the other hand, some new employees may not have grasped the policy yet, so the store hasn’t implemented it consistently.

For the Target pet-friendly policy to be effective, it would be better not to bring pets there. Still, if a customer wants to bring a service animal in, it must be verified for clarification.

Why Were Service Dogs Allowed In Target?

Service Dogs Allowed In Target

Service animals are dogs that are trained to be on duty or to serve the disabled. This means that all pets such as cats, lizards, birds, or dogs that are not service animals are not allowed in Target retail chains.

Service dogs are allowed because they have an important mission and are helpful to people with disabilities. That is why these large organizations and retailers allow these dogs to operate in their units.

Businesses favor and support service dogs because they help people. For example, when owners of these dogs forget to take medication during an anxiety attack, they will remind them. Or they are trained to warn people with diabetes when their blood sugar is lower or higher than average.

The Americans with Disabilities Act made it a policy to accept service dogs who accompanied their owners inside Target stores. Because they understand that they will save people in life-or-death situations, and managers or customers will all think the same.

General dogs are not allowed in Target locations, towns, counties, and states with large Target retail stores. They have strict regulations on this issue to protect the health of employees and customers who come here to shop. Violations of these rules will result in penalties if Target merchants fail to do so.

What Types Of Service Animals Are There?

Service dogs come in many varieties, each trained to serve a different task. However, all of them bring certain benefits and play an important role in human health.

Here is a list of service dogs:

Psychiatric Service Dogs

These dogs are trained to help people with anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, or children with autism. They are responsible for supporting patients mentally, and reminding them to take medication. 

Psychiatric Service Dogs are like companions to help people with psychological illnesses live and function like normal people.

Medical Alert And Assist Dogs

This dog has the ability to sense and warn blood sugar levels in the blood for patients with diabetes. Besides warnings, they also help support patients with medical treatment.

Seizure Alert And Response Dogs

A convulsion is a very life-threatening condition if not treated promptly. The special feature of this disease is that it can happen at any time without the patient controlling it. Nevertheless, service dogs can predict illness and call for help when a patient’s seizure occurs.

Guide Dogs

This one makes it easier and safer for blind and visually impaired people to move around with its assistance.

Mobility Assistance Dogs

These dogs help the disabled carry or retrieve objects and push wheelchairs on bumpy roads or ramps.

Hearing Dogs

Deaf people will need the help of these dogs. They will push and touch people when they detect sounds such as doorbells, fire alarms, and phone rings and lead people to run away or close to those places.


Hopefully, the above information has been fully answered. Therefore, you will not make a mistake or have to leave your dog outside when entering Target or other non-pet-friendly store chains. If your dog is a service dog, verify it with Target to ensure customer safety and avoid further trouble.

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