Does Costco Accept Apple Pay? – Get More Information

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: May 15, 2023
Does Costco Take Apple Pay

Apple Pay is an interesting new technology that has been gaining popularity recently. 

It allows customers to store their credit card information on their phones, making buying things much more convenient. More and more businesses are accepting this method of payment. 

Does Costco Take Apple Pay 2024?

As of 2024. Costco accepts payments through Apple Pay at nearly all gas stations and warehouse facilities.

If you pay with this method in the US, only Visa credit cards or Visa debit linked to Apple Pay are acceptable.

If you wish to get more information on Costco Canada on this method’s instructions, as well as whether other payment methods are available, read on!

Do Costco Gas Stations Accept Apple Pay?

Despite not listing this paying method as an approved one at stations, some US Costco gas places indeed approve Apple pay. 

Paying by Apple Pay requires you to use a contactless reader at the station with your Visa card connected to the iPhone wallet. Costco gas station Apple Pay is ready now!

Costco Gas Identifier
Costco Gas Identifier

Does Take Apple Pay?

Unfortunately, the answer is NO. 

How about Visa cards? Should you be ordering on, it is necessary to check out using a Citi Costco Anywhere Visa card, MasterCard, JCB Cards, Discover Cards, Diners Club Cards, Costco gift cards, or nearly all debit cards. Just like at the station or the store, they do not accept American Express. 

Does Canadian Costco Accept Apple Pay?

Almost all Costco gas locations accept it as you go through NFC readers.

However, Canada is where you can make payments with your Apple Pay-enabled debit or credit card through an online checkout process.

How Can I Know Whether My Local Costco Takes Apple Pay Or Not?

All the NFC readers locations will also accept Apple Pay, which is an easy way to use your iPhone.

You can check whether Costco accepts it by using the “Costco warehouse finder” website. You will soon get a nearby one’s contact number, then call them up and ask!

What Are The Instructions For Using Costco At Apple Pay?

If you want to buy products at a gas station or warehouse, you first have to make sure that you own a debit card/credit connected with the Apple device.  

If you have not completed this practice, you can install and download Apple Pay by following the instructions. Then you will complete the process of having Apple Pay on your phone. 

The next time you drop by at a shop that accepts this type of payment, attach your phone close to the reader when approved by an employee.

Once you have completed this addition, Costco US signing exclusive deals with Visa means this paying method is available in the United States only. The case in Canada is similar to that in the US, but they will take Mastercards instead.

What Are Costco Accepted Besides Apple Pay?

On top of the one mentioned above, Costco also accepts some more paying forms at its warehouses, gas stations, and online. 

Accepted payment options include ATM, Visa, or PIN card at the following locations: warehouses and gas places. You’re also able to use Google and Samsung Pay for those who have an NFC-compatible device!

In terms of Costco online, customers can use the following methods: Visa, MasterCard, ATM cards, Discover Costco shop, or PIN-based debit. 

In addition, if you’re shopping somewhere else and want to know if Walgreens, Walmart, IKEA, or Dollar General accepts Apple Pay, our guides should help.

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