Does Walmart Take Complaints Seriously? How Do They Handle It?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
How Does Walmart Handle Complaints

Walmart is one of the largest retail chains globally, located in the US. With thousands of essential items sold daily, product complaints are inevitable. Its reputation and popularity are there for a reason, partly thanks to how it tackles negative feedback. This is how a company can secure its position on the market in general and in the customers’ hearts in particular.

How Do Walmart Handle Complaints?

Shoppers can submit complaints in a variety of ways. The most common forms include making a complaint in-store, by phone, by email, or you can go directly to the website and then click “Report a concern.”

If you want to complain about an item that you have purchased at Walmart, Walmart will accept the complaint, and you may return the product. For example, when a product is missing or damaged, purchase orders can be returned directly to the service counter or any other location. You can also return items via Walmart’s official website.

In case you are not satisfied with anything, you can call Walmart and report your complaint. Your feedback will be noted in detail, then sent to the market manager and store manager to resolve it for you within a few hours.

The return policy of Walmart is stated clearly on its official website. In general, product returns must be purchased within a 90-day period.

Does Walmart Take Complaints Seriously?

Walmart will take these complaints seriously to provide a great shopping experience for customers. As long as protests are submitted through the correct channels, Walmart will respond to the customer.

Negative feedback handled by each Walmart store may vary depending on the store manager. However, any complaints will be handled based on Walmart’s general policy.

Therefore, if you want your complaint to be tackled as soon as possible, you must submit the feedback to Walmart through the official channels mentioned above.

You can contact the company via email, website, or branch phone number, as long as it is convenient for you. Walmart will take note and help you handle it as soon as possible.

How to File a Complaint With Walmart

You have been or are shopping at Walmart if you have a grievance or want to make a complaint about a specific issue. Below we will provide you with ways to file a complaint with Walmart.

Walmart Corporate Headquarters

walmart Corporate Headquarters

Consumers can file a complaint with Walmart headquarters in case of more serious issues. Retail stores can provide complaint forms for suppliers, customers, or even students to make complaints about discrimination, interest conflicts, harassment, corruption, or any serious problems. 

When filing such complaints, you can stay anonymous or write your name and contact info. These complaint forms are also accessible for Walmart employees regarding the ethical issues, such as training, coaching, scheduling, or area transferring concerns.

The Walmart mailing address of USA headquarters is 702 SW 8th StreetBentonville, Arkansas, USA 72716-8611.

Walmart Family Mobile

You can email the company’s customer service department through the form of Store and Company Feedback or call Walmart’s customer service at the phone number 1-800-WALMART.

About Walmart, cell phone service can be sent to: Include your phone number plus the account access pin in any circumstances.

Financial Services Portal

Walmart helps you with your Walmart credit card, MoneyCards, or gift card issues at the Financial Services Portal.

E-Commerce Complaints Portal

When you do not need to complain and want to leave feedback or ask questions, you can search for topics on Walmart’s “Store & Company Feedback” website, including shopping experience, product feedback, store opening feedback, and Walmart policies, to name but a few.

Here in this section, you can make complaints about employees of the company. Just choose “Store Experience”, select “Next” at the page’s bottom, then enter your comments in the “Your Comment About Store Experience” box.

After that, click “Next” and select the store that you want to complain about. Finally, submit your feedback.


So you already know the answer to the question: How does Walmart handle complaints? Your complaints will be taken seriously by the related staff if your feedback is appropriately sent to the official channels provided by the company.

You can also contact Walmart with questions and comments for employees in the store feedback section of the official Walmart website.

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