Does FedEx Drug Test in 2024 ?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Dec 7, 2023
Does FedEx Drug Test

In today’s era, transportation, e-commerce, and services are three key factors that directly affect human life, and FedEx is the company that can meet those demands. 

Yet, there are still some drug-based queries related to this brand. “Are there any changes to the FedEx drug test policy 2024 ?”- Scroll down to know the answer!

What Is FedEx?

FedEx Corporation, formerly known as Federal Express Corporation and later FDX Corporation, is a megacorporation company in America that focuses on three main aspects: transportation, e-commerce, and services. The company’s headquarters is based in Memphis, Tennessee. 

“FedEx” is an abbreviation of the original company name, Federal Express (used from 1973 to 2000). Air delivery service brings FedEx’s name on the map; FedEx Express was one of the pioneers in offering overnight delivery. Since then, many subsidiaries have been founded, including FedEx Supply Chain,  FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, and FedEx Office, to compete with their competitor- UPS.

FedEx is also a supplier and surveyor of the US government and takes responsibility for transporting some United States Postal Service packages through their Air Cargo Network contract.

FedEx’s popularity worldwide has made its name trending, including in the film Cast Away and some slogans in the market, such as: “when it positively has to be there overnight”. Additionally, FedEx has bought the naming rights to FedExField from NFL’s Washington Commanders and FedExForum, which the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies formerly owned. 

However many subsidiaries FedEx has, its air shipping services are still the main hub at the busiest cargo airport- Memphis International Airport by 2020.

Does FedEx Drug Test Package Handlers 2024

The answer is YES. Like other businesses, FedEx drug tests aim at ensuring their employees do not have any work impairment. These tests can easily detect any pharmaceutical-related or illicit drug used recently.

FedEx drug tests determine whether workers violate health criteria or not. In addition, these tests are done to discourage their employees from using drugs, which would harm their working efficiency.

1. Why Does FexEd Need To Conduct A Drug Test?

FedEx prioritizes building a safe environment for all its workers, which can also be seen in other modern companies. The ulterior motive for performing these drug tests is to guarantee that all of their workers are ready to work.

The drug test results, as mentioned previously, will help the company recognize if their employees recently used pharmaceutical or other illicit drugs. Another motive is to ascertain that all the job seekers’ and existing workers’ health is in good condition regarding the serious health hazard criteria.

This culture prevents all its workers and job seekers from becoming potential drug addicts and living healthy life without any harm from addictions. Work efficiency and positivity in the company are also boosted by this culture, which helps create an ideal working environment.

Why Does FexEd Need To Conduct A Drug Test

2. What Type Of FexEd Drugs Are Being Tested?

FedEx doesn’t disclose information about the drug typically used for the test.

However, this company is known for using a five-panel test for the Department of Transportation (DOT), which includes testing for these five drugs:

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) – This drug is a “marijuana detector”, whether the user’s consumption is for medical or recreational.

Opioids – Includes prescription and heroin drugs like Fentanyl.

PCP (phencyclidine) – this dose is also known as angel dust

Cocaine – Detects the crack or powder cocaine usage.

Amphetamines – Consist of legal prescription drugs and street drugs such as Adderall.

If you are prescribed medication that might contain this drug as a substance, disclosing this information to Human Resource Management is the best choice before the hiring manager process the drug screening.

It’s important to note that there is a limitation on the number of controlled substances you can use in your system when taking part in driving, according to laws.

In addition, if you take some specific prescription medications, this could disqualify you from being hired as a driver. However, you may still get a chance to work as a package handler for this company.

It’s ambiguous, as mentioned before, what is the panel that FedEx utilizes for the non-DOT drug testing.

There is a possibility that FedEx would reuse the same 5-panel test for all the positions they employ for time-saving.

On the other hand, FedEx’s internal standards would make their test more extensive.

FedEx’s panel could vary regarding the branch companies’ location because local contractors in these places might perform different tests.

3. What Type Of Testing Does FexEd Conduct?

Numerous methods could be used to perform drug testing. The most frequent procedures for FedEx drug tests are urine and breath tests. The former testing is the more reliable method since drugs tend to be retained in the urine sample than in the breath one.

Moreover, sweat, blood, and saliva tests are employed. Certain conductors even perform hair tests on their employees.

  1. Blood testing: these tests’ purposes are to detect whether drugs persist in the workers’ circulatory system. The tests are typically used to notice if there are any prescription medications or other substances.
  1. Breath testing: This is one of the most common types of testing. Breath testing is frequently utilized in business, by police forces, and the government to determine the existence of alcoholic beverages. By ensuring that their employees breathe into the blood drink apparatus, they can measure these concentrations. A person’s BAC (blood alcohol concentration) is qualified if under 0.04.
  1. Urine test: Having known as “the most reliable method for conducting drug tests”, urine testing is frequently utilized to detect substances in the job applicants’ bodies. The test has the highest accuracy because the urine system is likely to retain the compounds longer, so it can easily notice an individual’s drug usage patterns.

4. When Does FexEd Perform These Drug Tests?

FedEx conducts drug tests after completing an interview and proposing a position to prospective candidates.

Sometimes, the test might be scheduled a few days after the candidate receives an offer. In others, the drug test could be on the same day as the interview.

My FedEx hiring process

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The FedEx Drug Test Policy 2024 ?

FedEx is aiming at building alcohol- and drug-free working environment. Therefore, they will continue to conduct pre-employment drug tests in 2024. For driver positions, applicants must take the DOT-mandated five-panel test. Potential workers are uncertain which test other positions would take since this information is not publicly disclosed. However, most current employees reported that they had urine testing.

2. Does FedEx Drug Test For Package Handlers? 

FedEx does not perform drug testing on package workers. Instead, they will do a background check to make sure you have a clean criminal record. If you desire to be a future package handler, prepare to have a drug test before being employed.

3. Does FedEx Warehouse Drug Tests?

Prepare for a pre-employment drug test if you intend to take part in a warehouse tour or FedEx office retail stores’ tours.

4. Does FedEx Drug Test At Orientation?

Well, this is a basic requirement for participating in their orientation day. The answer is yes.

5. Does FedEx Test For Weed?

Yes. FedEx does test for weed. According to the DOT-mandated five-panel test, various substances are analyzed in the urine samples of applicants, including marijuana and meth.

6. Can I Legally Turn Down Taking a Drug Test When Applying To FedEx?

You’ve got the legal right to deny labor under a sedate test. However, there are likely some repercussions that might happen for refusal. 

In Michigan, for instance, your boss is lawfully allowed to require the same disciplinary activity as in case you fizzled a test, counting termination.

Employers may, moreover, condition employment offers on sedate testing. This suggests that the offer is void on the off chance that you fall flat on the exam. Refusing to taste a sedate test certainly implies FedEx will not enlist you.

For drivers, according to DOT requirements, a test sometime is conducted before enlisting you. If you try to fake the results, it is plausible that FedEx will consider you unable to pass a medication test due to a substance habit issue and will deny you employment. FedEx is lawfully required to tell you if you fall flat on a medicate test.

7. Can I Still Be Employed If I Don’t Pass the FedEx Drug Test?

If you come up short on a sedate test, FedEx will not select you as a driver. It is unlikely that FedEx will rehire you unless you pass the drug test. FedEx may end or suspend you in the event that you fail. Your manager may suggest you take therapy. 


Does FedEx drug test? FedEx is known for its strict rules, especially in the field of human resources and customer safety. One of the vital measures the company uses to ensure they are effectively operating is to perform pre-employment drug tests that have been mentioned in the articles

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