Does Lowe’s Drug Test in 2024 – What Kind of Test & How Often?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Dec 7, 2023
Does Lowe's Drug Test

Does lowe’s drug test? Lowe’s drug tests existing staff according to their medicine testing policy to maintain a safe and healthy work environment throughout their stores. It frequently employs mouth swab testing because it yields quick results.

The job offers are predicated on trying to pass the trial. Workers who fail the required drug trial risk dismissal for violating the company’s policy.

Does Lowe’s Drug Test 2024 ?

Yes, they do.

This company enforces a strict no-drug policy. It is the country’s and the world’s second-biggest retail chain, and therefore it stands to reason that they will not endure any medicine usage by their staff. 

Complaints from customers can seriously harm a company’s image, so they prefer to avoid them as often as possible.

When you are tested, you are evaluated for various substances. Opioids, amphetamines, barbiturates, cocaine, THC, and other substances are examples.

Lowe’s conducts trials on its staff as part of its recruitment process and even in the case of an accident at work. 

You will be required to attend an interview. Only when you perform well in the interview would you be required to take tests and pass background checks before beginning orientation. It took some people two weeks to get hired from beginning to end. Others took a little longer.

Furthermore, as part of their contract, it funds its right to subject employees to random evaluation. Mouth swab testing is an essential type of medical testing at Lowe’s.

How Does This Test Work?

A mouth saliva test is a common type of medical assessment at Lowe’s, generally for prospective employees. The mouth test would then reveal whether or not you have been using illegal substances within the previous week.

This enterprise employs a tamper-resistant mouth saliva trial prescribed under monitored observation. They would then pay for the trial, or it will be performed on-site so that the results will be available quickly.

They may use urine evaluation in situations such as work-related accidents or random testing, which takes place at an authorized third-party location and yields more reliable data.

The employer can screen their staff members or prospective employees for various illegal substances using one 5-panel drug screen. For staff who are injured on the job, they may demand more than that for the 5-panel drug screening.

If you want to take prescription medications or have been prescribed medication by the physician, please notify the employer as it may impact the test result. 

Lowe’s would most probably make you show proof of approved prescription medication to pass the trial.

Does Lowe’s Drug Test Randomly?

Does Lowe's Drug Test Randomly

Lowe’s has permitted using random assessment. Every employer does. On the other hand, it does not carry out regular random testing. This retains the ability to check you at irregular intervals in the employment contract, but they rarely do.

How Often Does Lowe’s Drug Test? 

They frequently test new employees, staff involved in their accident at work, and employees suspected of using illegal substances on a random basis.

During the recruiting process, they would then administer its test in addition to an assessment trial, one background check, and two or even more interviews. The employer would then generally ask for an assessment during the first interview, and it may be requested during the second interview.

They retain the right, as specified in one’s employment agreements, to conduct random trials on workers they suspect to use medicine to prevent risky workplace behavior.

What Kind Of Drug Test Does Lowe’s Use 2024

They employ a one-mouth swab trial, which is advantageous for marijuana because it is simple to pass. The swab would gather saliva from the mouth, which will then be evaluated for drugs. 

A swab would be sent to the testing facility, or you’ll be contacted by the facility to inquire about the condition of the trial. If you fail the trial, you will not work at Lowe’s.


Is There A Marijuana Drug Test At Lowe’s?

Even in regions where marijuana is allowed, you shouldn’t have any trace amounts of a substance in the system to pass their testing.

Because of the marijuana legalization in some countries, some employers also selected for excluding it from the ranking of substances for evaluation. However, they have still not modified its trial.

Lowe’s Test Policy? 

The firm has a rigorous trial plan that includes all levels of personnel, along with part-time laborers, to maintain employees and customers safe.

Their supervisors are coached to observe, notify, and cope with substance issues to preserve this policy. If an individual is found to be in control of and under the effect of medicine while working at Lowe’s, people will be fired immediately.

What Can You Do to Pass a Lowe’s Drug Test?

A hardcore heroin addict will have difficulty passing Lowe’s assessment. People who take drugs recreationally, on the other hand, will most likely pass a trial with ease. 

All you must do is abstain from using substances for a while. If you’re looking to take one saliva test, you must abstain from using substances for 48 – 72 hours before the trial.

Just a few days would then suffice. You would like to brush your gums and teeth. Use a strong mouthwash as well. This combination would then help you cross the assessment by removing them from the mouth.

See more: How to Pass a Drug Test (After Doing Lots of Drugs) 

How Can You Know A Drug Test Was Successful?

The lab would then send you and your employer one copy of the results indicating whether or not you passed a trial. The results would most likely arrive in your mail, whereas your employer would most likely receive them via courier and fax. 

If you don’t want to wait only for results, you can contact human resources within 2 or 3 days to determine if you crossed the testing.


When it relates to hiring new employees, the corporation has strict procedures. When you search for a position there, you must pass the mouth swab testing. You would not be evaluated at random or during a promotion, but you could still expect one evaluation if you are involved in a workplace accident. We’d look forward to hearing about the experiences with Lowe’s related to recruitment and trial procedures.


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