How To Get Cash From Walmart Gift Card? Detailed Guide

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: May 15, 2023
How To Turn Walmart Gift Card

Everyone knows that Walmart gift cards are highly handy for purchasing a wide range of things. However, you do not have free time to shop at Walmart stores. Hence, you wish to convert gift cards for cash to avoid wasting them.

Can You Turn Walmart Gift Cards Into Cash?

Following Walmart’s policy, since 2022, they do not accept cashback from a Walmart gift card. This policy is currently applied in Walmart stores in Michigan, Nevada, and Ohio. 

Nevertheless, based on each state’s law, other states required Walmart to permit customers to change Walmart gift cards into cash. Therefore, Walmart announces that gift cards are changeable into cash in some states requiring it.

How To Turn Walmart Gift Card Into Cash That You Unused

The Fastest Way To Get Cash Back From A Walmart Gift Card

The fastest way is the online gift card to cash services such as Gameflip, Raise, Checkout Saver, etc.

All online services have a general step-by-step guide:   

  • Accessing and signing up for the website that you trust
  • Completing all information about the gift card series, Pin
  • Setting the price of the gift card depends on the popularity of Walmart gift cards (between 50% and 90% off the original price)
  • Choosing a kind of delivery.

The selling money is put into your e-wallet when the buyer receives your gift card code and completes the transaction. After receiving the sale proceeds, you can cash out at any time.

Alternative Ways To Change Walmart Gift Card Into Cash

If you don’t like selling the Walmart gift card through the online website, try the ways below.

As mentioned above, some states have rules on gift card returns, and you can bring your Walmart gift card to a customer care counter and ask to change the gift card into cash.

Apart from that, you can give the Walmart gift card as a present for your family or friends who will put it to use. This way will help you bond with your loved ones more.

How To Turn Walmart Gift Card Into Cash That You Have Already Used

Due to the different laws among states, some states require retailers to reimburse the customers for the remaining balance if the price of goods is not $15 higher than the value of the gift card.

We will answer your question based on this rule: can you get cash back from a Walmart gift card at Walmart stores?

Buy an item for under $15 more than the gift card’s value. For instance, if you have a $100 gift card, you need to pay $10 more to buy a $110 shirt.

Remember to keep your purchase receipt. Within 14 days from the buying date, you go to the stores and require reimbursements in cash.

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