Does ALDI Sell Flowers? (Price, Delivery, Quality, And More)

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
How Much Are The Flowers At Aldi

Aldi is a grocery store that has been around for over 100 years. The only thing you need to know about this place is that they offer the lowest grocery prices in America.

They have no room for frills and focus on providing quality goods at low prices. You can find everything from fresh produce to frozen meals, home goods, and more! 

Does ALDI Have Fresh Flowers?

It may not be known to many Americans that this place sells blooms. Many customers are surprised to learn that Aldi flowers are available, though, and at surprisingly affordable prices – from 3.99 dollars to 14.99 dollars and up – cheaper than most local florist offers out there.

Whether you’re looking for a simple bouquet for a special occasion or want to add some flair to your home’s décor with lush flower arrangements, the store has you covered.

What Types Of Flowers Does Aldi Sell?

Depending on your needs, they have a wide variety of fresh blooms to choose from. You can also find potted plants, bouquets, hanging baskets, and artificial blooms at their locations throughout the United States. 

They offer both single-type bouquets or mixed bloom arrangements that are sure not only look perfect but will last for weeks before needing replacing!

Those who want more than just an everyday piece also offer seasonal products like winter snowflake lilies in December. Amaryllis are popular pot plants during this time because these beautiful bulbs sure do stand out among all.

Spring daffodils towards the end of April – both gone when they run out, so make sure you get yours quickly! If you’re looking for something more special, they also have a selection of luxury products that cost more than 14.99 dollars. 

For Valentine’s Day, they have premium bouquets of red roses. For Mother’s day, there are also mixed flower arrangements with lilies, hyacinths, tulips, and other favorites to make for thoughtful gifts. 

Plus, their flower selection changes regularly, so you can always find new and exciting options.

You can check the new stock available through ALDI Finds – the online flier. Look no further than these mini-fliers, which will be found around store exits. They will send information to your mailbox for customers who have signed up for updated news.

How Much Are The Flowers At Aldi?

This mart is a grocery store chain known for its low prices and no-frills approach to shopping. The prices for these blooms vary depending on the type and time of year. 

In general, Aldi flower prices are cheaper than other grocery stores and flower shops. Buying a bouquet at this place is a great way to save money while still getting beautiful blooms.

Ordinary blooms cost 3.99 dollars a bouquet, whatever the blooms type is. Common choices for these arrangements would be six roses, tulips, carnations, daffodils, or mixed bunches with daisies and violets to bring more color variety.

Does ALDI Sell Flowers

You can refer to the detailed price of different bloom types compiled below. These prices may be lower at some point in time as they are discounted:

  • Regular bouquets: 3.99 dollars
  • Potted plants: 2.50 (for tiny one) – 13 dollars
  • Premium bouquets (seasonal type, luxury products): 8 – 20 dollars.

Is It Worth Buying Aldi Flowers?

Aldi fresh flowers bouquets are generally of high quality, and people have attested to their durability with care, some even claiming that they lasted up to two weeks! 

In particular, the company provides care instructions on how best to take good care if you want your blooms to last longer than just a couple of weeks so that you can enjoy them longer than most other types available on the market today.

Can You Have Your Bouquet Delivery?

Despite the age of online shopping, the grocery shop still doesn’t have a delivery team for bouquets ordered from customers.

However, there is an easy solution if you need fresh flowers and can’t make it out to the store! The delivery service Instacart has partnered with this company so that their clients may have groceries with their blooms delivered right at home. 

Nevertheless, your order must have a value of $35 or more for home delivery to apply. There are also some things you should consider before buying Aldi flowers this week: 

One of these is that Instacarts frequently charge more than what’s on the store shelves, so make sure not only do you see $3.99 per bouquet as an average cost, they may add 50 cents extra fee onto each order automatically! 

Moreover, making a phone call to pre-order a bouquet at this place is also not accessible. You’d better come to the nearest branch for a better shopping experience. 

Also, keep in mind: You won’t have any opportunities for special deals available at the offline mart if we’re talking about online shopping through this platform.

Can You Buy Seeds From Aldi?

They also have a great selection of flower seeds to buy during the spring and summer. You can find them in the ALDFinds app, but it’s not so diverse. If you’re looking for other places that sell fresh blooms, then you can go to Walmart, Walgreens, or Dollar General.

Final Thoughts

Next time you are considering buying an arrangement for a special occasion, take a minute to check if this mart has what you need before making the trip out to your local florist!  

Remember to check out their weekly ads on the online flier before heading over, so you’ll know what available each week is – this way, if there are any changes from your last visit (like new blooms), they’ll be easier to spot.

Be sure to read our other articles on the blog for more information on how we cater to all of your floral needs! If you’re looking for something specific that we don’t carry, please let us know.

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