How To Activate A Walmart Visa Gift Card In 2024?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: May 2, 2023
How To Activate A Walmart Visa Gift Card

If you are a regular Walmart shopper, you might not be distinct from Walmart gift cards. However, if you haven’t received instructions on how to activate it, they can be quite tricky to handle!

That is why you have come to this article, where we will give you a full explanation of Walmart visa gift card activation. Buckle up and see what the requirements and steps for doing so are

How To Activate A Walmart Visa Gift Card In 2024?

Do You Have To Activate A Walmart Gift Card?

Walmart gift cards valued at more than $250 and purchased in wholesale values of more than 25 gift cards are the cards that require activation. 

If your cards are valued at less than $250 or purchased in-store, you don’t have to activate those. 

Card activation helps ensure customers’ privacy. If your card suffers from loss, theft, or damage, the gift card will also be destroyed and canceled. You will get a password when you activate the card via an online platform. However, when you lose the card, the Walmart Customer Care service will help you recover a new password.  

Steps To Activate A Walmart Gift Card

Protecting customers’ rights is what Walmart pursues, so it necessitates 25+ valid cards for gift cards of bulk orders or $250+ value for gift cards before using.

  • Step 1: You will receive an email from Walmart when you finish the purchase. If you forget the email, don’t worry, Walmart’s Customer Care will assist you in providing another email.
  • Step 2: Detect a password sent in that email. 
  • Step 3: Remember that password to use for the next purchase. And that’s how you can activate a Walmart gift card. 
How To Register Activate Walmart Visa Gift Card

Do You Have To Activate Different Types of Walmart Gift Cards?

Walmart Visa Gift Cards

Walmart Visa Gift Cards

If you want to use your Walmart Visa Gift Card, go to a register or visit Walmart’s website to register for that card. You will need to provide information regarding the gift card, including the card’s number, 3 digits of the security code, plus expiration date.

Why isn’t my Walmart visa gift card working? If you ask such a question, you can contact Walmart’s Customer Service so that they can help you in preparing that error. 

Walmart Canada Gift Cards And eGift Cards

Canadian Walmart gift cards are available only if they are $250 or less. There’s no need for you to use the PIN or activate the card. On the other hand, you are allowed to use these cards only at Canadian Walmarts or on the Walmart website based in Canada. 

Visa Gift Card Or Vanilla Walmart Mastercard

When you see a Vanilla gift card on the shelf of Walmart, don’t mind taking it since it has no value at all. So, before taking it home, take it to the register to activate it. Otherwise, there’s no way to use it. 

If you forget to visit the register, go home and activate this special gift card via logging into the website of MyVanilla Card. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can You Use Walmart Gift Cards?

Walmart gift cards can be used at Walmart stores and on Walmart’s official website. You can also use these cards in stores that Walmart owns, such as Sam’s Club stores. Other than these places, Walmart gift cards have become unavailable. 

With these ordinary Walmart gift cards, you can purchase any item, including sensitive products like tobacco, firearms, or alcohol. However, with selected gift cards, you cannot bring these home.

How To Find The Pin Number For A Walmart Gift Card?

The PIN of a Walmart gift card may be tricky to find since it is masked by a silver scratch-off piece in the card’s bottom-right corner. 

That said, be careful not to over-scratch it; otherwise, you cannot read the PIN, leading to you only using the card in-store, not online. 

Before making an online purchase, you need to enter the PIN for your payment security. Remember that a card without the PIN is tradable at Walmarts and Sam’s Clubs. 

How To Store A Gift Card In My Walmart Account?

After activating your Walmart gift card, its info can be stored in your Walmart account if you intend to use it in the future. One customer can save 5 Walmart eGift cards and regular cards to the account at one time for extra convenience while shopping. 

Here’s how you can put gift cards to the account:

  • Access your Walmart account.
  • Choose the “Account” section at the bottom right corner and click on “Add New Payment Method.”
  • Choose the “Gift Card” section.
  • Enter the card’s PIN and its special PIN at the card’s back.
  • Give each card a name, in case you have many cards, and you don’t want to mess up between them. 
  • Choose “Save Card.”

Once you finish, all information will be secured in that account. Next time, you can utilize your gift cards for your shopping check-out without entering the PIN again.

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