Does Publix Drug Test? (Alcohol, weed, THC…)

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: May 10, 2023
Does Publix Drug Test

Does Publix drug test? Like other companies, Publix does drug tests for its employees to check whether those workers violate its employee policy. It is even more obvious because Publix is becoming one of the largest supermarket chains in the United States.

If you’re a pre-employee at Publix, you should know that undergoing drug tests is a common requirement of Publix. It will ensure your capability to work productively and communicate with customers.

Does Publix Drug Test in 2023?

Yes, Publix requires its staff members to take drug tests to check their existence of illegal drugs and excessive alcohol use. 

If you’re planning to apply for a position at Publix, taking a drug test is a mandatory requirement. New workers will have to undergo drug tests so that Publix can evaluate their ability and quality before working in the company. 

The test helps maintain Publix’s greatest services and prevents any harm to its customers, colleagues, and partners by recruiting the best employees. Even workers in the Publix warehouse will have a drug test. 

How The Drug Test Works

In general, you will have a urine-based test and go to a lab or restroom to take your urine. You can also use saliva to test your drug level. You’ll be supervised carefully during the sample-giving process to avoid cheating or swapping your sample for others. Then, you will bring your sample to the clinician and wait for the results.

According to its employee policy, Publix has the right to test its new employees randomly. It also requires a drug test when suspecting you of using illegal substances.

What Does Publix Test For?

How The Drug Test Works

In most cases, Publix’s workers will take a standard drug test. So, it can look for popular illegal drugs, such as THC, opioids, amphetamines, ecstasy, and weed. 

A drug test can reveal these components as they do not disappear in a few days. So if you use them several days before getting tested, you will fail.

How Long Does Publix Drug Test Take?

It doesn’t take you a long time to receive the results. You just need to wait for several minutes to take the test. Then, the laboratory will get your urine or saliva sample and analyze it for a few days before backing the findings to Publix. 

Depending on the number of candidates and drug tests, the waiting time can be adjusted from several days to a week. Sometimes, it can take a bit longer if there are too many samples.

What Happens Next?

You may find it impatient to get the Publix drug test result during the waiting time. And when you receive the findings, you may think about what will probably occur afterward. It will depend on the results of your drug test.

If your test is positive for illegal drugs, you will not get the position at Publix. Instead, you will have to find another job at other companies. Can you reapply for a job at Publix? Perhaps. You should wait a bit before reapplying for Publix jobs as Publix records all application forms from applicants.

If you pass the test, the company will offer you the job, and you can negotiate whether to take it or not. 

How Do You Know If You Passed The Drug Test?

According to legal terms, Publix’s managers do not have to inform you of the test findings, but many will share with you the results. If your drug result is positive, the company will stop the interview or terminate the contract.  

So, if you cannot pass a drug test, the laboratory may send you the test results. However, your manager can receive the findings first and decide your job at the company. 

If you pass the test, Publix will contact you to discuss your job, requirements, responsibilities, etc.

What Happens If You Fail Your Drug Test At Publix?

If you’re a new employee applying for Publix’s job and fail the drug test, you’ll lose your job. You cannot reapply for any position in the company immediately. Instead, you need to wait for a year as drugs require much time to vanish. 

When you’re a worker at Publix and test positive for drugs, Publix will terminate your contract and fire you. The company cannot risk its reputation and put customers in danger because of drug-abused employees. 

Publix always wants to protect the customer’s safety, workplace environment, and great service quality. So, the company cannot hire workers with illegal substances or excessive alcohol use.

How to Pass a Drug Test (After Doing Lots of Drugs)


Publix does drug tests for its staff members, including pre-and potential employees, to ensure all workers can work safely and effectively. 

If you want to know more details, feel free to contact us, and we will answer you as soon as possible.


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