What Is Code 50 & Code 3 At Lowe’s? – How About The Others?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
What Is A Code 3 And Code 50 At Lowe's

Lowe’s is a retail chain with many branches in Canada and the United States. Here, customers can buy carpets, bathroom facilities, lighting, etc.

The company has developed internal notifications with a cryptography system to serve customers better to make communication fast, neat, and annoying.

In which, the question about: “what does code 50 at lowes mean?” appeared the most, causing curiosity for many customers.

What Is Code 50 At Lowe’s?

Code 50 is used when a queue area needs assistance and the staff who are not on duty report back to the center. For example, when a large shipment arrives, and there are not enough employees to handle the load, they can use it to call dispatch assistance.

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What Is Code 3 And

Lowe’s code 3 on a walkie-talkie or intercom, it means an area needs more staff. It is often mentioned when a counter has more than three customers waiting to charge. Then, the cashier who transmits information needs more staff to assist with payments or support customers.

These codes are created so that employees can communicate information in certain situations. As a result, some of them are kept secret and circulated only by insiders or authorized people. If you want to know more about it, keep reading this article for its related information!

Some Other Notable Codes In Lowe’s

Besides the two official codes above, some branches of this retail chain also use three other ones: 75, 99, and Adam.

Code 75

75 is another one used to assist customers in the parking lot. The staff who are non-customer support yet may be called to there. And then, they help their customers with parking.

Code 99

The number 99 will be transmitted to the intercom during store emergencies. If you hear it, you should wait for guidance or warnings (if any) from them.

Adam Code

It is used in emergencies related to finding missing children at the store. It is also a child-safe program rather than an internal code. Since its establishment in 1994, this program has been widely used in retail stores, parks, hospitals, museums and shopping malls, etc., in the United States and Canada.

At this company, when this signal sounded, all staff had to stop their work to hear the missing kid’s description and look around their area. In addition, the security guards also strengthen the monitoring and/or lock of the entrance and exit of the store. After 10 minutes, if the child is not found, the store must call the police.

The program is canceled only when law enforcement arrives, or the child is found.


Does Every Lowe’s Store Have The Same Intercom Codes?

Lowe's Store Have The Same Intercom Codes

Not exactly. Each store in the chain may have different internal codes, depending on their common problems. The Lowe’s stores have two official intercom codes, 3 and 50. They are pre-programmed into this retailer’s intercom system.

Some other popular ones like 75 or 99 are only available at some store branches.

Does This Retail Chain Have The Same Intercom Codes As Other Stores?

No, each retail chain has its internal communication system. You can find similarities between these codes. However, they are all based on concern issues or frequent problems with the company itself.

Adam Code is the one and only code used in general at retail stores. Its purpose and solving have also been regulated under the missing children programs of the US and Canada. And the origin of it also comes from another retail chain, Walmart.

What Is The Intercom Code At Lowe’s Is For Shoplifters?

The codes related to bad behavior occurring in the store, such as shoplifters or potential ones, are secured. Thanks to that, when a bad case happens, employees in the store can notify each other without being detected.

In addition, this retail chain does not encourage any employee to chase or confront the thieves. Instead, they should memorize the license plate number and physical characteristics of the suspects. Then, they may help the police in the investigation.


There are two main internal codes at this retail chain, 3 and 50, whose means need more staff to support buyers. Besides, they also have more popular codes 75 and 99 at some branches. Each company will have a different intercom system, except for Adam Codes, a program to find missing children.

Some other codes will be kept confidential by the company. For example, report theft or suspect customer misconduct. It helps to ensure that information is not leaked or exposed.

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