What Does Rollback Mean At Walmart in 2024?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: May 2, 2023
What Does Rollback Mean At Walmart

As a homemaker, you must be no stranger to the Walmart superstore – where you will be able to find the necessary items for daily life. However, while walking around the stalls, you will probably have questions about the word “Walmart Rollback” that often appears here.

What Is Walmart Rollback Meaning?

In addition to sales, Walmart stores also regularly launch promotions for products sold in this superstore. When walking around the stalls, it’s not hard to see “Rollback” signs posted everywhere.

Walmart Rollback meaning is to refer to temporary price reduction applied to certain items at Walmart. It will be available for the promotion duration (approximately 3-10 weeks) before it is removed, and the product price will return to the original price.

Why Does Walmart Use Rollbacks?

“Everyday low price” is the pricing philosophy that Walmart wants to target users through Rollbacks. By offering items at ideal prices, Walmart will gain the trust and satisfaction of its shoppers.

The Rollback is not a permanent price drop but a temporary one. The items in this category will come at the best prices, bringing great benefits to consumers.

Walmart Rollback Vs Sale – Comparison

If you consider Rollback as one of Walmart’s sales programs, you will have to change this way of thinking. Rollbacks and sales have only a few things in common, the most prominent of which is a price reduction.

So, what characteristics make them two distinct concepts? Don’t let these concerns in your mind. Let’s take a look at the following five reasons.

Walmart rollback
Walmart rollback

Marketing Theme

Usually, Walmart will apply sales during holidays or important occasions. It will not be hard to find programs like back-to-school sales or 30% off sales in this superstore.

Nevertheless, the opposite happens in Rollback. You’ll probably never see those Halloween Rollback commercials or something like that. Walmart always considers Rollback to be their promotion and is not related to any event.

Price Of “Was/Now”

When attending sales events, do you notice this special thing? The majority of items are discounted based on percentage. For example, this item will be 10% off the original price. Plus, when you buy two or more products, you get an extra 20% off each product.

This promotion method will make many buyers feel confused. Meanwhile, Rollback makes things much easier.

Take a look at the price list below the product, and you will realize: Rollback shows very clearly how much you can buy the product. You will see the old price of the product (“was”) and its current price in the “now” line.

Item Specific

In each sale, Walmart will apply for a promotion program on products of the same type. For example, Walmart discounts all kinds of costumes to celebrate the Halloween sale. Or even clothing products by color or selling all products in the store etc.

In contrast to sales, buyers only find certain products that are on the Rollback. What does that mean? Walmart does not apply Rollback to product categories but only to certain products.

Clearance Sale Different

Have you heard of Clearance items? It is understood as items that are sold to release all the remaining products in the store through an extremely favorable price. Products sold at Walmart will become Clearance items when they are no longer relevant to their season.

Many people will mistake Rollback as another way of saying Clearance. But the truth is that these are two completely different concepts.

Rollback aims to boost the sales of the product. Meanwhile, Clearance is focused on promoting discounts to remove all items of such kinds in the store. It is the most typical distinction between these two concepts.

There is a typical difference between sales and Rollback that we need to note with you. After becoming Clearance items, regular sale products will no longer appear on store shelves once sold out.

In contrast, Rollback products are essential and permanent items (the permanent word is used to describe the items, not the promotion). Once sold out, they will be replenished by Walmart immediately.

From time to time, Walmart also applies Clearance to certain Rollback products. This program is to encourage the growth of the product’s consumption. After the Rollback is over, they will return to their original price.

Implications For Walmart Suppliers

Rollback has a certain influence on product prices. Why do we say that? That’s because, after a rollback, the amount of products that Walmart sells determines how they will sell the items.

Rollback will open up three avenues for products sold in Walmart. Let’s explore more about them by swiping them down!

Turn To Original Price

After the Rollback period, most products will return to their original prices. These products are generally reasonably priced, and Rollback has given enough of the boost it needs.

Permanent Price Change

When items after Rollback do not achieve sales as expected, a price adjustment will present. That’s why if sales fall beyond the allowed limit, the store will lower the old price of the product to a new, more reasonable price.

Elimination From Modular

When a normal product generates less than normal sales, Walmart will review it and list it as a Rollback. Usually, the product will be re-adjusted at a lower price than before.

However, the direction will differ if the product has been adjusted but still does not achieve revenue.

If this is the case, Walmart will remove these products from Walmart modular. They will list them as Clearance products to sell them as quickly as possible.

Final Verdict 

Shopping at Walmart won’t be a problem once you understand the concepts used in this store, especially Rollback’s features. The store’s policy of reducing products’ prices will make you have the ideal experience with the best price and the best service.

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