Does Lowe’s Pay Weekly Or Biweekly?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 16, 2023
Does Lowe's Pay Weekly Or Biweekly?

Every American knows Lowe’s as the biggest name in the home improvement industry. There is no doubt that the largest retailer in the US is also one of the country’s largest employers. That is why many job seekers are interested in Lowe’s payroll schedule.

The salary pay calendar at Lowe’s has seen several adjustments throughout time. So let’s get answers to your questions concerning Lowe’s pay plan in 2024.

Does Lowe’s Pay Weekly Or Biweekly?  

No, Lowe’s does not follow a weekly payment schedule. Lowe’s has around 2,200 stores across the country, yet none of them pay staff every week. They pay biweekly.

Employees will receive about 26 paychecks in a calendar year. 

At the moment, Lowe’s employs approximately 340,000 staff. Keeping a schedule paying employees every week for Lowe’s is so challenging. Because of this, Lowe’s applies a biweekly payment calendar, much like other businesses.

Besides, for the advancement of its staff, Lowe’s provides development programs. They offer a variety of job possibilities as every store requires a large amount of staff, therefore, getting a job there is somewhat simple. However, every staff member at Lowe’s receives weekly pay, whether they work as a manager or cashier.

How Often Does Lowe’s Pay?

As they pay Lowe’s-er every 2 weeks, the salary often starts on the work week Saturday and finishes on the 2nd Friday. Additionally, stores with positive storewide customer service ratings may get quarterly incentives.

Lowe’s employees should be prepared for this timetable. Still, it can occasionally be erratic. It is normal to notice that numerous workers at the biggest home improvement company do not get their wages on schedule. Some workers send feedback that they still haven’t received their paychecks on time, and some complain that they must wait another 7 days or more to get the money. However, despite delays, Lowe’s still pays its employees.

How Much Does Lowe’s Pay?

Factors Affect Employee Salary

The employee’s organogram order affects their wages at Lowe’s. 

Employees at entry-level positions are paid less than those at higher levels or permanent employees. Many aspects come into play while determining earnings at Lowe’s. A college/university degree is required for entry-level roles, and superior personnel must have at least 3 to 5 years of retail industry experience.

Hardware expertise would be advantageous. Candidates for managerial jobs should have retail experience, solid communication skills, and hardware tool expertise.

Full-time employees will be the one who can receive holiday pay. Paid time off is given to hourly workers. Part-time workers and seasonal employees are paid an extra $150. 

Only every 6 months does Lowe’s provide wage increases. Employees must put in at least 35 hours each week to receive a wage raise. Furthermore, part-time employees are not provided sick days. However, instead they are offered 2 weeks off when they work at Lowe’s for a minimum of 9 months.

Average Hourly Pay

At Lowe’s, the average employee earns between $12 and $22 per hour. A full-time worker normally earns between $26,450 and $30,160 annually. Jobs include sales representatives, asset guardians, cashiers, stockers, and merchandise service representatives. As mentioned earlier, the working hours for each occupation vary. The pay per hour might also change.

Salary Structure

Cashier Position

Cashier Position

The person who completes transactions is the cashier. They control the closing phase of the sale. The leader in the cashier department can reach $27,500 yearly.

A cashier’s hourly wage ranges between $11 and $19.

Sales Associate

The position handles client inquiries. They respond to their inquiries and give any assistance that is required. Candidates that understand the significance of hardware may be the greatest match for the role. A sales staff generates $26,823 each year, minimally.

A beginning sales associate gets $11/hour.

With experience, the hourly wage is about $12.90.

Asset Protector

The employee in this division is responsible for maintaining and safeguarding the merchandise. The company’s products are a core part. Thus they must be carefully maintained.

Given the responsibilities and duties of the position, asset protectors earn significantly more than those in other roles. They make $30,160 per year in salary or $14.50 per hour. Some employees in this role can get paid $17 an hour.

Merchandising Associate

This department’s duties include maintaining the inventory and setting it up so sales may start. This work is challenging and demands an entire focus. The goods must be offered for sale at the proper point of marketing.

Their hourly rate is $13.75. Their yearly salary can reach $28,600.


This position is super crucial to the business. The candidate who fills this position has to possess good lea’s traits. The company would raise your salary if your job were exceptional. They also consider the significance of your job within the department when determining your pay. 

Stockers typically make between $24,700 and $26,450 a year. $11.90 is earned each hour.

Assistant Store Manager

This is the preposition for the store manager. 

Their role is to manage the store, and they are accountable for any responsibilities delegated to them by their manager – the store manager. The yearly salary of the position is $62,400.

Service Manager

The position is responsible for a wide range of tasks inside the business. The role’s primary responsibility is to mentor and educate the company’s employees.

The service manager also is the person who supports other departments. The average yearly income for a service manager is $46,500.

Store Manager

The position is in charge of the upper levels of administration which manages the entire store, including the departments. It is not an easy job. It is the hardest position at Lowe’s since it comes with many duties.

An average store manager makes $97,300 – $150,000 a year.

Is Lowe’s Pay Competitive?

Yes. The salary at Lower is quite competitive. Generally speaking, when we talk about the US economic situation in 2024 and compare it to other leaders in the field, Lowe’s staff is getting a good salary. 

Other big names in the home improvement sector, like Sam’s Club, Best Buy, and Home Depot, are paying their staff a comparable salary to Lowe’s.

The average hourly wage at Lowe’s is reasonable. Nothing is particularly exceptional. However, their staff benefits from job security and balancing work and life.

As the number from the German company – Statista published, in 2022, the average pay per hour for all American workers is about $10.93. However, an employee at Lowe’s can get about $14. 

Staff in higher ranking at Lowe’s, for example, superior employees like store managers, product managers, assistant managers, bakery managers or supervisors, can get up to $22/hour, which is a respectable wage.

Lowe’s offers competitive salaries and a strong employee benefits package with superior life and work balance, and friendly company culture compared to other retailers.


What Is Lowe’s Starting Pay 2024?  

$12.47 per hour. That is the beginning wage at Lowe’s.

Your chosen job determines your initial income and prospective average wage.

What Is Lowe’s Pay Period 2024? 

Lowe’s pay period 2024 begins on the month’s 15th and finishes on the 29th.


Lowe’s payment calendar is every 2 weeks. 

It applies to all Lowe’s in the US. All Lowe’s workers get biweekly pay regardless of title or employment position. In big firms, biweekly pay plans are also extremely typical. You should thus anticipate receiving your pay every 2 weeks, regardless of the region or position you hold.

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