Does Walgreens Have Flowers 2024: Learn More To Buy Right

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 16, 2023
Does Walgreens Sell Flowers

Walgreens’s door is always open for everyone to access in most nooks and crannies of America. Due to the place’s approachable and convenient features, this may trigger many to wonder: Are certain items, such as flowers, available in such a prevailing pharmacy store chain?

Does Walgreens Sell Flowers 2024?

Yes, they do sell flowers at Walgreens in 2024. You can only buy Walgreens flowers on particular occasions, counting Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and so on. 

Scroll down to find more about the varieties and prices of flowers available at the store, as well as whether or not they supply the delivery service.

Walgreens Sells What Kind Of Flowers?

Not only do they sell flowers at Walgreens, but the category of them is also, in truth, quite an adequate amount for customers to choose from at their most convenience.

You can easily find the following genres come-at-able in the store on occurrences like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day:

  • Tulips
  • Red roses
  • Orchids

What if you don’t favor any of them at all? In that case, you can also consider many other pickups, such as potted flowers or premium, fresh-cut bouquets.

How Much Do Flowers Cost At Walgreens?

How Much Do Flowers Cost At Walgreens

Walgreens flower prices range differently per dozen, depending on what kind and size you opt to buy.

For those such as Red roses, Tulips, and Orchids, since they only come in one size for every bouquet, you will have a specific cost labeled per dozen:

  • Tulips: Around $9.99 per dozen
  • Orchids: Around $9.99 per dozen
  • Red roses: $14.99 per dozen

On the contrary, due to various volumes, the bill paid for premium bouquets and potted flowers will value in a fairly broader scope, running from $4.99 to $39.99.

Is It Possible To Have Flowers Delivered From Walgreens On Special Occasions?

Unfortunately, Walgreens does not have any policy that supplies consumers with the flower delivery service on special occasions.

Don’t rush to withdraw anyway! Despite that, the store chain itself does possess a partnership with DoorDash to transport the package right into customers’ hands.

As long as the flower stock is ready at Walgreens on that day, you can utilize DoorDash to deliver as many as you want, no matter what!

Is There A Fake Flower Section Selling At Walgreens?

No, Walgreens does not sell artificial flowers at any of their branches.

Is It Possible To Buy Flower Seeds At Walgreens?

No, as the same as fake flowers, Walgreens does not sell flower seeds at any of their branches.

What Are Other Potential Gifts You Can Purchase At Walgreens?

Walgreen is an ideal place to help last-minute shoppers get their way out of the holiday season. Numerous interesting presents you can find include slippers, fuzzy socks, gift cards, beauty gift sets, and zillions more.

For further gift suggestions, there’s a chance our blogs on bespoke postcards from Walgreens, video production, and acquiring Amazon gift cards may make a hit with you!

Wrap Up

Walgreens does have flowers in stock for you to get on special occasions. Hopefully, our article can aid greatly in nailing your shopping chores somewhat. Don’t forget to stay tuned for our next updates!

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