Does CVS Drug Test For All Employees? (Alcohol, weed…)

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: May 10, 2023
Does CVS Drug Test

Whether a pharmacy store like CVS is strict with drug conditions? Many pharmacy stores have a really strict drug policy because they want to have a good impression on their customers.

Besides, a drug-free environment is an extremely important requirement for most pharmacy stores, especially a big one like CVS.

Does CVS Drug Test in 2024?

Yes, they have a drug test for all their employees at any given time. Therefore, if you want to apply for some special positions like managerial or pharmaceutical, you will certainly undergo a drug test to ensure you are suitable for a drug-free or alcohol-free working environment. This test is an important factor in deciding whether you are employed or not.

Type Of Drug Test CVS Uses

It mostly uses urine samples for a drug test because this is the easiest procedure, and the result is most likely to be correct. You will go to an affiliate clinic to give the urine specimen by peeing in a small cup. 

The medical personnel will submit your sample to the lab. After three days, you will get the result to know whether you are qualified or not.

The urine test will check candidates before employing them and check official staff currently working in CVS about twice a year in some first years.

Substances CVS Drug Tests For

It will run a test for illegal substances such as cocaine, weed, meth, and even alcohol. Because they have to stick to the alcohol-free and zero-drug policy 2024, alcohol is not allowed when you work at this store.

What Will Happen If I Fail A CVS Drug Test?

This is a really bad situation for those who want to apply for a position in CVS or current staff at this company. It strictly follows the zero-drug environment, so this drug test is important for both new and existing employees.

Therefore, if you fail a CVS drug test, your job application will certainly be denied even when you can express a persuasive reason. Many cases give wrong positive drug results; you should be careful before having a drug test at CVS for several days. 

However, if you fail the drug test, you can still apply again after six months.

Reasons For A False Positive

Fail A CVS Drug Test

There are many situations where employees receive wrong positive drug results even when they have recently used any illicit substances. We have many reasons to figure out these cases. 

No matter how irrational it is, we must say child shampoo can make you have a positive drug result for weed or marijuana because its structure is similar to THC. 

Moreover, some normal medicines like heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, riboflavin, and B2 are factors that give you a wrong positive drug result.

What Is The CVS Drug Policy?

CVS is a pharmacy store, so it has an absolutely strict drug policy. Do not use drugs when at work is a high requirement for all employees. Besides, they want their customers and employees to have a great experience when visiting the store- a completely zero-drug environment. 

Even though you use a super small amount or use prohibited substances two to three days before the testing day, you can still be detected easily. Therefore, you better not use any prohibited drug when working at this store; you will lose your current job.

Does CVS Drug Test Cashiers?

As long as you are a staff working at CVS, you will have a drug test no matter your position. It means you will undertake a drug test even when you are a cashier or stocker to ensure a completely free-drug environment. 

Therefore, you should stop using drugs before applying for a position in this company, even an entry position to enhance the possibility of working here.

Do I Need To Take A CVS Drug Test For Legal Substances?

In some places, many drugs like marijuana and alcohol are legalized. But it doesn’t mean CVS staff is allowed to use these substances even when they are not at work. 

Thus, you better be careful because you are working at a pharmacy store, where you are not permitted to use any drugs that may harm your health, even alcohol.

Does CVS Drug Test For Promotions?

When you work at CVS, you will properly undertake a drug test to have an advanced position. For instance, all cashiers or stockers who want to be promoted to a manager or any other higher position, aside from satisfying some necessary standards, must pass the drug test.

Providing that you have a positive result, even if it is a false result, you still can’t succeed in promoting your position at CVS. If you have a really positive result, you will fail in the promotion and lose your existing job.


This is some basic information about the CVS drug test. According to the article, you will have to undergo a drug test if you apply for a position in CVS or even when you are a current employee. 

The drug policy at this store is really serious; you may lose your job if you have a positive result. Therefore, you should quit using drugs when you decide to work at this store and consider some cases that may result incorrectly.


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