Does Walmart Have Apple Pay? Things you should know

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: May 2, 2023
Does Walmart Have Apple Pay

Over the past few years, cash payment has been alternated by electronic payment platforms such as Paypal, MasterCard, Visa, and the one chosen by many iPhone users: Apple Pay. Although more than 2 million stores accept Apple Pay as a payment choice, others do not.

For that reason, when shopping at Walmart – a well-known convenient shopping chain in the US. This article will answer the question, as well as list several payment methods for iPhone users at Walmart!

Does Walmart Take Apple Pay 2024?

Walmart does not take Apple Pay as one of their payment options, which means that buyers can’t pay the bills using Apple Pay at any store in this shopping chain. 

Although Walmart does not accept Apple Pay, this retail chain allows cash payment, and other electronic wallets, including MasterCard, Amex, Checks, Paypal, Visa, and their exclusive payment app: Walmart Pay.

Why Walmart Doesn’t Take Apple Pay

Over 55% of the US population uses the iPhone, and most iPhone users opt for Apple Pay. Therefore, this is quite a surprise that such a popular online wallet is not allowed in Walmart. Below are a few reasons for this policy of the shopping chain.

One direct reason leading to this policy is that Walmart is unable to collect the data of customers when they use Apple Pay for purchases. Specifically, customer data includes items that a customer often buys or searches for, which reflects customers’ buying behavior. 

Walmart can provide each of its buyers with more appropriate item suggestions, this is why Walmart established Walmart pay – their exclusive pay app. 

What is more surprising, not only Apple Pay but also Samsung Pay and Google Pay are unacceptable in Walmart. This is because Walmart is currently in partnership with MCX (Merchant Customer Exchange), and the three mentioned paying platforms are MCX’s opponents.

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How To Apply Walmart Pay With iPhone?

Here is the good news: Walmart Pay is a time-saving and convenient pay app, a perfect alternative for iPhone users. This part will thoroughly review the payment process using Walmart Pay.

To purchase using Walmart Pay, buyers have to acquire the app from AppStore on their iPhones. After downloading Walmart Pay, they then have to sign up and create their account as well as choose their payment method (debit or credit card). 

When creating an account, it is possible for users not to use their name if they want to keep it for privacy. Customers can also change their card as well as add another card for payment if necessary. When the account is created, it is time for shopping!

After buying everything they need at a Walmart store, customers need to carry all items to check at a self-checking machine. Once the checking machine has completely checked all the items, a QR code will display on the checker. At this point, customers need to open Walmart Pay and opt for scanning the QR code via their phone’s camera. 

After scanning the QR, the app will show the purchase confirmation regarding the items they bought as well as the total price. By the time the checking machine shows purchase confirmation, the payment has been automatically settled. 

At this stage, the app will provide users a bar code, which buyers will show a Walmart employee for the final check at the exit.

In case buyers need to re-check the items they bought, an electronic receipt is sent to the purchase history section of Walmart Pay, which is far more convenient compared to paper receipts.

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What Stores Accept Apple Pay?

What Stores Accept Apple Pay

Although there are several stores or brands such as Walmart that have yet included Apple Pay as one of their payment methods, the popularity of Apple Pay is unarguable. 

Statistics back in 2019 showed that nearly 70% of the grocery stores across the US and 75% of item brands are in partnership with Apple Pay. 

Several stores that take Apple Pay are Dunkin Donuts, Lucky, Schnucks, Bloomingdales, KFC, Jamba Juice, Shop N Save, Staples, Albertsons, B&H Photo, Costco, Best Buy, Safeway, Chevron, Save Mart, Kohl’s, McDonald’s, Acme Market, Office Depot, Food Maxx, Petco, Publix, Sprouts, etc. 

Not only brands and stores that accept Apple Pay, but other services such as universities, bankings, cryptocurrencies, etc also accept this payment platform.

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Alternative Way To Apple Pay For Walmart Customers 

If you still wonder whether there is any way that you can use Apple Pay to buy items at Walmart, the answer is yes. With the assistance of the Ibotta app and extension, which play an intermediary role, customers can purchase at Walmart using Apple Pay. But before using Apple Pay at Walmart, make sure you have downloaded the Ibotta app and extension. 

You Can Also Consider The Affirm Financing Option

Another option only for online shopping at Walmart is Affirm, an app that functions as a form of credit payment. Yet, customers have to prove that they are able to clear the balance within the due of 6 months or one year. 

To Wrap Things Up

Walmart Pay promises to provide a more time-saving and convenient payment alternative for iPhone users when shopping at this famous retail chain. 

If you are really into using Apple Pay for your purchase, there are still thousands of other stores and brands that allow this electronic wallet. So what are you waiting for, let’s go shopping and get your desired item!

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