Does Lowe’s Carry Milwaukee Tools – An Important Information

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: May 1, 2023
Does Lowe's Sell Milwaukee Tools

A retailer is a solid option for anything related to home improvement. Many people question a well-known manufacturer of useful equipment for its products available at their local stores. 

Does Lowe’s Sell Milwaukee Tools In 2024?

They no longer offer these items in 2024, both at the stores and online. They used to provide large capacities in their shops, but it stopped in 2008 because of a lawsuit with the provider company. The items are now only available at Home Depot and on the official website.

Why Doesn’t Lowe’s Sell Milwaukee?

After years of contracting to retail equipment and accessories, these two firms decided to stop their commercial partnership because the provider company agreed to enter an exclusive retailing arrangement with Home Depot.

They terminated their commercial relationship in 2008 due to a payment issue. There were approximately 1.2 million dollars in equipment before the conclusion of their deal, for which the provider company did not receive monetary compensation.

Following this disagreement, the provider agreed to supply Home Depot instead. Home Depot has become the only approved store in some countries to carry the products.

What Tools Product Does The Retailer Have?

The company distributorship has been withdrawn because it has denied fulfilling the obligation. As a result, previous Lowe’s Milwaukee tools shown at the store have been taken back to sell at other brand stores.

Although the company does not provide these popular items at any locations or websites, they still offer a variety of alternative brands and items. Many top tool brands are still available at the store. They have low prices and various styles, including wired or wireless equipment.

Where Can You Get These Tools Except Lowe’s?

The product is still available at other stores. Home Depot, the main competitor, offers these in-store and online. Regional hardware stores may also carry these products in some circumstances. They are also accessible through internet retailers such as Amazon.

Milwaukee home depot
Home Depot Milwaukee

In addition, they are available at various online retailers, including Acme, Northern, ACE, or TOOLUP. Its official online web page has a store finder, allowing you to search any stores that offer the items near you. You may also order products straight out from the official webpage.

Here are steps to use the shop locator:

  1. Go to the official website
  2. Find the menu, then select a “Where to buy” option.
  3. Choose whether you want to “Find local” or “Shop online”.
  4. You may enter your location in the search box to locate the nearest store.
  5. The system will list every online retailer available, and you may select one of them for your purchase.
New Milwaukee Tool Deals at The Home Depot

Are Milwaukee Tools Reliable?

The company is an enterprise that makes no compromises to produce long-lasting items that work admirably. It collaborates with genuine users to learn their desires and create new, unique ideas.

The product reviews show that the brand is popular among users. According to online sources, these products have a larger capacity than their rivals and use innovative batteries in wireless tool products.

The company gained its advantage over competitors by using lithium-ion as a solution for powering and launching cordless equipment.


We believe our article has answered your concerns on does Lowe’s sell Milwaukee tools. The contract is discontinued because the product provider company established a new exclusive with other partners due to its refusal to pay for the debt.

You can now order the items online or in other retail stores like Home Depot. In addition to the variety of the products, the provider company also has an application that helps you track, configure, and manage your products.

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