Does Michaels Take Apple Pay & Google Pay in 2024

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Dec 7, 2023
Does Michaels Take Apple Pay

If you are a fan of arts and crafts supplies, then Michaels is your favorite destination as it can provide you with all you need. This chain is the largest supplier in North America, specializing in handcrafted furniture and decorative products. The popularity of Michaels stretches across the United States with more than 1200 stores.

Does Michaels Take Apple Pay and Google Pay?

Apple Pay

Yes. Michaels accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay but only in certain stores. 

The company is piloting the use of Apple Pay and Google Pay, but it is not widespread. Meanwhile, you can use cash, credit card, check, debit card or even redeem a gift card to pay for the items you buy at any Michaels store.

Using Apple Pay or any other payment method makes your shopping experience at Michaels even better and completely secure. The reason why Michaels has not made Apple Pay or Google Pay widespread has not been clarified by the company. 

However, with more and more customers loving these payment methods, it is very likely that the company will change in the future.

The Advantages Of Using Apple Pay At Michaels

If the Michaels store in your area is one of the few that accept Apple Pay, you should take advantage of that.

Using Apple Pay has many advantages if you are an Apple user. You can store your payment cards, gift cards, and everything else related to your orders in your Apple Wallet app

This way, all your personal information, such as credit card and payment information, will be secure. It is a lot safer than using the card in many different stores.

So how to use Apple Pay at Michaels? It is very simple. First, open the Apple Wallet app on your iPhone and add your payment card information. You can start shopping with your card as soon as it is done.

Other Payment Methods At Michaels You Can Consider

Michaels accepts all traditional payment methods. If you are not an Apple Pay user, you can use another method of NFC payment. Most people who come to Michaels stores use cash or cards like debit or credit.

You can buy art and craft and art supplies at these stores using a debit card, cash, or credit card. Loyal customers who shop here regularly can even use gift cards to pay for their items.

As the number of people using Apple Pay increases when shopping at Michaels, the company may consider setting up this payment method in more stores to bring convenience to consumers.


Keep in mind that not all Michaels stores support this payment method. You should research the nearest Michaels store and contact the company’s customer service staff if you have any problems with payment methods.

The use of digital payment not only enhances the shopping experience of customers but creates convenience and accuracy. But above all, it ensures absolute safety for your shopping transactions rather than using cash. So we can expect Michaels to take Apple Pay at all its stores in the near future.

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